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Love that lasts forever

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Life takes just a second to change everything be it for good or for bad. Unexpected things take place in everyone's life, hence we believe it's a part of life. But sometimes these unexpected life events lead to separation, anxiety, depression and give such pain that it takes a lifetime to forget. As a wise man once said "Pain not only changes situations but people too!" . Some change and become as aggressive as ever whereas some change and become too quiet to let a tear out. But that doesn't change the fact of meeting a special person, who's meant for you. Every person is destined to meet their true love. Some fall too early and some too late. But that's not the end fate has its own course of making things happen. If you are a person who loves to eat rom-com with little twists this one is meant for you. The story follows the love story of two individuals who come from different countries and different family backgrounds and how they overcome all differences just to love each other.

Romance / Drama
Lethal queen
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Not fair

Year: 2010
Luna's POV
At 6:00 a.m. in the morning I woke up to my mother's call "Noona it's time to wake up... Wake up or you will be late."
"Late! Late for what?" I replied and rolled myself in my quilt when she opened the curtain of the window of my room letting the sunlight fall straight on my face.
"Stupid girl it's your first day of school in 9th grade remember?"
"Got it!" I said getting up from the sleeping position leaning against the wall picking up my phone from the white side table which perfectly matched the plum swirl white room decor when I saw an article on your school form which said that all the students of the class have been shuffled up into different sections. What-The-Heck. This isn't right how they can do this to us, like really they are separating all the friends that are just so unfair.
"Mom! Mom! You know what our class has been shuffled up despite this Anna and I are not in the same class." I told her what happened.
"So finally the two of you are separated, huh!"
"Hey! Are you happy about it?"I side-eyed her.
"No, I'm not!"she claimed with a blank expression.
"Yeah! I know it all" I said sarcastically.
"Okay! Okay! Cut the crap out and go get ready." She commanded, I got back to my room and got ready for the school wearing a navy blue skirt, plain white shirt with the school monogram on it with a blue necktie, hair tied up in a neat high ponytail.
"Good morning dad!" I greeted my dad when I saw him reading the newspaper while I entered the dining room for breakfast.
"Morning, princess! What happened to you?" My father asked when he saw me upset.
"Nothing much, just a new start with bad news."
"Unice separating from her!"my mother entered the conversation while serving breakfast.
"Formal that's not true. We will still stick together." I lashed back.
"What happened? Did you two fight or something?" My dad asked, still confused.
"We didn't fight! All the classes are shuffled up and aana and I are not in the same section." I told him.
"But that's not a big deal to be sad about!"
"Dad, don't you think it's unfair to us?"
"It's good for you in a way. You will be interacting with new people. You will be working with them and learning teamwork. So I think it's a good decision."
"That's quite reasonable!"
After the conversation and breakfast I bade my parents bye and left for the school. I took the bus to reach the school I guess I'm kind of lucky today, I not only got a seat to sit but the window seat. The weather this morning is just perfect I felt the cold Breeze blowing across my face. It was refreshing, it gave me the strength to strangle the day as I suspected it was going to be a long one. When I finally reached the school entrance, I entered the Hazel ground building and went straight to the locals which were just outside the class. I was sure I would find Anna there.
"Hey! Ann" I greeted her.
"Hi, Noona. You read the article on the school form?"
"Yup, the first thing I did this morning!" And maybe the worst.
"Well, it's about to be the time. Let's go to our classes."
"Yeah. See you during the lunch break."
"If we come across!" We laughed at this statement of her's. But deep down I knew what it meant. We used to be friends. Best friends. But no more we were growing apart ever since she started hanging out with her other friends. She started spending less time with me. Somewhere I hated that, but I could not do anything.
After this little conversation with Ann,  I was about to enter the class when two boys ran towards me. One of them crashed with me and made me fall.
"Luna, are you okay?" A rough yet gentle, deep voice said from behind me, with a touch of worry in it. I already knew who it was, one of my good friends for years, Kenji. He hands out his hand to help me get up.
Nah, About to die!" I acted like I was in pain. He narrowed his eyebrows with worry. "Just kidding. I'm fine!" I said taking is hand to get up while we both love on what I just said. We are like this only, I am a trouble maker and he is my saviour. I am child-like and he is mature. I love crying and he loves carrying tissues. A perfect best friend match. I know we are. Well, this is the reason why most of the girls take me as their enemy. They all want a boy like him, but they ain't getting close to him. NEVER!
