Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 12



The clouds floated by like white cotton candy below as I looked out the window. Clear untouched blue sky on top. I always made sure I tried to get a window seat on a plane. The view was serene and peaceful.

I stretched out my legs in the cramped space. Economy was always overcrowded. I glanced to the heavy-set guy seated next to me, bumping into me every few seconds while he drank his hot coffee. I scowled internally, and envied Mr. Bolton enjoying his freedom in first class.

He said to book separate classes on the same flight. To book two separate rooms. A single for me and a suite for him. I didn’t mind though, since I could book our stay at a 5-star hotel in Miami overlooking the gorgeous ocean backdrop.

I glanced over the itinerary for the weekend. Mr. Bolton had meetings fully throughout Saturday starting from this afternoon, a golf game at 11:00am with a few executives and business lunches and breakfasts. He was going to present his project Saturday Afternoon. Knowing him, he’ll probably make time for an exotic beauty, while we’re here too. All in all, his schedule was totally booked.

I on the other hand, had the weekend quite free and mostly too myself. Since Mr. Bolton couldn’t bring me along to his meetings and lunches. It was strictly for executives only. I would only see him maybe in the evenings or he would email me follow-ups to do. Either way, I was prepared to hear ‘Blurred Lines’ throughout the weekend.

The turquoise ocean came into view. I strained my neck to see the waves crashing against the rocks creating frothy foam. The sea was breath taking and tingles formed in my stomach from excitement.

“Welcome to Miami, Florida.” The cool voice of the pilot echoed. “The time is 11:10am with clear and sunny skies.”

Perfect weather for the beach, I sheepishly thought. Since I’ll have a little time on my hands, I’ll hit it sooner than I think.

The plane bumped slightly as it landed. I couldn’t complain, it was a smooth flight. I took my small suitcase, packed with my laptop and notebook in hand and walked out the plane. I was to meet Mr. Bolton at the airports entrance since the first-class people headed out first.

After the long-queued check-out point, I whizzed past people pushing trolleys and some that stood idly by, bumping into a few. I bolted towards the entrance not wanting to keep the boss waiting for too long.

My eyes roamed the crowd of people and finally caught the dapper-looking man. He stood at a distance, in a dark jeans and a black shirt with black shades on. His hair immaculately sleeked back. A few flight attendants gave him a flirty eye as they dragged their suitcases behind them. He in return gave them a cheeky wink.

I rolled my eyes back secretly at the exchange. I couldn’t lie, he did look handsome, his perfect white teeth dazzled these silly girls, his jade green eyes simply charmed them. He just seemed to pull them in! It was quite irritating.

“You took long enough?” He barked as he saw me approaching.

“Sorry I –”

“Save it Harper.” He said annoyed. “We got to go, I’ve got things to do, the cab is waiting.”

I followed him in a huff. He could be so rude sometimes! His tall figure walked briskly onward, and I tried to keep up with his long strides, my luggage bumping against my stockings, as I struggled with it.

The hot sun heated my skin as we stepped outside the airport. The pilot was right, it was indeed a sunny and pleasant day. Excitement echoed in me, thinking about dipping my toes in the enticing ocean. Mr. Bolton entered the cab in one swift motion as the cab driver placed our luggage in the trunk.

A few cars buzzed by, left and right as other vehicles strolled lazily on the road. I gazed at the vibrant culture. It felt like I was in another world. The streets were lined with cafes, bars and restaurants that hummed with locals and tourists. The breeze of vacation filled the air. I opened the window of the cab and breathed it in. Loving every second of it.

I glanced at Mr. Bolton, and he was absorbed in his phone. His firm fingers scrolling and typing heatedly. I frowned, wishing I could take his chiseled jawline and face it to the window filled with the colorful scenery of life.

The cab stopped in front of a huge hotel; ‘Sunset Sands Hotel’ engraved on it. A water fountain showered in front of the entrance, bathed in a golden light. We got out the cab and the concierge collected our luggage. I haven’t been to a five-star hotel and was excited to experience it for the first time.

Mr. Bolton walked through the glass doors, that automatically opened, and I followed, the concierge promptly behind us with our luggage. We walked on the smooth marble tiles. I was impressed with the refreshing space. The décor was beautiful, with a Spanish feel. It had golden undertones with palm trees scattered across the vast floor.

We walked to the front desk, and Mr. Bolton spoke for a few minutes to the receptionist.

“Here’s your keys Mr. Bolton. Enjoy your stay at Sunset Sands.” The courteous receptionist smiled and passed both our keys.

Mr. Bolton turned to me and took off his shades.

“I’m going to a meeting in an hour. I will let you know when I need you.” He said coolly and walked away to the elevator with his luggage. Going up to his suite.

I didn’t even have a chance to say yes. But didn’t mind not working for a while. I waited for another elevator to take me to my floor.

I entered the hotel room and was instantly hit with a floral aroma. The space was roomy with dark brown and red furnishings, tastefully decorated. The mini bar was in the corner. The queen bed made up with premium bedding took most of the space. Everything felt expensive, even the touch of the wooden table. Everything was pristine. I strolled to the bathroom and my jaw dropped. Marble cream tiles were refined and untouched. The bath was huge, enticing me. Luxurious bath products all around.

If my room looked like this, my mind only imagined what Mr. Bolton’s executive suite looked like?

I plopped my suitcase on the floor and walked to the window stretching my arms. The ocean view was breath taking as predicted. Nothing disappointed me. I opened the window. The fresh sea breeze bathing me in. I felt calm and relaxed. Mr. Bolton was in meetings all day and I planned first thing was to head to the beach.


The golden sand was soft between my toes. The sea water pulling in and out against my ankles. It was a perfect afternoon. The slight breeze flowed through my brown skirt. I placed my hands behind my back holding my shoes I had taken off. My buttoned-up shirt was slightly making me sweat, and I wished I had worn something cooler instead.

People were scattered across the beach. Some sitting and sunbathing on towels. Others playing games and jumping in the waves. This was vacation central.

Three women passed in front of me. They were beautiful, well-toned, with colorful tiny bikinis strapped to their tanned skin. I wouldn’t dare of wearing one myself. I shook my head thinking of Mr. Bolton, and what he wouldn’t do if he had seen these ‘models’.

Thinking of the boss, my special ringtone for him hadn’t rang once. I checked my phone and no message of work. I sighed. It was slightly strange having all this free time on my hands. He usually asks me for everything. I had to embrace it while it lasts, I thought happily.

The sidewalk was brimming with people, jogging and walking about. I licked the vanilla and strawberry ice cream cone in my hand. The milk slightly dripped from my fingers. The huge, brimmed hat on my head wasn’t doing much against the heat of the sun. I stopped at a side shop and looked inside at the assorted bags.

‘Blurred Lines’ snapped me out of my viewing.

“Mr. Bolton.” I said as I slurped the top of the cone.

“Yeah. I sent you emails. I need you to complete the reports within two hours.” He said gruffly, “What you are doing?”

“Oh, I’m licking a vanilla ice-cream cone.” I said quickly. It was true!

He hung up.

I looked at my phone and frowned. Well, that’s the end of my mini vacay.

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