Love that lasts forever

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Growing Up

Years kept on passing and all started to believe that Jennie has forgotten what all happened but the fact was that she was hiding all her fears and sadness from all, she still had nightmares. All of them by now had completed their studies and started working in different sectors. Jennie became a singer and established a music company in china along with Juli.

Since the day Tianye left India, he have been living with one burden to his heart which he believed will never loss any weight cause he hurted his first love, knowingly. With time Tianye understood his feelings for Jennie but it was too late to express them. Before the day hurting Jennie, were in some last days that he was seen laughing. To all the employees at the Lan enterprises, he is the strictest CEO ever known. All the employees believed that he hadn’t laughed ever since he was born. But leaving all these things a side he was one of the most well known elegant bachelor and what’s more, many girls had secret crush on him.

It was office reporting time in the morning when a luxurious car stopped in the front of ‘Lan enterprises’. Opening the door of the car the person places his feet out one by one. His formal shoes were shining as if they were covered with diamonds, he was wearing a formal blue suit, his well built body and a perfect height could be seen from even a good distance.

“Good morning Mr. Lan!” a man greeted Tianye as he entered the building.

“Good morning!” Tianye replied showing no emotion at all. Well, it wasn’t anything new to all who usually talked to him. No one had ever seen him laugh instead they haven’t even seen him giggle. He never showed any traces of happiness or sadness through his face. Dispite of him being rude to all, people still wanted to work for him. This was all because he was regular when it comes to paying off salaries and over the top, he gave rise to all at regular intervals, plus he always understood when anyone asked for leaves cause of any emergency.

Tianye covered all the way from the enterence to his cabin where he found his PA holding a file in his hand.

“What’s that file about?” he asked his PA.

“Sir, Ms. Lan gave it. She said that she wants you to look in with the deals of the music company project.” replied his PA. Without giving him a reply he took the file and walked out of the cabin and stormed into his sister’s.

“Sis, what’s this? This was to be done by you. Wasn’t it?” he said placing the file in front of her.

“Relax, brother. This was to be done by me but now you’re doing it cause I’m making a trip with my boyfriend. I need a break. I’m not working robot like you.” stated Christina.

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is stop working yourself to hard, relax a bit. Go partying, socialize more with people. You are so lucky to have so many girls dying over you, but you don't even give them a damn”

“Sister you know I can’t forget her! Why is love so painful? Anyways enjoy your trip. I’ll take care of this project.” with said that Tianye left without giving Christina a chance to speak.

Since Jennie started the company, she hardly had time for herself. She would always keep herself busy so she won’t get time to get back some memories from the past. Tomorrow was going to be a big day for Jennie and the company as they were going to meet the company’s owner who will be spouncering them in future. This was not the only reason why the days was big as the fate decided to start playing its game.

Juli came inside Jennie’s office without a knock.

“You should knock before you come in, Juli.”

“I don’t need to knock my sister’s door!”

“Okay fine, what’s the matter?”

“I’ll have to attend a meeting in Shenzhen tomorrow. So you’ll have to attend tomorrow’s meeting without me. And the current update is that you won’t be meeting the vice president, but the president and the meeting is rescheduled for 7 P.M.”

“But why?”

"She's going on a trip. And yeah be careful!"

"Of what?"

“I hear that the people of that company taking that president is very strict.”

“That doesn’t matter until I haven’t done anything wrong!”

“That’s quite true! Well I’m heading home early today as I’ve to do packing as well and I’ll be taking off tonight for Shenzhen.”

“Want me to see you off?”

“No, you prepare for tomorrow!”

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