Love that lasts forever

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After the holiday of two days, the next morning both Tianye and Jennie were talking with rest others.
“When today I was coming to the class, I heard that two kids of our school came to school’s CCTV room at late night and copied something in their drive as well.” said Emma, to which both Tianye and Jennie glared each other. In just a few seconds Mrs. Amy entered in the class and called both of them to come to the CCTV room hearing to which both followed their teacher.
“Watch this!” said Mrs. Amy pointing on to the screen. She showed them the recording in which they entered the school’s CCTV room. “Doesn’t this bracelet look familiar to you Jennie?” Mrs. Amy continued.
“That’s us ma’am!” both Jennie and Tianye stated at the same time.
“I know that! I just want to know why you both did that?” asked Mrs. Amy.
“Ma’am Juli, my sister was accused of cheating in one of the monthly exam, so I asked Mrs. Kim for some time to investigate the matter. I am the one who came up with this idea it has nothing to do with him.” Jennie said clarifying Tianye’s name. She didn’t wanted Tianye to get punishe because of her. At her this statement Tianye eyed her, but before he could say something he was cut off by Mrs. Amy .
“Jennie that’s not the concern, but as thing is as a teacher it is my duty to make you people understand the difference between wrong and right. Your intention wasn’t wrong but the path you chose was wrong. Both of you are very much mature, so I decided to talk to you. Anyways if you need any such thing to do some good to anyone, just come to me and take permission slip. Okay?”
“Sorry ma’am, this won’t happen again!”both said and left.
“Why did you took all the blame on yourself? I came here by my wish. I’m fully responsible for what I do!” Tianye said in an angry tone.
“I didn’t wanted you getting punishe because of me.”
“For what we do together never take punishment on just yourself ever! We’ll also enjoy that together. Understood?”
“Yes, sir.” said Jennie and both laughe.
When they reache their classroom Juli came and asked Jennie to meet Mrs. Kim as she needed her.
“Jenn has become a super busy person. She always have to run from here to there. Poor her! ”to this statement of Mia all shook their heads.
Meanwhile Jennie reache to Mrs. Kim’s cabin, where she was already waiting for her.
“Ma’am can you please come to the computer lab, I need to show you something?” Jennie requested.
“Yeah, sure. I hope you have found who the real culprit is!”
“Yes ma’am, the real culprit is someone else!”
After watching the clip Mrs. Kim called Noah who was the real culprit and showed him the clip.
So for what he did, he was removed from all the positions he held in the class. The news all over the school.
He was even suspended for a week’s time from the school. For which he held grudges against Jennie and planed to take his revenge, for that he started following her to all places she went. But Jennie never even got a hint of being followed. Tianye noticed it at times but ignored it.
When one day Jennie was going out alone, when Tianye observed Noah following her with a knife. He felt it wrong so he followed them too.
After a long walk Jennie turned to a place which had not many people or more likely no one around.
Suddenly Noah blocked her path and said “why did you… you had nothing to do with the matter… Juli have a good impression in all teachers head she could have escaped it easily… why did you drag me into all this shit?”
“I dragged you into this shit? You created this fuss yourself and dragged Juli into this shit!” Jennie argued, hearing to which Noah raised knife he had in his hand.
While all this was going on Tianye stood behind and recorded all of it in his phone. But before Noah could hurt her Tianye pulled her back and asked her to run. While saving Jennie, Tianye got hit with the knife on his arm which started bleeding.
They both rushed to the police station and filled a complaint against Noah. There a person treated Tianye’s wound that he got while saving Jennie.
After all the things were done, Tianye looked at Jennie, she appeared to be lost somewere. He knew she was still in a shock. He patted her shoulder to which she looked at her and tears started flowing down her eyes. She hugged Tianye as tight as she could. Tianye hugged her back in order to console her.
“It’s okay, don’t cry! You are fine, I got you.”
“You can take her home. The case is under investigation. Don’t worry girl, the person will be punishe soon!” assured the police man.
Tianye takes Jennie home. In the corridor they see Juli coming out home.
“I just saw your text. Are you okay?”
“Don’t worry I’m fine!” saying this Jennie gets inside leaving Tianye and Juli behind.
“Take care of her and when are your parents returning from the business trip?”
“No time soon!”
