Love that lasts forever

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Into the past

Time: 6:30 A.M.
Mrs. Cullen came in the room and said "Jennie it's time to wake up. Wake up or you'll be late."
"Late! for what ?"asked Jennie while sleeping, not willing to wake up so early.
"Stupid girl, it's your first day to school. Remember?"
Without paying attention to her mother's saying Jennie rolls herself into a quilt. Soon after that she suddenly realized that it was her day to school. Getting up from the bed Jennie started to check her phone.
"OMG, what's this need to report. Mom!Mom! our class has shuffled up. Despite this Aana and me are not in the same section."
"So finally you two will be separated, huh"
"Hey! Are you happy about it?"
"No, No. I'm just shocked."
"Yeah, I know it all."
"Okay!Okay! Cut the crap out and go get ready. "
Jennie gets read for the school and gets to the dining table for breakfast.
"Good morning! Dad" Jennie greeted Mr. Cullen who was sitting with newspaper in his hand.
"Morning, princess! What happened to you? Why such long face?" asked Mr. Cullen
"Nothing much dad, just a new start with a bad news."
"What bad news?"
"Aana is separating from her!" interrupted Mrs. Cullen.
"Mom, that's not true. We'll still stick together." said Jennie in an angry tone.
"But what exactly happened?" asked Mr. Cullen.
"All the classes are shuffled up and Aana and me are not in the same section." told Jennie.
"But that's not a big deal to be sad about." said Mr. Cullen.
"Dad, don't you think it's unjust to us?" asked Jennie.
"It's good for you in a way. You'll be interacting with new people. You'll be working with them and learning team work. So I think it's a good decision." explained Mr. Cullen.
With a nod Jennie agreed to it "That's also true."
After the conversation and breakfast Jennie biddes her byes to her parents and gets on the way to the school.
While collecting her books from the locker Jennie met Aana, who's locker was beside her.
"Hey! Aana." she greeted.
"Hi! Jenn." Aana greated back.
"So who all from the previous class are there with you now?" asked Jennie in curiousty.
"Not much but just Aishi, Veronica and Devika in girls, and 5 boys I didn't even read their names. What about your class?" asked Aana.
"It's a pack of thirteen including me. Alice, Diana, Kaira, Sophia, Thea, Mia, Emma for girls and Liam, Vaidik, Aaron, Tianye, Jasper for boys. "replied Jennie.
"You indeed are having a good pack." exclaimed Aana.
"Can't say anything! Who knows what future holds for us."
"Yeah! That's quite true."
"Well, to be honest I thought about it and I'm not that unhappy now. This thing was to happen in years ahead, when we will be choosing different streams. "
"That's also right!"
"It's about to be the time. Let's go to our classes." claimed Jennie while waving her hand to say bye.
Jennie heads to her classroom, where two boys running around clashes with her. Due to which Jennie fall down.
"Jennie, are you okay?" a rough voice came, which appeared to be of a boy who held out his hand in order to help her up.
"No, about to die... Just kidding... I'm fine. " said Jennie while laughing.
Seeing her casual behavior, Tianye too laughed and said "These guys never see who they are bumping into while running after each other. "
"Never mind, I'm a bit use to of this selfish world. "
"Well, did you saw Jasper near by? "
"Even if I saw, I didn't notice! "
"Great! Busy chit chatting? "
"Yeah with Aana. You know me! "
"Yeah, for about 3 years."
After a while Jasper entered into the classroom and said "Everyone back to seats, class teacher is coming."
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