Love that lasts forever

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New class , new group

A lady with open, flat, messy hair, who was not so fair in complexion, wearing a dark colored lipstick, with a scary look walked in the room.
"Good morning students, my name is Amy. I'll be your class teacher for session 2019-2020." said the lady. Continuing to this she stated "I'll teach you English subject. As it's our first day let's have a good introduction. So, let's start from the door side row. Everyone will tell their names and thing that interests you the most, in order to keep it short."
Students kept telling about themselves.
"My name is Jasper and the thing that interests me the most is game coding."
"My name is Tianye and Baroque (denoting style of European architecture, music and art) is the most interesting thing to me."
"My name is Emma and making wraith (goastlike images) is the thing which interest me the most."
"My name is Kaira and act of Spin Doctor (a person who interpret events on the behalf of a political party) interests me."
"My name is Diana and playing Spinet (a type of small upright piano) is the most interesting thing to me."
" I'm Sophia and Speleology (study of caves) interests me the most."
"My name is Jennie Cullen and Sinfonietta (a small symphony orchestra) interests me the most."
"My name is Thea and finding Will-O'-the-wispignis fatuus(a thing which is difficult to catch) is the most interesting thing to me."
"My name is Alice Mounir and acts of wizardry interests me the most."
After all this Mrs. Amy said "So we are done with the the introduction. I still've work on my table, you all may chit-chat for a while."
All students started talking to each other.
"In all the books I've studied over onomatology, I was never able to to make out Tianye is a name from which origin." said Jennie starting a conversation.
"What's Onomatology?" asked Tianye.
"Study of names" claimed Jennie.
"So for my name it's from Chinese origin." explained Tianye.
"Are you Chinese?" asked Jennie while getting shocked.
"Half Chinese, my mother is Indian and father is Chinese. Well what's so shocking in it?" asked Tianye after seeing Jennie's reaction.
"Nothing just that you don't look like Chinese at all!" exclaimed Jennie. "what's your full name then? " Jennie continued to ask.
"Lan Tianye."
"Ohh! Then you must be knowing Chinese."
Yeah, even my mom do!"
"At last I found someone with whom I could speak Chinese!"
"You know Chinese?"
"Yeah, a little."
"So you watch Chinese drama too! Right?Which one is your favorite and what are you watching lately?"
"Am I also invited in the conversation?" asked Jasper.
"Off course!" exclaimed Jennie. Relying to Tianye she said "I'm currently watching Professional Single and the best I've ever watched is Master Devil. What about you?"
"You guys also watch Chinese drama?"asked Jasper.
"Yeah we do!"
"For me Brightest Star In The Sky is the best and I'm watching skate into love. What about you Jasper." asked Tianye.
"Sweet Combat is best for me and currently I'm watching Go Go Squid."
Suddenly a voice coming from behind got their attention. It was of Sophia, who said "I'm gonna write an application... "
"Application? What happened? " Jennie asked showing a great intrest.
"Nothing much, she has gone crazy!" exclaimed Emma.
"What happened, but" Tianye asked curiously.
"She want to change section!"said Mia.
" What's wrong with that?"asked Jasper with no expression on his face.
"Exactly! " claimed Sophia.
"What reason will you give?"asked Jennie.
" That's the funniest part "said Thea laughing.
" My friends are in another section and I don't have friends over here "stated Sophia.
" Good sense of humor."claimed Jennie.
"I'm not joking around! Well I'm going to Manvi for a while. " Said Sophia and left.
"Is everything done, or something is still left to laugh at... " Said Tianye.
"Is she serious? " Asked Kaira.
"Looks like the same!"replied Diana.
" If she did that, then it will become a hue and cry (public outcry)."stated Jasper.
"Which can turn as wreak (cause of harm) for us." continued Alice.
"I think we should stop her." Tianye said.
"We tried that, but she isn't listening to us!" Thea told.
"Let it go guys, we're not a part of it anyways!" claimed Jennie.
"I think Jennie made a point." Mia agreed.
"Okay leave that now! Doesn't the teacher looks wroth (intensely angry person) to you all? " asked Kaira.
"I don't think it's good to make a judgement right now." Jennie claimed.
"Well is everyone available this sunday? " asked Jennie.
"Yeah"replied everyone.
"Why, what happened?"asked Mia
"Let's plan an outing together."said Jennie
"Great, but where?"asked Emma.
" What about a haunted house?"claimed Thea.
"It'll be fun guys!" Tianye said.
Soon after school bell rang and it was time for all to go home.
"We should go home now we will talk about it on the chat group I'll create." stated Jennie and all bidded their byes to each others and left.
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