Love that lasts forever

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Life takes just a second to change everything such things happened in life of Jennie. Just a worst last conversation before the person left ,made her what she wasn't. With time she pretended that she have gotten over with that thing, but she knew that it was a deep scar and won't fade sooner or later. She never after that wanted to meet the person again in her life. But the fate had it's own different story, which can't be denied. The fate started to play it's game and brought them back together as they were. The cold shouldered Jennie again turned into the warmer one... Read the whole story to find what exactly happened...

Romance / Drama
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The Interrogation

"Not many people believe in fate, and so did I. Until I myself experienced it. Believe me or not but when fate starts to play it's game ,we don't really realize it." stated a young lady who was about 27.
With a nod a man who was about the same age as that of the lady continued "So didn't I, but your presence in my life made me believe in fate too. At a time I almost gave up all of my hopes that I would ever see you again. "
"Mrs.Jennie and Mr.Tianye can you further explain how you both met each other and what happened that you both didn't expect to see each other ever in your life again?" said another lady who appeared to be a journalist.
"Although we both are in China now and handling our respective companies in here. But all about us started in India. In 2016 we met for the first time. If I remember it clearly when I first saw him, to me he was no special, just an ordinary classmate. It took almost 2 years for us to become friends, or I should say best friends."
"Yeah, for those 2 years we only talked about work and that's all." said Tianye.
"But why did you went to India?" asked the journalist.
"Being a son of a rich father have been hard for me, in those days as due to some reasons my father wanted me to join the company at a very young age and I hated it. So I came up with an excuse that I won't be able to do that because of my studies, but I just didn't knew that this excuse of mine would become a disaster in my life. My dad went to such an extent that he said he would make me drop out of the school and I hated it more. Soon things between me and my father took ugly turns. One day after a rough fight between us my mother came to me and asked if I really wanted to study further, if yes she would help me. But my father still disproved it so she helped me escape from home without my father's knowing. In India she had a close friend who helped me have a comfortable stay in there. As from my birth, I stayed between a high-class family and children with no respect for others, which was disgusting for me. So this time I wanted to get into a normal school. But, I had no hint that I would meet someone special there. "replied Tianye eyeing Jennie which made the lady blush.
"We started to know each others well in year 2018, after the mid term examination. Since then within a short period of time we got to know each other very well, that we could even read each other without saying anything. Time kept on passing, and then came year 2019. It was both best and worst year for me. This year was the turning point of our friendship." Jennie added further.
"Please tell us further about it!" exclaimed the journalist.
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