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The survivors

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Rose Wixx a young 16 year old girl comes across Mafia boss Jake Dawson and is uneasy and feels targeted around him at first but what happens when she falls head over heels for him. Will her disability stop her from being with him or will she embrace her disability and not let it become an obstacle for her feelings towards Jake. 21 Chapters Word count: 27,092

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1: The Encounter


Rose Wixx-Main character

Francesca Hope -Roses best friend

Jake Dawson -Mafia boss

Beatrix Dawson -Jakes twin sister (but Jakes is older by 10 seconds)

Sam Gray -Jakes best friend/right-hand man. Manages security around the estate

Max Anderson -Jakes best friend/right-hand man but manages the computers etc

Luke Carter -Jake best friend/right-hand man but handles the explosives

Chapter 1: The encounter

“Rose! Rose?! Wake up we have to go” I heard my best friend Francesca shout at me.

“Give me a second Fran!” I yelled back as I was in agony because I had just woken up with the most severe pins and needles.

My name is Rose Wixx and I live with my best friend Francesca. I and Francesca have been living together since we were 14 because Francesca’s parents died in a car crash from driving their way back to the house from but a motorcycle hit them from the side of the car.

My parents were mafia leaders but I decided to move out because I didn’t want to deal with the mafia side of the business because of my condition.

I have Spastic-Diskinetic cerebral palsy which is a disability where I am paralysed the entire right-hand side of my body. I struggle with day to day life because of my condition. I have a mild but a little bit severe case of this condition. But because of my condition, I didn’t have to worry about the mafia side of the business.

The only downside was that if I just wanted to do a small role of the mafia which is what I wanted to do. My father would forbid it because he thought that I might struggle too much and that I might have to have one of the bodyguards around me all the time. After all, I might need help as well as having them around me the most because I needed protection as well as protecting me from my condition.

I have/had 2 sisters that disappeared when I was 10 and I still have no idea where they are. But I’ll talk about them later.

*I was putting on my tangerine dress with dark purple high heels*

“I’m ready to let’s go, Fran!” I yelled at Francesca as I was rushing out the door to get to my car as she was standing near the car wearing a blood-red dress with light blue high heels.

“Ready?” Francesca asked me as I was getting in the car.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” I replied. Me and Francesca were on our way to a really fancy restaurant for the night for our companys event to present our ideas to see if they could be developed. Me and Francesca both work at a really big fashion company. But we also work as waitresses at the club. To help pay the rent.

“Hey, girls” our boss Rachel says as we walk through the restaurants doors

“Hey!” Me and Francesca said in unison.

“Which tables are we sitting at?” I asked as Rachel was getting me and Fran our presentations to present to our clients.

“Table 11 and 12” She replied. I sighed in reilief because I didn’t feel comfortable sitting at a table that was cornered. I preferred more of an open booth with easy access to stand up.

*******1 hour later*******

Rachel and Francesca went home because they had finished presenting their ideas to the clients. I stayed back because I wanted to close a deal with one of the clients and I preferred being on my own because I didn’t feel rushed and I was able to take my time. I managed to finish my presentation within an extra 20 minutes.

I was about to leave the restaurant but then I suddenly bumped into someone as I was leaving the doors.

In the blink of an eye, I realised who he was. This was Jake Dawson the most feared mafia leader in the city. He turned around and said:

“Are you feeling okay?” His face looked concerned so I said: “I’m fine. It’s just my condition acting up because I can’t stand up for long periods of time” My head started spinning from the pain that I started to develop from losing consciousness of my surroundings.

He turned to his men and said: “Take her to the car. I’ll be there in a minute”

That was the last thing I remembered before I became unconscious and the darkness surrounded me.
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