Love that lasts forever

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The Cohort

Jennie reaches home and finds a note on the table, which said

Dear Jennie,
I heard of a good discount near by ,so I'll be out for a few hours. I know you must be hungry so I kept food in the microwave. Heat it before you eat. Keep in mind you can do anything for now but don't mess things up, don't break things apart, lock the door properly, don't go outside, be good at all times.
Mom loves you!
Jennie gets inside the kitchen and opens the microwave to find what was inside it.
"Wow mom! I didn't knew sandwiches needs to be heated too." Jennie said busting into laughter.
While eating sandwiches Jennie creates a group, name it as The Cohort and addes Alice, Diana, Emma, Mia, Thea and Tianye to it.

*messages in the group*
Jennie - I don't have numbers of Jasper, Kaira; if you've do add them.
Mia- I have, I'll add them.
Jennie - Guys check this out! (she pastes a link of a news). The haunted house we were talking about is shifted from here!
Alice- So where to go now.
Tianye- Let's find a good place near by.
Emma- Fine!
A few hours later Jennie receives 2 message from Tianye.
Tianye- Check out this place, I think it's perfect for our visit.
'Escape Haunted House'
Jennie- Okay! Let me read about this place.
Jennie finds out a news about that place.

377,Bank Lane. Opened on 21st Jan, 20XX.
Escape haunted house is a set of rooms which the people going inside will have to escape within 2hrs. This will include 4 sets of 20 rooms...
Jennie sends screenshot of the report in the chat group.
Jennie- Go through the report everyone and tell if you like it or not.
Mia- Great place, we should go ...
Emma- Yess
Thea- More amazing than the previous one.
Tianye- I think all are interested so let's go!!!
Jennie- It's done then, as for the time can it be 12:00noon.
Jasper- Done...
Alice- It's done. All should ask their parents now.

Some time later Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.
"Princess, we are back home." said Mr.Cullen coming inside with Mrs. Cullen .
Jennie came out of the room where she was sitting and said "Did you both went together?".
"Nno, your mom called me to pick her up. You know your mom. She is such a shopaholic."claimed Mr. Cullen.
"Yeah, I do." Jennie said laughing sheepishly.
"What jokes are you both cracking, share it with me also."claimed Mrs. Cullen.
"Well dad, I chatted with my old classmates, who are my classmates now as well, I never thought of having so many friends on my first day. And there is a thing I want to ask you, we're deciding to go for an outing this Sunday noon. Can I go with them as well."asked Jennie.
"Yeah we're going to your aunt's house ,and as usual you won't wilfully come with us so have fun with your friend." said Mr. Cullen.
"Thank you, Dad ." said Jennie in excitement.
Soon she receives a message in the group.
Kaira- Have anyone though about how are we going to make 4 groups?
Jennie- Count that on me! Just be there 5 minutes before time guys.
Mia- Okay.
After that Jennie makes 9 chits, 3 with G1 and rest 6 with G2, G3, G4, 2 each.

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