Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 15



The cool water cascaded over my body, as I floated on top of the still pool. I swam slowly to the edge of it. The sunset blushed the sky as its last warmth glistened on the waters. I tilted my head backwards and dipped my bun, as I clutched the tiles at the edge of the hotel’s large pool.

The hotel waiter walked up to my pool chair and placed a virgin mojito on the table. There was no way I was about to drink alcohol again. I waved my thanks and got out quickly. I dashed to get my virgin drink. The water soaked my swimming shorts to my legs. It felt soggy against my one-piece bathing suit. I didn’t mind. There was no way I was going to parade in a two-piece bikini riding up my ass. No thank you!

I grabbed my virgin mojito and slipped back into the delicious pool. Mr. Bolton was at the conference the whole day. I had a lot of free time since my workload wasn’t that much. I was thankful. The hangover from last night was not pretty. And the headache I woke up with, was a hammer to the head. Filled with regret and humiliation!

I dipped lower in the pool thinking about last night. I cringed at what I had said to Mr. Bolton of all people. Why Him? I abashedly thought. Bits and pieces trickled back to me throughout the afternoon. It was embarrassing. I was mortified. An utter nightmare! And not to mention, UNPROFESSIONAL! I never want to be in that position again and regret most of the things I had said, especially on the S-E-X topic.

I smiled secretly. It was nice to have a friendly conversation with him again. To not feel scared or intimidated around him. But that was all liquid courage, I reminded myself. I couldn’t be tipsy all the time.

A splash opposite the pool caused ripples across the water. My head snapped in the direction of the splash, since I was alone in the pool. But I missed the diver still underneath the water.

Swimming towards me?

Up surged a tall well-built man spurting out the pool in all his splendor. His jet-black hair under both his strong hands, sleeking the wetness down. My eyes travelled to his well-defined broad shoulders, down his chiseled chest and rippled abs glistened by the water. Thank goodness I couldn’t see below; the sight probably would have been too much to take in all at once.

His jade green eyes found me staring. Open mouthed. The mojito cocktail straw dangling from my lips.

Mr. Bolton.

Mr. freaking Bolton!

Wow, his sporting days in Harvard did wonders for him. I’ll give him that. I could almost see the magic that made women trip all over him... Almost!

A devilish smirk spread across his strong jawline. Making my stomach turn, and not in an unpleasant way. Oh gosh what now? I was still recovering from the humiliation and unprofessionalism from last night. I completed all my work!

Sugar! he was probably looking for me and I didn’t answer my damn phone.

“Well well well.” Mr. Bolton smirked darkly. “Look what the cat dragged in. Fancy to see you here Harper.”

He swam and stood beside me. His elbow slightly brushed my upper arm. I pulled stiff at the touch.

“Drinking already Harper?” He continued, eyeing the drink in my hand with a raised brow. “If last night was anything to go by. Maybe you should take a break this evening? Unless you want me to carry you to your room again.”

I stiffened further; heat warmed my cheeks. Yes, I had forgotten! He dragged me to my room! The bits and pieces of foggy memory returned to me.

He gave me a side eye.

“It’s not alcohol. Its virgin!” I said quickly, my cheeks burning. “And you didn’t carry me back to the room. You accompanied me. There’s a difference!” I said defensively.

“There’s no difference.” He mocked. “But yes, ‘virgin’... its suits you perfectly.” He grinned, accenting the ‘virgin’ part.

I narrowed my eyes. What the hell is he talking about now? Gosh, this man could talk in riddles.

He scanned me up and down. “You swim in a bun too Harper. Jeez.” He said shaking his head and waved to the waiter to bring him his drink.

“You drinking I see.” I said accusingly.

The waiter came, bent down and passed a glass of jack and coke to him. With a curt nod he left, his black apron swished behind him.

“The difference between you and I Harper, is that I can hold my liquor.” He said. “I fully understand why you were the designated driver now.”

I scolded him internally. I couldn’t do it in his face. He was still my boss. I decided to change the topic and not go tit for tat.

