Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 14



Five years?!

That’s fucking crazy!!!

I could never survive without sex for that long. A week without fucking, and I already get antsy. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It somewhat sparked my curiosity to know more. I couldn’t get into more details with Harper since she wanted to pass out from her confession after that.

Her balance was completely off, and she had trouble making judgement calls, when she felt like doing a standing backflip, even though she’d never tried one before. I had to assist her to her room for fuck sakes. The girl couldn’t hold her liquor, unravelling a lot of information. Which were quite interesting. Harper seemed to surprise me more and more.

The side of my lips quirked up.

The beep from the treadmill, brought me out of last night’s thoughts and Harpers quirky antics. The sweat from my forehead dripped down to the sides of my neck. I ran for forty-five minutes, and my legs were pained from the exertion. In a good way.

I made sure I woke up early this morning to brush through my presentation I was about to present at 10am sharp. There had to be no room for error. My mind had to be focused. I don’t know why, but I still wanted to impress my father, to show him I can handle the business.

I scowled at the thought. Why do I still let my father get to me? But it’s been like this for years. I had to be the best at all times. Why would it change now? Somehow, I still ended to dissatisfy him, time and time again!

I walked to my suite, threw my gym towel on the bed, and entered the spacious bathroom. The shower steamed up the moment I turned on the faucet, mist swirling around the tanned marble tiled walls and floor. Not wanting to think about my dear old pops right now, I took off my boxer shorts and passed through the misty glass doors. I forced my pressured filled mind to think of something else... or someone else?

My mind instantly went to Harper and her five-year celibacy. I couldn’t damn help it! My brain raked for possible reasons for her predicament. She wasn’t the most attractive woman, but when she removed her glasses last night, her eyes popped out more. I noticed specks of gold in her dark brown irises. I could even see tiny freckles scattered on her cheeks. So, I’m sure she could’ve dated if she wanted. Or maybe she chose not too? Or she struggled getting a date?

My hands raked through my shampooed hair as my mind wondered to endless questions about my assistant. I shook my head hard. I shouldn’t be thinking about her like this, while I am in the shower for fuck sakes. I forced my mind to visualize Rebecca or Tatiana instead, I started to relax, rinsing my thick hair under the gushing warm water. I grabbed the herb scented soap and began to wash my upper arms.

I could help her out? I secretly thought.

Not in the sexy way that Harper would probably hope for, but in a more sustainable way to help her, assist her in some sort. Not my hose putting out her fire, but somebody else’s. It was moral duty as her boss to advise her. I smirked and couldn’t help finding the amusement to it too.

I was an expert dater and knew what most men wanted. Who could help her in the dating game other than me? I practically have a PhD in the subject. I just needed to fish more information from her. I itched for it, surprising myself.

I shook my head again!

Why the hell was I thinking about Harper... again?!

I quickly got out the shower, not liking how much I thought about my geeky assistant all the way through. An odd unfamiliar shiver ran through my spine that I shook away. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked to the room.

The suite was spacious, with a large balcony that had an ocean view. Just the way I liked it. I looked at my King-sized bed. Reminding me that tonight is the last night here in Miami, I tend to take full advantage of it and make sure it’s filled with more than me tonight.

I smirked at the satisfying thought.

I towel dried my wet hair. It fell wildly disheveled over my forehead and ears. I took my comb and tamed it back styling it sleek. I pulled on a crisp white shirt, navy blue trousers and black shoes that was shined the night before by hotel management. I slipped on a deep red tie around my neck and tied it and slipped on my silver Rolex watch.

I looked at myself in the mirror and approved at the reflection. I grabbed my navy suit jacket, the file that Harper set up for me and my laptop. Harper’s missed presence stepping behind or beside me was briefly felt. She was by my side working weekends on this project, it was somewhat a shame for her not to do it with me. But I shook the brief loss away. I couldn’t let my mind drift to Harper and her five-year celibacy, right now.

The hotel’s conference room was ahead of me. Filled with investment executives and financial stakeholders. I opened the doors with confidence, for myself and for the investment strategies I was going to present.

I had to be.

No room for error.

I had to show these top dogs what Bolton Investment Inc could provide, and that I was the Pitbull that was going to rip their financial plans apart.

There were probably a dozen people chatting about. Men and women in their suits. A brunch table filled with assortments topped the table, coffees and juices were set on a table to the left. Some ate and had coffee. I didn’t have much of an appetite. I just needed to kill this presentation. I grabbed a chilled water bottle and downed it.

“Eric, long time no see.” A familiar voice called to me. A voice to be honest I had no interest in hearing.

I turned slowly around and came to stand in front of a tall, slender woman, heightened by her nude heels. Her golden hair wrapped in a low messy bun. Her pencil dress tight against her curvaceous hips. A dangerous twinkle in her blue eyes.

“Nice to see you again Heather.” I said, gulping my water bottle.

Heather smiled and came closer. “Still at it I see.” She said, her arms crossed. “Chasing money as usual... and probably skirts.” She snarked.

Heather and I had some history, some romantic history I wanted to forget. Let’s just say I learned never to mix business with pleasure. Two executives at different companies can cause double trouble. It was an unpleasant memory I didn’t want to re-live.

I chuckled. “Don’t be bitter because it’s not your skirt I’m chasing this time or ever.” I snarked back.

She narrowed her eyes. “Still salty about the Blake Enterprise merger.” She said and my jaw clenched. She smiled knowing she hit a nerve. “Good luck with your presentation Eric.” She said coming close to me ear. “You gonna need it.” She waved her hand and sauntered away.

Fuck! This is all I fucking needed.

The meeting was about to begin, and I needed to remain focused. All the men and women took their seats at a long table. The blinds were automatically drawn, shadowing the conference room in darkness. I stood at the front, a presentation screen behind me.

I began to give my speech.

After an hour of talking about stocks, bonds, investment and bank product strategies, I breathed a sigh of relief. The presentation was done, and I felt confident about it. I killed it as best I could. No room for error. Echoing in my damn head.

The rest of the conference idled by for hours with other executives presenting their projects. And my mind drifted to unanswered questions yet again. I need to bring the topic up with Harper, if she’ll allow it.

Seated at the conference table, a clever, amusing plan formulated in my mind. I lived by my own set of rules, I thrived on it and hasn’t failed me yet.

What’s better suited for the dating game? Rules. I smirked at the amusing thought. Harper was similar to me in respect of rules. She obeyed them where I applied it. A win-win situation in my book.

Twenty minutes later and the damn conference finally came to an end, and I would hear by the end of next week with the outcome, if my proposal will be accepted or not. I hated the wait but I feared the failure more.

I walked out the conference room not in the mood to network and have drinks with the others, now that I knew Heather was among them. I stepped in the elevator and took of my suit jacket, unbuttoned my top buttons of my shirt, and rolled up both my sleeves. I cracked my neck twice and placed both hands in my pocket.

I needed to unwind, hit the bars of Miami and maybe chat up some hot babe. I needed to cool off first and take some time to relax before hitting the streets. It had been a long fucking day and I knew the perfect place to cool down.

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