Love that lasts forever

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Meeting her

Time kept passing, Juli took off for Shenzhen. It was about 2 A.M. in the morning when Jennie reached home after preparing for the meeting. She was so tiered that couldn’t even stand for a single second.

The next day Jennie woke up prepared and had her breakfast. Although the morning was an ordinary one for her but still she had a few glimpses of her past. Even though the glimpses were of some happy moments of her life, yet they could make her unhappy as they were all past for her and were those good moments she had spent with the person she now hated the most. She never wanted to meet the person ever in her life again. But she had no clue what future held for her.

All the time around, since Tianye had his conservation with Christina, he had been thinking about what his sister said his first love. Ever since he hurted Jennie he wanted to find her and apologize for what he had done but he was afraid of facing her again. So whatever he wanted to say to her he always wrote a letter but never posted it instead he put them all in a box. Hopping that one day his love would read them all and understand his feelings and the reason behind him doing all those things to hurt her.


“Mr. Lan the meeting is about to start. People from the music company are about to arrive, so will you be greeting them or should we do that?” asked Qi Lu, Tianye’s assistant.

“I’ll do it myself. Have you prepared the meeting room?”

“Yes sir, I’ve ensured everything.”

“Then let’s wait for them at the entrance!”

Just in a few minutes after waiting they saw few people making their way to the company. All of them were dressed formally. But yet one out of them all stood out she wore the same type of attire as all yet served a different vibe, which was very alluring. With every step getting closer everyone was getting more and more impatient to see her face which was out of sight because of the leaves and flowers of the surrounding plants.

In a second of time she was standing in front of all. While scanning from toe to head, Tianye noticed her shining high heels, perfectly fitted hot pink formal suit with white shirt with collar holes marking a fashion statement. As soon as his glare went to her face, he couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘It’s her… really Jennie. Or am I daydreaming. No it can’t be… she’s in India how come she be here.’ He thought to himself. His neither could take his eyes of her nor say anything.

“Please, come in; Miss. Cullen” said Qi Lu breaking the silence and signaling Tianye not to make things awkward by staring at the lady. But that didn’t work as the latter didn’t got his eyes off the young lady. He was feeling as if he has lost all control over his body.

On the other hand Jennie was also lost in her own thought ‘Why is it him. How could I forget that he’s surname is also Lan. I did check Christina’s profile but I got no sign that he’s her brother. Even Juli is not here how am I supposed to calm myself down. No buddy here knows anything about our past. What am I suppose to do. Why does all this unexpected thing happens with me? Why always me? But wait why should I nervous, it was him who hurted me. He must regret it.’ With this thought she walked past him with a confident expression without even looking back.

Tianye got socked by this act of hers “Did she not recognize me… No way she did, she’s just pretending. Okay I’ll play along you.”

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