“Oh, don’t leave her alone. If you need anything, I’m just one call away.”
As soon as Juli left, a man came to Tianye and said “When do you plan to do the things sir told you to do, or you want me to do it my way!”
“Don’t dare you even think of hurting her or else I’ll sue you!” saying this Tianye closed the door of his apartment angrily, which made the person outside smirk.
After sometime Tianye received a text from Juli asking him to come to her place.
As soon as Tianye read her text, he rushed out and ranged the doorbell of the house in front of his apartment.
The door opened in a few seconds, with Juli standing in front. “I didn’t expected you to come so soon. Are you so much worried about her?” Juli asked raising her eyebrow.
“Off course I’m. Although she pretends to be a bold girl but at the inner side she is much more sensitive than any other girl!”
“Looks like you know her really well!”
“Leave that, how is she now?”
“She isn’t in a good condition. It took me a lot of time to make her sleep. But now she is sleeping well.”
“Oh! Take good care of her and ask her to take leave from school for some days and have good rest.”
“Yeah sure! But the thing for witch I called you here is to know why did Noah wanted to hurt her?”
“Hmm… I don’t understand that either.” Tianye said remembering that Jennie asked him to keep the CCTV thing a between them only.
“Stop pretending. I know, you know that. She won’t hide it from you!”
“Okay fine, I know all about it. So when Mrs. Kim talked to Jenn later, she gave her some time to investigate the matter. So at the time when she went to school’s CCTV room. I sported her in here and asked her, she told me everything and I accompanied her. Then we discovered that the chit belonged to Noah. In order to save you she reveled the truth, and for entering the CCTV room she got scolded too. As for Noah he must have done this for his revenge.”
“I’m so stupid that I didn’t understood what ma’am said to me!”
“What did she say?”
“She told me that I’m very lucky to have a sister like her.”
“Indeed we all are lucky to have her around.”
Suddenly they heard a noise from Jennie’s room. They both rushe to her, and found her on the ground.
“What happened Jenn, how did you fall?” asked Tianye helping her get up.
“I wanted to refill my water bottle so I got up and I just slipped.”
“Don’t move next time just tell me whatever you want, okay!” said Juli all worried.
“Juli stay with her I’ll refill the bottle.” Tianye said picking up bottle from the floor.
“It’s okay, I’ll refill it myself!” said Jennie hesitating.
“Are you teasing me as a kid?” said Jennie to Tianye to which he just nodded and then laughed.
A few hours latter, Jennie slept while talking and laughing with the other two on various topics.
“Juli come out with me!” Tianye said to Juli in a low voice.
“See I’ve just received a text from the police station that Noah is arrested for three years in charge of attempt to murder.” He said after coming out of the room and closing the door.
“Oh god! I feel so sorry for his parents right now. Well leave that, thanks for saving Jenn today. I can’t express how greatful I am to you, in words. Thanks a lot!”
“No need to say that she is my friend too.”
“Just friend or more than that?”
“May be, more than that… I’m not sure…” Tianye said in a low voice.
“What did you say?... I heard it man… you like my sister don’t you?”
“No…, by that I meant best friend. That’s all, nothing more.”
“Well I don’t know about you but she definitely does, I can tell that by the way she talks to you. She defiantly likes you. And you stop lying to me. You like her right?”
“No it’s nothing like that!”
“Okay then tell me why are you blushing?”
Before Tianye could say anything, he received a text from someone, which asked him to come out.
“I gotta go Juli. Take care!” he stated and left.
In the corridor he met the same man he met a few hours ago.
“Sir said you have got one weeks time that means you’ve got only seven days to do what was told to you or I’ll do it my way which would be more painful. Well she’s a beautiful girl but you have got seven days to decide if she lives any longer!”said the man with a smirk. Just in a snap of fingers time, after he said that he received a punch right on his face from Tianye.
“Till then take this and don’t show your face to me. One more thing the day I stepped onto my soil you’re dead, I’ll destroy you myself.” with this Tianye went inside his apartment and closed the door.
Because of the punch, the man was bleeding from his nose. He called someone on his phone and says “Ifyou threaten the girl he’ll do any thing you want!”
At the other end Tianye rested his head on the sofa “I’m so sorry Jennie for putting your life in danger.”
With this a tear rolled down his eye and some more followed.
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