Living in Reality

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Chance has always been on the outside. He doesn't have many friends and his looks aren't the best... be has glasses, he's thin, tall, has a bit of acne, and his brown hair is always a mess. His sense of style could probably use work too... wearing only jeans and over sized t-shirts. Chance's home life is rough and life at school is even worse... there is someone he likes, but she never even looks at him and probably doesn't know he exists. But this is what it's like living in reality.... or so he thought....

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Chapter 1

Chance's P.O.V

I started walking to school like I always do. I didn't mind the walk except that I had to get up two hours earlier than most people. I lived on the edge of town but was considered close enough to the school that I couldn't sign up for a bus route. My parents would never drive me there and I didn't dare ask. I shuddered at the thought.. or maybe it was the cold? I was wearing one of the two sweaters I owned and my usual hand me down t-shirt from my dad and some jeans. The clothes were a bit big, but at least my shoes fit... although they were starting to get worn down. I had no clue how I would afford a new pair any time soon.

It was only 5am and the sun was just starting to come up. I smiled as I thought about how much my crush would like the view of the sunrise. "In your dreams buddy" I scoffed at myself. She doesn't even know I exist and even if she did, she would be wise to ignore me. Most people do because of how I look and the fact that I'm really introverted. It also doesn't help that I'm seven feet tall. I mean I'm a giant compared to everyone else at the school. It sucks to stand out but be invisible at the same time.

I wouldn't say I'm super nerdy, but I usually fall in that category. Probably because I like computers a lot and my grades are good. I plan on being an engineer after school so I need to have good marks to get in to the program. I also try and get as much work as I can after school so that I have some money saved up for university. I only have a year left to save up and I'm not where I want to be financially. Probably because I have to spend money on essentials like food and clothes. Mainly shoes....

At least the walk there gives me time to think. Usually I spend it thinking about my crush, which I know is super lame. I can't help it though! She is the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen.

"Hey man!" Jeff called as he ran across the street. I guess that means it's seven already. Jeff has been my friend since kindergarden, us against the school you could say. We have similar interests and we're hoping we get into the same school so we can be roomies.

"Hey" I said, my voice is a lot lower than most people's at school... ah the joys of early puberty.

"What's up?' Jeff asked with his usual goofy grin.

"The usual" I grumbled.

"Dude I can't believe you still wake up at 4:30 every morning to walk to school. I would just say I can't go because of the distance" Jeff said.

"And be home with my parents all day? No thanks" I replied.

"Yeah I guess that would suck" he frowned. Jeff has only met my parents a few times. We usually hang out at his place because mine is a disaster zone.

"What do you think mr. Zach will assign for homework today?" I asked. Mr. Zach is the chemistry teacher that we have had every year and is known for his strict marking. But Jeff and I seem to be his favourite students, probably because we actually listen and do our work.

"I'm hoping nothing! It's only the first day back" he said with a pout. "I can't believe you're even thinking about that already".

"We need good marks this year if we want to get into Harvard" I argued.

"Yeah yeah..." Jeff brushed it off. "We'll get there".

"Hopefully" I added as we reached the school. Jeff's parents are very conservative and they want him to get into the best schools. They are very well off and have a fund to help him out with school books and stuff. Since I'm at his place so much they're like second parents to me.

"Like you have to worry, you always have the top marks in the school" Jeff laughed.

"Yeah because it's easy" I argued, "mostly".

"No you're just super smart. I don't know where you got all that brain power" Jeff joked.

"The library" I retorted. I spent a lot of time at the library growing up to get away from my parents. It was a safe place and there were a lot of books to pass the time. Eventually I just got into more academic stuff and it turned into extra study time. I try to do my best, which is usually high 90's. I find it easy for the most part and thankfully Jeff and I can study together when I'm not working.

"Hey there's the giant" one of the guys from our class mocked as Jeff and I walked up the front steps.

"Same hoodie like always!" Another laughed.

I sighed, "don't let it get to you man" Jeff said as he slapped a hand on my arm.

"You think they'd get tired of picking on me after all these years" I grumbled as we went to our lockers. Since we're seniors we got to pick our lockers so we ended up beside each other of course. We have full lockers but I only use the top half because of my height.

"Well they're just jealous that you're like a foot taller than all of them" Jeff said. "And they have to feed their egos somehow".

"I guess" I replied before my eyes caught a familiar blonde head of hair bobbing through the crowd.

There she is.... thanks to my height I am able to see over the crowd and get a good view. She can be hard to spot sometimes because she is only five feet tall, but she takes my breath away every time. She's so cute and tiny... with her gorgeous blonde curls and her sweet green eyes. "Dude you're drooling again" Jeff snapped me out of my thoughts. "When are you gonna finally talk to her? You're running out of time" he added.

"I know... in my mind I've come up with all sorts of introductions, I just never have the guts to do any of them" I sighed.

"Well this isn't inside your head, this is reality" Jeff said.

"Yeah... reality sucks" I replied.

"I agree" Jeff said as the bell rang. "Guess we better get to class... mr. Zach hates when people are late the first day".

"Best stay on his good side" I agreed as we started walking. I caught one last glimpse of her as she walked the opposite direction with a few of her friends. Like I stand a chance with a girl like that! I mean Stella would never agree to go out with me, even if I could get the guts to ask her out properly...
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