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Ceaseless Feelings

The next month Juli transferred to the same school in which all 9 were there, but she was in different section as that of the others.
"Students as you all were informed before that, exams are going to start soon. Here's the date sheet. Note it down and prepare accordingly. Your results in these exams matters a lot and this time top 100 students among the grade will be listed on the bulletin board. All the best!" informed Mrs. Amy.
A week after the announcement, exams begin and the of result had came. By the time of lunch break most of the students gathered near the bulletin board to find out the result.
When Jennie saw the result she was happy
The Result was that Jennie was on number 19, as for the rest Juli stood on number 1, Emma on 7th, Sophia on 23rd, Tianye on 28th, Thea on 33rd, Mia on 60th, Alice on 70th, Jasper on 80th and Kaira on 94th.
After the school breaks Jennie reached home.
"Look Juli came home and what took you so long to reach home?" questioned Mrs. Cullen.
"Was having chat with friends." replied Jennie.
"What's your rank in the grade?"
"Why don't you pay more attention to your studies rather than having chats with your friends! So that at least you can be in the top 5's. Look at Juli, she is always so good at studies. Learn something from her at least."
"Enough!mom. I'm not her and I can't be." Jennie said standing up from the dining table to leave the room.
"Have your lunch at least!" said Mrs. Cullen.
"I had lunch and I'm full!" said Jennie and left the room angrily.
"Ahh! Juli don't mind her she's like that only." said Mrs. Cullen.
All the next day Jennie didn't talked to anyone, avoiding her friends at all times. But when she was going home Tianye got hold of her.
"Going home alone, let me accompany you!"
"Hmm... But you'll have to walk a lot."
"Not so because I've shifted to your building only."
"oh! So the lady who was shifting is your mother."
"No, she is the staf of the company which helped me move in. Nevertheless I stay alone."
"Alone?... So you also havesupperbusy parents like mine who are always on some businesstrips!"
"Leave that, long story. Well I want to ask you something. "
"Go on! "
"I noticed you were acting a little weird today. Is there anything bothering you. "
"Actually I don't even know that."
"Don't keep it in. Just speak your heart out."
"My mother always praise Juli but not me. When we small we use to stick together all the time. But as for now I don't know why whenever I see her around I don't feel good. You know I saw someone telling her mother that she got 57th position her mother was so happy. But when I told my mom that I'm the 19th in the list she got angry and told me to be like Juli."
"Do you know the problem is that you read much into a topic. You don't let go of things easily. And as for your mother she is right at her end cause she wants you to be the best. Now don't think much about it. Just go home refresh yourself and when you are in the right mood just think about it. You know what you actually don't even hate Juli inside, think about it. "
"你的中文说得比我想象的要好(you are far so good in Chinese than my expectations) "
"我的荣幸(my pleasure)"
"我不知道为什么每当我心情低落的时候你总是在那里帮助我(I don't know why you are always there to help me whenever I feel low)" said Jennie and Tianye just laughed at it.
"你笑什么(why are you laughing)"
"没有什么(nothing) "
"告诉我(tell me) "
"一句老话是,当一个人每次帮助你时,你必须通过伤害他来回报他(a old saying is that, when one help you everytime you'll have to pay him back by marring him)"
Jennie slapped his shoulder and both laughed.
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