“How did your presentation go?” I asked.

His gaze turned towards the pool, his back against the edge. “It went well enough. I’m used to this, it’s what I do.” He said evenly.

I nodded. “That’s great. All those after work hours over the weekends had to pay off.”

He looked at me and frowned. Sugar! Did I put my foot in my mouth again? I’m getting too comfortable with him.

“Most women would love my company.” He said, lifting his long arms out the water and outstretched them on the edged tiles. My body moved away, making room for him, making sure he didn’t touch me in the process. He lifted an eyebrow and tilted his head.

“I’m clearly not most women.” I said confidently. Unlike them I could see right through him. A womanizing, arrogant playboy who’s scared of commitment.

“Oh, I know you not like most women.” He said, his frown turning into that dark smirk of his. He inched closer. “More like the odd one out.”

I knew I didn’t look like his typical PA, but he didn’t have to remind it in my face. I thought my work ethic spoke for itself.

He cleared his throat. “Most women date and have sex.”

That was it!

He had to go there.

I knew he couldn’t damn resist! I decided to abandon my drink and swim calmly across the still pool. Only occupied by the two of us. But I was stopped when a firm hand gripped my upper arm. I turned around facing Mr. Bolton.

He let go and raised both arms in surrender. “Sorry, that was a dick statement I know.” He said guiltily. He came closer to me; he’s heat radiating from his body. This man was hot! Literally. Not figuratively. His musky cologne still wafted from his skin. I glanced up at him and nodded my head, accepting his apology. I moved back to the same position at the edge.

His lips twitched in approval.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” He asked, amusement echoed in his voice.

I creased my eyebrows; he better not talk about my love lif-

“It’s about your love life?” He asked with a sly smile.

My eyes popped open. Is Mr. Bolton for real!? I sucked in a breath. And straightened my back looking forward.

“I’m sorry Mr. Bolton. But I think this conversation is extremely inappropriate and furthermore unprofessional. Just you and I being in the pool side by side is-”

But he cut me off again.

“Ease up Harper! Fuck.” He said exasperated. “We out of the office. We can be casual you know. I would say ‘let your hair loose’ but its permanently tight in that damn bun.”

I didn’t like that last remark and absent minded touched my hair. He caught my action.

I rolled my eyes; his handsome smirk was driving me insane!

“Okay! What is it about my love life that interests you so much, to the point you had to hunt me down here to the pool?” I said a matter of frank.

He raised his brow, “Hunt you down?” and chuckled in amusement. “Harper, I needed to cool off from the conference and decided to take a swim. Do you think you were running through my mind the whole day?”

I blinked and didn’t respond. Of course, I wasn’t running through his mind, who could compete with all these ‘models’ walking about.

“Tell me something Harper?” He asked deep in thought as if he was contemplating this question for some time. I scrunched my nose.

“Do you remain celibate for five-years by choice or not?” He asked.

I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Both.” I simply replied. “And I’m not trying to be celibate on purpose!”

His eyes held intrigue that made me shiver involuntary. “Elaborate please?” He politely asked.

I looked at him and he held my gaze, his jaded eyes breaking into me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I gave in.

“Oh, for crying out loud! It’s not like I have guys queuing up for me, I usually go unnoticed. The girl in the background. And besides I don’t go out looking for dates. And I refuse to just sleep with a guy, without him being my boyfriend or in a committed relationship. Unlike you.” I hoped the last part stung a bit.

He smiled, his chiseled frame surfaced above the water, facing me. My eyes snapped to his rippled abs, and I averted my eyes to the waiter instead. “Don’t you go on dating websites if you can’t meet a man organically?” He asked.

“What makes you think I’m interested right now in meeting a man? I’m career driven. Work takes most of my time. I have ambitions I need to fulfil.” I said. “And besides I wasn’t going to let him know I get zero views on dating sites anyway. The thought stung.

“I can’t think of anybody who wanted to abstain from sex for fun. I mean, I could understand if you were a virgin. But you tasted the goods, so you know what you’re missing out on?” He protested.

