Love that lasts forever

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By the time Jennie reached the venue it was about 7:30. The pure white building was decorated in black and golden combination. With only a look at the entrance one could tell that it was a royal party organized by a wealthy family. Just when Jennie was about to enter the hall a lady came to her a lady came to her and said “Are you miss Jennie?”

“Yes, I’m and you must be Christina. Right?”

“Right! Can I spare a short conversation with you before you get in?”

“Off course! Go on.”

“Not here, we booked a few rooms upstairs lets talk in mine.”

After they got in the room, Christina locked the door behind her and Jennie to take a seat in a polite manner.

“Jennie, I know what happened years back between you and Tianye. When he returned back from there, he was no longer the Tianye I knew. His happiness was long gone, he refused to talk to anyone, would be alone all day long. But ever since you came back I saw happiness in his eyes. Please forgive him, Jennie. Be nice to him. I can’t see my brother like this. Please!”

“Christina you said you know what happened back then. After the meeting when I had a conversation with Tianye, he said he wouldn’t dare to hurt me without a reason. If you are willing to tell me the reason, I’m willing to forget all what happened. I promise you I’ll never bring this topic up again. And I have forgiven him the time I got to know he was threatened to do so.”

“The ball is about to start, the whole story is long and need to be told in detail. So let’s meet tomorrow, I’ll send you the place.”


After the conversation both of them came downstairs where Tianye sported them together and asked “Why are you both together?”Before Christina could say something Jennie said “I wanted to use washroom, so she took me to her room. And why can’t we be together?”“I didn’t mean that!”“你们俩互相谈谈我得走了。再见(You both talk to each other I’ve to go. See you around!)” Christina said and left.“Hey, I asked you a question. Will you be my dance partner?”“Hmm…”“Did you agree?”“Want me to repeat?”While they were talking a man came to them and said “先生,主人在找您(sir, master is looking for you.)”“来我带你去见爸爸妈妈(Jennie, come I’ll take you to meet my mom and dad)”Before Jennie could say anything Tianye dragged her by her hand.“爸爸妈妈,我想让你认识一个人(mom dad, I want you to meet someone.)”“首先你认识她! (first you meet her!)” Mr.Lan said pointing towards a girl standing beside him. “她是'Ye'家的女儿 (she is the daughter of ‘Ye’ family)”“叶小姐你好很高兴见到你 (hello Miss. Ye. Nice to meet you)”greeted Tianye while still holding Jennie’s hand.“你好!(hello!)” Miss. Ye greeted back looking at Jennie and Tianye holding her hand. “她是谁?(who is she?)”“她是我的生意伙伴(She is my business partner)”“哦,如果你不介意的话,我们可以跳舞吗!(oh, if you don’t mind can we have a dance!)” Ye Tao asked Tianye eying Jennie as if she stole her boyfriend from her.“对不起,她是我的舞伴(sorry, she’s my dance partner)” Tianye turned down Tao’s offer and took her aside.“女士们,先生们,今天让我们与蓝家共舞.为兰先生夫妇、兰小姐和她的舞伴鼓掌。但是大家都知道,蓝少爷没有舞伴,所以这个大厅里所有的女孩都会围成一个圆圈,少爷会选择自己的舞伴,被这里的女士们的双手捂住眼睛.(Ladies and gentlemen let’s today’s dance with the lan family. Give a round of applause for Mr. and Mrs. Lan, Miss Lan and her dance partner. But as we all know Young Master Lan(Tianye) don’t have a dance partner so all the girls in this hall will create a circle and young master will choose his dance partner blind folded by felling hands of the ladies here.)” Soon the circle was formed and Tao stood beside Jennie. One by one Tianye crossed every girl and came to Tao he kept checking her for about a minute and Tao thought he was going to choose her, but the latter passed her and checked Jennie’s hand just in a second he removed his blind fold and asked Jennie if she was willing to dance with him, to which Jennie agreed. “My dancing skills are too bad bare it if I stepped on your foot.” Jennie whispered to Tianye.To which the latter pulled her close to him by her waist and whispered “Anything for you” which made Jennie blush.Soon the dance was over and Tao was burning into ashes seeing the both so close. After the dance both Jennie and Tianye announced their partnership and signed the contract in front of all.
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