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Rules! Rules! Rules! It makes life simple and it's easy to live by. Seems easy enough... Right? Violet Harper is a very much single 24 year old hard working woman, who abides by the rules. She gets the personal assistant position for none other than the CIO of Bolt Investment Inc, Eric Bolton. Eric Bolton is a charming womanizer, who only dates women beyond description, is forced to take an assistant he is not attracted to, to his dissatisfaction. Enter Violet into his life. Eric's love life is colorful to say the least but lives by distinct rules when it comes to relationships, unlike his assistant, Violet. An agreement is made between the two that changes both lives. Violet has excellent organizational skills. Will she be able to organize Eric's chaotic love life or create more chaos to it?

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Chapter 1


I looked out the large, framed window of my office from the fifth floor. The sun drew to its close as it flushed the sky a shaded orange. Tiny buses and cars were seen on the streets beneath, fastened in traffic. The seductive voice tantalized my ear, as I pressed the phone against it. I licked my bottom lip and smiled salaciously.

“And what would we be doing right now?” I asked smoothly, brushing my finger along the mahogany desk.

“Well let’s see...” her voice tickled my ear. “Having wine at my place together, completely naked.” She purred, a chuckle in her words.

I smirked wanting, and sat at the edge of my wooden desk, loosening my black tie that stifled me. It was a long hard day at the office and the working day dragged to a close, finally. This was just the unwinding I needed. I stretched out my tightened neck muscles as the familiar tingle formed in my groin.

“Mmmm, that’s sounds good. I wish I were there right now, so I could do some terrible things to you.” I said suggestively.

“And what terrible things would you do?” She asked in an innocent-like voice.

But the red haired was anything but innocent. She was wild, hot and sex on fire. Everything I was attracted to.

Beautiful women!

If it wasn’t her, it was a raven-haired siren or blonde bombshell I was talking to. It depended on the day of the week, I guess.

“Let me see... first I’ll undress you slowly, caressing every inch of your sexy body, and then I’ll-”

But my words were stopped short. My office door burst opened suddenly. Heels clinked beneath her. Her dirty blonde hair waved angrily into my office. Her lipstick-stained lips set in a snarl. Her dark eyes enraged as hell.

Set on me!

With a raised eyebrow, I ended the call with the red haired.

“Gotta go babe. See you later.” I said abruptly. Kind of annoyed that my sexy call ended premature.

Stephanie just busted into my office.

PISSED OFF written in bold across her face. Figuratively of course.

I thought she had called in sick today and couldn’t make it to the office. An excuse over stomach flu or something, or whatever the hell she’d said. Stephanie was my personal assistant, well my very attractive personal assistant. Let’s just say, she assisted me in more ways than one. If those late ‘office’ nights and business weekends were anything to go by.

But now, my personal assistant stormed in with fury burned in her dark eyes. Shit! What the hell did I do now? Usually, I’m so smooth at this.

I forced a smile and walked up to her, stretching out my arms for an expected embrace. “Stephanie baby-”

A solid hand surprisingly slapped me across the face.

“Don’t baby me Eric!” Stephanie shouted. “You pig! I can’t believe it.”

“You can’t believe what?” I said, my lips pressed as I caressed the burn on my left cheek.

Stephanie raised her hand for another slap, this time aiming for the right side of my face. Luckily for me, I caught it in time.

“You Asshole! You lied to me. You said we got a date on for this Friday night. But I checked you’re emails, you’re planning something else... with another woman!” she seethed, her wrist gripped in my hand.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed. Tired of this pettiness.

“Look. I assumed you were sick for some time, you said so yourself. So, I made other plans. Steph.” I said, rolling my eyes at the scenario.

Stephanie pulled her wrist away and fumed. “You Bastard!” she ranted.

I looked at her and creased my brows. “What the hell are you surprised about? We not going steady or anything. Fuck!” I said, my voice raised.

This is all I needed. Doesn’t these women know by now. I lived by three simple rules and always will be.

1. No spooning!

2. No sleepovers!!

3. No fucking commitment!!!

That’s right. Eric Bolton will never commit to one woman, until my dying day. I mean, why have the same plain boring vanilla milkshake when you can have a variety of so much more delectable snacks.

I never led any woman on to think there was more when it came to me. Each one of them knew where I stood. And it wasn’t next to them, holding their damn hand, waltzing into the sunset!

But occasionally, there were a few that became too attached, too clingy. Like Stephanie, her face burning red and spitting profanities and insults my way. But I had to take responsibility for this fucked-up situation. This was the third personal assistant I dated or screwed, and it always ended bad.

When will I fucking learn? I huffed.

But I couldn’t be held responsible for my behavior. How was I supposed to concentrate on contracts when she’s looking at me with hungry eyes? I mean the woman came two weeks ago without any panties on to the office, for fuck sakes.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?!” She said slamming her hand on my desk.

Shit. I hadn’t realized I had zoned out.

“No.” I simply replied.

Her face flamed red once more and it looked like she was about to whistle her kettle top.

“Fuck you, Eric Bolton!” She scolded.

At this moment, I was thankful that most of my co-workers went home by now. Her screeching voice probably resonated through the empty office walls.

“I QUIT!” Stephanie screamed as she stormed off.

Another one bites the dust. I shook my head. Damn, I need to control myself.

She was a fucking tornado, as she whipped around madly and stomped to her desk outside my office. She grabbed her laptop, a few files and whirled through the glass doors, bumping against Todd on the way. I felt sorry for anybody in her line of wrath.

I rubbed my tired eyes.

“Not now Todd.” I said, not in the mood for another lecture. Todd was the company’s manager and always looked out for the company’s best interests. I and Bolt Investment’s wouldn’t be where it’s at, without his unwavering support.

Todd rubbed his receding hairline and shook his head hard. “That’s the third personal assistant that we lost in eighteen months Eric. What would your father, that’s the CEO of this company say?”

I rolled my eyes and grunted.

“What about if a client was in your office, and she ranted like this? What about we were in a meeting, and this happened? What about-”

“Yes, I get the point.” I snapped, crossing my arms.

I shook my head knowingly. Okay, I felt slightly guilty about my behavior. I was attracted to beautiful woman, so I hired beautiful assistants. If they were going to work closely with me day in and day out, it seemed logical, whether they had the brains or not.

Todd took off his spectacles and wiped the left frame clean with his tie. “I think I need to take charge of the next assistant in the hiring process.”

“I think that would be an excellent idea.” I agreed.

His eyebrows raised. “Really? You going to let me take the reins on this one?”

I nodded and sighed. “Sure, why not? It seems my choices doesn’t work out in the long term.”

Todd smiled. “Okay then. Monday morning we’ll get the hiring process started.”

I smiled sheepishly. “Do you know what I need in an assistant?”

Todd smiled gleefully and returned his spectacles onto his face. “Oh Eric, I know what you need. And it’s everything you not looking for.”


Hi guys!

I hope you’ll enjoy this new story! it’s filled with rules, romance and humor. Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment.

Happy Reading!

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