Love that lasts forever

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Being left hurt

The next day when Tianye entered the class room he was shocked to see Jennie sitting on her seat. He ignoring all the surrounding, approached her “Why did you came today? Are you fine?” he said panicking.
“Hey calm down. I’m fine.”
“But you should have good rest Juli told me yesterday that you couldn’t sleep for a few hours so you should rest more for now.”
“It’s okay! I’ve already forgotten what all happened.”
“That’s something good to hear”
“How’s your arm. I’m sorry for that!”
“It wasn’t your fault as well I’m all fine! I can still punch 100s of men…I think that’s too much” said Tianye to which both laughed.
Conversations like these continued for two days. Tianye started spending most of his day time with Jennie to know if she was really fine or not. But only Jennie knew all behind that fake smile of hers, which appeared to be real, she was hiding all her fears. She wasn’t able to sleep properly since when the incident took place. Her fears were making her frightened to even close her eyes. She was terrified but hide it in order not make others worried about her. The thing Tianye and Juli didn’t got to know was that she had nightmares all the nights she tried to sleep.
The next day Tianye was all weird and barely talked to anyone. At the end of the school Tianye and Jennie came home together. Throughout the way he kept quite, Jennie could sence something was
upsetting him but decided not to talk right now and give him some time to calm down. All the way to home she kept thinking about what could have happened to him. By the time they reached the corridor Jennie stopped Tianye “Hey are you okay?” but there was no reply by his side, so in order to get his attention she shook him and got his attention. “Where are you lost?”
“umm… I’ve got something to tell you”
“Okay… go on”
“I… I think we shouldn’t be friends… I mean we should keep distance… we shouldn’t see each other!”
“I don’t understand what… what are y… you saying. Why? Say something?”
“I don’t know. I’m moving out tonight. I’m shifting my house… my school, and even…”
“Why is that soo…”
“Because I don’t want to get hurt all because of you. I got dragged into Noah and you. I’m done.”
“So what you mean to say mean to say is that I don’t deserve you!”
“No… no that’s not what I want to say!”
“Please stop, it’s already clear Tianye… it’s okay I can understand” with this Jennie entered her home with tears in her eyes. She was hurt deeply, Juli wasn’t home with her, cause of her extra classes.
On the other hand Tianye kneeled in the corridor, not able to gather up himself. He felt so bad after hurting Jennie. But he did all this to keep her out of danger. The fact that he was so hurt, was because he had seen Jennie in tears for the second time but this time the reason was him as well he knew she would never forgive him.
For an hour Jennie kept crying until Juli came “Jenn, Jenn what happened? Why are you crying? Jenn please stop crying I can’t see you like this!” Juli poured her a glass of water, after which she told Juli all what happened. It took Juli a lot of efforts to console Jennie. Juli stayed by Jennie’s side incase she needs anything. This was the night when Juli came to know about Jennie’s nightmares for which she blamed Tianye. After knowing how sensitive she is, he still hurted her, he even knew she was still sad
about the Noah thing. But still he did that and there was no trace where he was now…
Days after days kept passing it was about a month since all those things had happened but Jennie hadn’t yet moved on. All those who knew what happened and even those who didn’t could make out that she was upset of something.
Day at the school was over but Jennie was still sitting on her seat lost somewhere. When Jasper came to her with everyone else and said “Jenn will you come with us to watch some movies?”
“No, I’ll go home you guys enjoy. Bye!” replied Jennie picking up her bag and left.
“She isn’t able to move on with the things in the past till now, she’s making me worried now.” said Mia after Jennie left the room.
“She barely talks to anyone now. Lets be with her and give her some time, it isn’t easy for her to get over everything!” said Emma.
“Everyone tomorrow is Sunday lets watch some Chinese dramas with her. She once told me she love watching it, and maybe she’ll feel better!” Jasper added.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, cause all these Chinese stuff will make her remember Tianye more.” Juli added coming in the class.
“So here you are, Juli. I’ve been looking for you!” a familiar voice said “Are you going with them?” asked Jennie.
“We actually cancelled the plan.” said Alice to which all nodded.
“Umm… what about watching some Chinese dramas at my place tomorrow? It will be fun. We could even play some games together.” said Jennie.
All the others eyed each other in shock, they had no clue that Jennie heard their conversation. “Sorry guys, I heard your conversation and also for making you so worried about me. Now I’m sure that I can
and I will get over all those things very soon because I still have you all. I hope we will stay as we are, in the future.” Jennie said to herself.
“Yeah! I thing it’s a good idea.” Thea agreed.
“Fine than I’ll see you at my place at 11.”
“Fine, bye all.” all bided their byes and Juli left with Jennie.
“I think she is getting better.” said kaira feeling good for her friend.
“Guys what about staying at our place for few days in our holidays?” said Juli coming back without Jennie.
“We have holidays?” asked Diana.
“Yeah Jenn told me that we’ll be having holiday for about a week cause our senior will be having some exams and inspection. So our teachers will be busy with that. We all will receive information by tonight.”
“Having a friend in student council is an advantage for all.” said Mia.
“Guys what do think about the stay. We can make Jennie feel at ease in all those days. What do you think tell me!” said Juli.
“We all will have to ask from our parents, but I think they’ll allow us!” stated Alice.
“Okay, you guys ask and inform me.” said juli.
Within a few hours after reaching home all the friends informed Juli that all were coming. But as Jasper had to go somewhere so he would come on Sunday by not for a stay.
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