You're My Heaven To My Hell

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All Aurora wanted was a new life. A life where she was able to escape her old world, run from her past self and... Dare I say, fall in love with someone good. But... A new life still has its obstacles. Especially, when it involves a self-destructing boy called Atticus Knight. Who has turned her stories into torn up pages, flying through the hurricanes caused by their hearts. And, all they've ever known is.... "You're My Heaven to My Hell."

Romance / Fantasy
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*You’d think they were like Heaven and Hell... But they were the mixture produced by the 2.*

Hesitantly, I open the door.

I swear if it’s penny-wise casually sitting on the sink with his creepy smile, I will jump out the windo—

Oh... That's not penny-wise.

“Hi?” I whisper, observing Atticus’s state, and I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

He’s... Sitting fully clothed in a bathtub, filled with water, and his lips rest a cigarette in between.

Well, that's not how you have a bath...

“Fuck off Aurora.” He snaps, laying his head back and blows out a puff of smoke, poisoning the air.

Fuck off... I wish I could, Atticus.

“Everyone's downstairs... Won’t you join?” I ask, slowly taking a step closer and I sit on the edge of the bath, staring at him.

Aurora... You didn't think to ask, the clearly unstable boy, how he was first?

Atticus lets out a harsh sigh. “No... Honestly, I’d rather drown myself in this water instead. Or stick this cigarette in every part of my skin and finally wrap my hands around my throat, so tightly, I can barely breathe.” He whispers, closing his eyes and probably imagining he’s disappeared into thin air.

Wait, what?

He... He'd really do all that over a peaceful dinner with his family?

Torture himself like that?

"A-Atticus... Whatever you're going through, I hope that you know I'm here. I hope that I can help you float... Instead of drowning us both in our overwhelming sorrows."

*His surname was Knight. Hers was Star. He filled the earth with darkness. And she with light.*
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