Love that lasts forever

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Girls night out

On Sunday both Jennie and Juli got all ready by 10:30 in the morning.

“Juli, should I order chocolate pancake or banana with honey?” asked Jennie to which Juli thought for a while and said “I think all of us love eating chocolate, so you should order chocolate pancakes.”

“Okay, and as for milkshake oreo with mint would go I guess.”

“Yeah, it’s my favorite.”

“I know sister and by the way have you send them all, the location.”

“Yeah, yesterday only.”

Within an hour all the seven appeared at the location and had breakfast.

“So what are we going to do now?” asked Mia.

“As we decided, watch Chinese dramas!” replied Jasper.

“What about Korean drama?” said Jennie.

“They are the same for me!” replied Emma.

“Before that let me show you around and you can put your stuff in your rooms.” said Juli.

“Yeah till then I’ll set television settings!” exclaimed Jennie.

They all watched Korean dramas and played board games till it was six in the evening and Jasper had to leave. He bid his byes to all the rest and left.

“Girls lets play jingga. I’ll bring it!” said Juli.

“There is a little change in rules just for fun.” stated Jennie with an evil expression.

“Tell fast, you are scaring me to death!” said Emma.

“I’ve a dare giving app on my phone. So every tile we will pick up, we’ll have to do a dare given by the app. What do you say.”

“Sounds fun!”

“Lets start then. Jennie pick one.” Juli said as she wanted Jennie to start the game.

“Fine!” Jennie picks up a tile. “The dare is: Wear all your clothes inside out for rest of the day.” It took her a few minutes and the dare was completed.

“Juli your turn.”

Juli: have another player blind fold you until its your turn again.

Alice: kiss the person to your left on the forehead.

Emma: give someone a bear hug.

Thea: sing a song of your choice for 2 minutes.

Diana: smell pepper and try not to sneeze.

Kaira: let another player put makeup on you.

Mia: sniff the breath of everyone in the room and say who has the worst.

Jennie: freestyle rap for 30 seconds.

Juli: swap your t-shirt with the person to your left.

Alice: let the person on your right post a image of their choice on your instagram account.

Emma: do the hot sauce challenge.

Thea: attempt to do a magic trick.

Diana: massage another players shoulders.

Kaira: explain to the person you like least in this room why you like them least.

Mia: give a 3 minute standup comedy routine.

Jennie: let the person to your right cut your hair.

Juli: go out and stop the first person you see. Say ‘I love/hate you.’ to him/her.

Alice: act like a parrot repeating everything people say for 5 minutes.

Emma: tuck your shit in and drop a few ice cubes down there. Leave them until they melt.

Thea: as dramatically as you can, do a death scene.

Diana: tell a joke about yourself and make sure that all laugh.

Kaira: act like a seal and let everyone feed you.

Mia: prank call on a pizza place.

The game continued further until it was late night and all wanted to sleep.

“Jenn you go to the room first I’ll check if they need any thing.” said Juil.


All others except Jennie and Juli were sitting in one room and talking about their day.

“After checking all the rooms, I thought you all ran away!” stated Juli entering the room and all laughed. “Thank you guys for being here, after a month or so I saw Jennie happy for the first time.”

“Yeah, she was very happy when we played the game. I think until she forgets everything we should stay with her, at least on week ends.” Mia stated happily.

All chatted for a while and went to bed.
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