As we sat, I took the seat ahead of him as he was already sitting with one of a good friends, Jasper. He is the mischief maker of this school everyone knows him all thanks to his so cold mistake. The principal's office is like a tourist spot for him, of course he is a daily visitor. The last time you visited the office was a week ago the final exam for bursting of firecrackers near the staff room and he got in the camera, poor him. He had to sit in the office for the whole day with his parents for this. But it was nothing much for him. He is mysterious, but other than that he is a good person and a good friend too.
"Hi, Moon. How can I see you in the day time? I thought people could only see you at night!" Jasper said. I missed a thing about him, he loves irritating me by calling me 'Moon'.
I give him a smirk and thread to throw my heavy bag at him and he pulls Kenji to protect himself but I still threaten.
"Woah! Woah! Calm down, Mulan. You might kill me with that." Kenji joins his team to irritate me.
"Perfect, I'll kill you both then."
"Then who will save your ass from the troubles, Moon?"
"I'll see to that later. I'll kill you first!"
"Don't do that, Luna. His fangirls will kill you." Claire said from behind. She's my cupcake. She's like a mother. Always calm, loving, caring and organized. She normally stays quiet, so there is nothing much to tell about her.
There are no more good friends in the line. It's just the three of them and Anna. Initially we all were on good terms, but then one day in my absence Anna and Claire got into a fight and after that it was all over between them. I don't know what exactly happened but I knew it had something to do with the mean girls. I hated them, I even tried speaking to ana about it, but then she was never willing 2. But since then things have changed. Ann changed. Her behaviour around me started getting weirder. Anyways this is all past now.
Classes started, the first period went smoothly in just the introduction set. We all are to speak a name like...
Luna Castillo
Claire Wilson
Kenji Sasaki
Jasper Cullen
Since it was the first day the teachers weren't really teaching. We all were allowed to chat with each other.
"Someone's getting more popular these days!" Claire said in a mocking tone looking towards some girls, who started giggling and blushing when Kenji looked in their direction. No doubt Kenji was handsome but these girls were too much.
"I'm handsome. Of course girls will look at me!" Jasper replied.
"I bet it's not you but someone else!"  I said as both Claire and I started laughing.
"You are hurting me with your words, girl!"
"You're hurt? I'm satisfied!"
"You're happy after hurting me? You'll die off getting death stares, girl."
"Don't curse her if she already is getting it!"
"Right now?"
"She always receives it! All the girls are so jealous of her, after all Kenji only cares for one girl." Claire said straight forward. Don't say it like that! Don't betray me, girl. Kenji who was lost in his novel during the whole conversation, was now paying attention.
"Of course she's my friend, there is no reason for me not to care for her!" Kenji finally spoke up. "Furthermore do I not care about you, Claire?"
"But don't you care about her more?"
"That's because she's a magnet for trouble!"
"Hey, that's not true. Everyone gets into trouble sometimes!"
"Certainly, not as frequently as you." He is annoying Jasper for a reason.
"The only certainty is that nothing is certain." Kenji said.
"You're no less than her, Jasper."
"Why are you both on her side? That's unfair to me!"
"Because she is cuter than you" Claire said as I cosplayed rabbit by making my fingers the long ears.
"What are you, a little rabbit?" Jasper asked as I nodded. As Claire and I giggled, I saw a small smile on Kenji's face, his cheeks redder than usual. Was he... He was blushing. The lightest shade of pink on his face made him more attractive than usual. His eyes were still in his book, did he actually see what I did?
"Moon, are you okay? Why is your face so red?" Jasper called out and I snapped out of my thoughts totally unaware of the two looking at me.
Kenji touched my forehead and I completely stiffened. His sudden touch sent shivers down my spine. This was a feeling I never expected. Was I getting attracted towards Kenji.
"Doesn't look like a fever. Are you okay?"
"Uh..." I hesitated, I was too nervous to say something. "Yeah, I guess it's because of the room temperature!"
One after another class went on and finally the school bell rang.
As I was leaving listening to Kenji and Clair's conversation Jasper pulled me back, without them noticing me gone Kenji and Clair disappeared in the way.
"What happened? Don't tell me you're going to bust another fire cracker and want me to run out of the school to save both our asses!"
"Not really"
"What do you mean 'not really'? I'm telling you, I'm not a part of any of your planned mischief! Kenji and Clair are gone who is going to save my ass from the trouble? You?"
"Well, I'll save you. I promise!"
"No, I only trust Kenji in saving me."
"But at least listen to me first!"
"Okay, go on!"
"I want you to help me decide on a good place and keep everything a secret."
"A good place for what?"
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