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Caring For Her

It was the first period in the school, Mrs. Amy was teaching when Juli came and said "Ma'am can you please send Jennie for a while, Mrs. Kim wants to talk to her? "
Mrs. Amy nodded to let Jennie go.
"Why does Mrs. Kim want me ?" asked Jennie on her way to the class where Mrs. Kim was.
"I didn't cheat! " replied Juli crying.
"What do you mean " asked Jennie in shock.
"I'll tell you! This is chit that she was reading during the exam. We teachers have been strictly told to report such matters to the principal straight away. Now you both may leave, I'll just write the report." said Mrs. Kim.
"Juli you go back ,I want to talk to ma'am "said Jennie and Juli left. "ma'am I wasn't there when these things happened, but I can tell one thing about her that she won't do any such thing ever in her life. Just give me a chance to prove her innocence."
"Okay, there are holiday for 2 days. I give you this much time, investigate the matter and report it to me by the first period in the third day."
"Thank you so much ma'am."
"This is nor because of your request neither because you are a member of student council. It's because I trust her too and I want to find the real culprit. "
"Ma'am one more request please don't tell anyone anything about all this for now, not even Juli. "
"For sure"
"Thank you ma'am."
The same day when the clock pointed at 7:30 Jennie came out of her room, while Juli was sitting in the living room. They had been staying together since a few days as their parents had gone out on some business trips.
"I'm going out, Juli. If mom calls don't tell her anything. And if there is anything problem just call and let me know, I've my phone with me. Okay?"
"Hmm... But where are you going this late."
"I've some work. I'm running late, bye!"
"Bye. Be back soon, it's getting dark outside."
As soon as Juli said that Jennie got out closing the door behind her. Tianye saw her going out this late and in his worry he says "Wohh! Black shorts and T-shirt, black mask, black shades, black boots and with hoodi. Are you going out to set some fashion goals or to rob a bank?"
"Rob a Bank. Wanna come? We'll divide the money!" replies Jennie laughing angrily, to which Tianye laughs.
"Sorry, Where are you going this late?" asked Tianye with simile.
"School's CCTV footage room." said Jennie hearing to which Tianye's simile disappeared and a expression of worry made it's way through his face.
"But why?" Tianye asked out of his worry.
"To collect some evidences."
"Evidences? For what?"
"Juli is accused of cheating in a test and I asked ma'am for some time to investigate the matter."
"Oh, wait I'll go with you. It's not safe for you to go round the city by yourself this late."
"But..." before Jennie could complete Tianye interpreted her.
" No buts, I can't let you go alone and I don't need your permission for that. It's not safe for you. You understand that?"
"You are very rude! But first let me complete at least. I was asking you to cover your face, so that you are not recognized by anyone.白痴(idiot). "
Tianye didn't responded to Jennie. And locked his door.
"Hey, I'm talking to you!" remarked Jennie in a rude manner.
"Me?" teased Tianye.
"No, your spirit! Do you find anyone else around here?"
"No, I don't."
"I'm going, bye." said Jennie taking a step towards the elevator.
"Hey, wait for me."
"You sure you don't need anything to cover your face. "
"I've got what I need." said Tianye taking out his mask from his pocket.
"You could've told me that before."
"Saving my energy!"
"What now?" Jennie said cutting off Tianye.
"Won't the gates be locked. How will we get in jump in from walls ?"
"You'll know it very soon! "
Jennie takes Tianye to the back entrance, where she shows him a small gap between the rods of a gate. The space was little but yet enough for both of them to cross.
They, after entering the school got to the CCTV room straight, which had three big screens to look at the recording and a pair of mouse and keyboard was kept on a table. Jennie switched on the screens and started to search for recordings made this morning by the CCTV of Juli’s class. After searching for a few minutes, she wasn’t able to find anything.
“ Tianye can you help me to check recording of camera 64.” Jennie knew Tianye could do it because he was the ‘computer master’ of the class. But there was no reply by the boy’s side. She turned around to find where the boy was. He was standing right behind her but seemed to be lost somewhere. Jennie got up from the chair she was sitting on and shook him in order to get his attention.
“Hey! Computer master, where are you lost?”
“Nowhere! Did you saw the one who got Juli in such a trouble?”
“No, I’m not able to see the recording, help me!”
“Do you know which camera recording we need to see?”asked Tianye seating himself on the chair in front of the table.
“It’s number 64. Around 9:30 in the morning.” responded Jennie looking at her watch “Do it fast as it’s about the time for the guards to take a round. I’ll go stand by the door, in case the guards are coming. You tell me when you’re done.”
“Jenn come take a look at this!”
Jennie came towards the screen and Tianye played the recording.
“Jenn see that person is reading a small paper, while the exam is going on… did he just dropped it and Juli picked it up…”
“What a stupid girl she is! There was no need to pick it up. Silly girl! ”
“Look isn’t he Noah!”
“Yes, he is. Can you copy this clip in my pen-drive?” Jennie asked giving Tianye a pen-drive.
“Yeah, sure I can!”
While Tianye was copying the clip, Jennie saw some light coming from outside all of sudden. She turned around and saw Tianye was done copying, she covered his mouth with her hand when he was just about
to say something, and pulled him by his hand behind the table to hide and looked at the door. She had taken the pen-drive but forgot to turn off the computer. By the time she remembered it was too late, the door opened and the guard just set a foot in. Jennie got scared of being caught by the guard, she closed her eyes still holding Tianye’s hand tight. But luckily the guard didn’t noticed the computer and left the room after he found nothing wrong.
Jennie opened her eyes after she realized the door was shut and the guard left. Soon she realized that she was still holding Tianye’s hand, at that moment her reaction was as priceless as it was of Tianye. Both of them got out of their hiding place and after shutting the computer down very silently both walked to the gate and escaped successfully.
On their way back home both remained silent for a few minutes.
“What were you thinking when we were there?” asked Jennie cutting off the silence.
“How do you know so much?”
“About what?”
“About the gap between the rods, camera number of Juli’s class and even the timings of guard coming for round…”
“That’s because I’m a member of student council since a long time. And in the starting I had the duty of writing the names of the late comers at the back door. One day I saw two boys entering through that gap so I know about it since then.”
With the end of this explanation they reached the corridor of their building.
“Jennie… I want to say something.”
“Go on!”
“Umm… I thin… think”
“Don’t think anything and speak worry free.”
“I think you should go and console Juli. She needs you right now.”
“Yeah ,that’s true. Well I’ll see you later then!”
“See you!”
When Tianye was assured that Jennie was gone inside. He spoke in a low voice “I wanted to something else but I just can’t, cause I know you’ll be hurt you after that.” For some time he kept looking at the closed door of her house.
On the other side, Jennie went back to her room and closed the door leaning on the closed door, she spoke to herself “I expected you to something else, Tianye.”
Both of them kept on thinking about each other.
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