Love that lasts forever

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Let's  Talk

Throughout the meeting Tianye kept looking at Jennie which made her a little uncomfortable, but it was fine until he spoke “So what do you think of this deal, Jenn”

Hearing to which everyone got a little shock cause even if Tianye hardly talked to anyone yet he always regarded everyone formally. This was the first time he did any such foolish act.

For a while Jennie kept thinking about the deal. She didn’t wanted to do it because she didn’t wanted to see Tianye ever again but it was once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the company so she agreed. ‘Once Juli is back I’ll ask her to handle all this and she’ll even make sure that I never see him again. I can’t let the company suffer because of my personal issues. Everyone have worked so hard for this deal, I can’t let it all go in vain like this!’

“I thing it’s good deal for both the companies, Mr. Lan”

“Then allow me to take you around the building, Jenn.”

“I … I don’t think that’s required, Mr. Lan!”

“Come on, Mulan. It’s okay, you should know work here.”

“Umm… okay!”

After they left all the employees of both the companies started talking to each other.

“It’s very shocking! Miss never allowed anyone to call her by her name. But this time Mr. Lan called her by a nickname yet she didn’t say anything!” said someone from Jennie’s company.

“Even Mr. Lan never called anyone by their name!” said another person from Tianye’s company.

“I bet they know each other from the past.”

Meanwhile Tianye showed Jennie

“This is my office! Come in, let’s talk inside.”

“But I have nothing to talk about! The draft was very clear, if something is not clear to you I’ll send someone to you who’ll explain you everything.” With this said Jennie tries to leave but Tianye grabs her wrist.

“You might not have anything to talk about, but I have and it’s personal, Jenn. So please come in.”

“Mr. Lan…” before Jennie could complete her sentence Tianye dragged her in.

“Mr. Lan I think you must not call me by my name, it’s a little unprofessional.”

“Stop calling me Mr. Lan and why can’t I call you by your name. Ain’t we friends?”

“Which friendship are you talking about? I must tell you, that everything between us ended years back. It’s all over!” saying this with tears in her eyes Jennie moved towards the door.

“I know I’ve hurted you before and have regretted this all my life. But think about it would I dare to hurt you without a reason. Although I call you Mulan but I always have know how sensitive you are… I know you are not in a mood to listen to me but trust I won’t hurt you without a reason. But please can you stop pretending as if you don’t know me!”

Just listening to this Jennie ran out of the office and got into her car and drove away without saying a word to anyone. All the way to her home she kept thinking about what Tianye said. ‘He was right he can not hurt me without a reason. But does that mean that some one threatened him back then. Could it be Noah… No that’s not possible. Wait Christina is his sister if I’m not wrong. Then old master Lan must be his father and madam Zheng must be his mother. Could they do it… or did they adopt him cause he always lived alone… Ahhh! Why is his past so mysteries to me. Let me check if something is available on net.’

A few hours later

‘So he wasn’t adopted but went missing for a few years. The time he went missing is the same as when the Lan group started expanding their business. A few people believe that he was kidnapped, some believe he was killed and the one now is a clone. No he isn’t a clone he always told his as Lan Tianye to me, so how is it possible that he’s a clone. No wonder he is the only Tianye. But the question is who threatened him of me.’ Jennie was lost in her thoughts, until she received a call from Juli.

“Hello Jenn, how did the meeting go?”

“It was okay! We got the deal. But there’s a little change in the schedule. The Lan family is having a ball party, the contract will be signed there. So I’ll be attending it tomorrow without you.”

“Without me? But I’ll be there tomorrow morning, so I can go with you.”

“I’ve planned a holiday trip for you so you’ll be there and enjoy your life to the fullest! And I’ll be taking care of the work here. Your trip schedule is send to you via mail. Well, I’ve got to prepare for tomorrow so I’ll be hanging up now.”

“Okay, have a good sleep!”

“Same for you, have fun but be safe! Bye.”


‘Juli, sorry I didn’t wanted to hide things from you but all I want is you to have fun in life. I can’t always let you worry about me and forget about yourself.’

Time passed by and the clock pointed at 6 in the evening. Jennie got home early from the company to get ready for the ball event. She picked a custom made very regal and elegant black gothic ball gown with cape. And went for chocolate brown smoky eyeshadow with smudged eyeliner, and the neutral glossy lips, soft contouring, and highlight. And tied her hair into cascading half up do. Until Jennie got ready it was already 7.

Just when she was ready to leave she received a message from Tianye “Will you be my dance partner at the ball.”

‘Why the hell he wants to be my dance’

“There would be many girl who would love to dance with you. You must ask them, Mr. Lan.”

“My dad did all of this because I refused to attend all the blind dates he set up for me. He this time wants to meet those girls, but I don’t want to please help me!”

“Don’t waste your time on me, I thing it would be best for you to talk to your father about that, Mr. Lan!”

“I’ve tried but he won’t listen. Please help me, my Mulan.”

“What’s your problem with blind dates. Why don’t you attend those blind dates?”

After reading this statement Tianye couldn’t reply cause he knew that Jennie wont believe the fact that he was waiting for her, if he said it now it would get things even worst then how things are now.

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