I breathed out loud. “Well, it wasn’t that tasty to begin with to be honest, so it wasn’t hard to want seconds.” I tightly confessed.

I instantly regretted my words. What was wrong with me this weekend? It must be the Miami air. I scowled internally.

“Curiouser and curiouser.” He smirked. “You know those needs still need to be fulfilled though... it’s important. A stress reliever. Sex is like cracking your stiff neck.” He said.

He chuckled when he saw my cheeks turning red. Mr. Bolton’s impossible. Does sex run through his head 24/7?

“All my needs are fulfilled thank you very much!” I said, gulping hard.

“Oh so you flick the bean from time to time?” He said cheekily.

My mouth popped open as I stared at his naughty grin. I began to swim away once more.

Mr. Bolton laughed. “Harper Harper, come back, we’re having a friendly chat aren’t we?”

I turned back. “I’m not laughing. And this isn’t funny, when it amuses only you. We not even friends, you my boss and I’m your assistant.” I said.

He looked at me. “You right? So, let’s be friends okay. I’m still your boss and you my assistant, you still have to do everything I ask, because I’m paying you to do it. There’s no need to call me Mr. Bolton anymore either. It reminds me of my father too much anyway.” He said the words with a frown. “Just call me Eric from now on, okay Harper?”

Eric? Hmmm interesting. My mind was turning with possibilities. Maybe I could get him on my side to grow in the company? I could get a promotion? I could advance my career? My thoughts were running wild.

I nodded. “Okay Mr. Bolt-” He gave me a pointed stare. “Eric.” I said clearing my throat.

“And as for your dating problem. I might have a solution for that.” He said, his devilish smirk forming again. A glint in his eye.

I gulped, afraid to ask. I raised a brow instead. “What solution?”

“Who better to help you with your morbid dating life than me?” He said, his smirk widening. “I’m an expert dater, I can give you dating advice.”

What?! Was Mr. Bolton serious. Was he really suggesting helping me date?

“Thank you... Eric.” It was slightly difficult saying his first name all of a sudden. “But I don’t need your help.”

“C’mon Harper, you do. No offense but you look like you struggling to be seen when it comes to dating. Am I right?” He said.

His words stung. Because it was true, I always felt invisible, but I just got used to it, it didn’t even bother me. I’ve been so enraptured in my work, duties and responsibilities that I hadn’t take the time to look after myself or go for the things I wanted. Maybe because it was easier being in my comfort zone, it was safer that way. I did want love, somebody to call my own. I dreamed of it one day.

“Have I lost you?” Mr. Bolton asked. My head snapped to him, his thick black brows frowning at me. “You were staring into the distance.”

I sighed.

“Didn’t you say you want a last love and all that crap?” He continued. “What do you have to lose?”

I looked at him and looked away.

This was not the conversation I expected from Mr. Bolt- Eric. But I listened, some of his words were true. What the hell, I guess it doesn’t hurt to hear him out I suppose.

“So, if I had to agree to this, which I have not yet. Why would you help me? I sighed.

Because I feel it’s my duty to help my assistant in the area I’m an expert in.”

I looked at his amused eyes suspiciously. It held interest in them.

I bit my inner lip and turned slightly towards him, as if he was about to unleash a secret. “And What would the expert dater propose then?”

Eric smirk turned into a grin. “I have the 3 simple rules for dating, that would work.”

I was taken aback. “Really... what’s these rules then?” I asked curiously.

“In due time Harper, in due time.” He said grinning. “So, do we have an agreement? You allow me to give you advice and assist you in dating?” He asked and outstretched his wet hand from the water.

I hesitated, but reached for his firm hand, my hand feeling delicate in his, as we shook on it.

He smiled softly; a brief warmness crossed his face. “We’ll start next week.”

I don’t know why, but my heart started to flutter, I’ve never done this before and it somewhat excited me. If Eric wanted to help me find a date and go by these rules? Then I’ll try it out, what’s the harm, right?

I smile slowly crept up my face.

Thank you all so much for reading!

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