Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 18



The drum of my pencil against my notepad was the only thing to be heard in the quiet office. The clock hanging on the beige walls ticked by, as I briefly glanced at it. The morning went by quick, and it was almost lunch time. It was filled with Eric’s array of phone calls and sorting out emails, my ears and eyes were tired from it already.

I grabbed my phone and quickly reminded Eric about his 2pm appointment at East Bank this afternoon, before ‘Blurred Lines’ would beat me to the punch. The boss wasn’t in the office this morning, he was stuck in meetings and doubt he’ll be in further today.

It’s been two days since ‘I threw myself out there’ chatting up to guys. I hadn’t used the first rule as yet but was about to when I got home. I wrote a reminder in my notebook to update my profile on the dating website and maybe add myself to a few more.

That’s part of putting myself out there, right? “Baby steps,” I mumbled. “Baby steps.”

“Afternoon.” A mellow voice greeted.

“Good afternoon.” I said absent minded. I looked up from my computer screen and saw him. The IT guy!

My breath caught in my throat. “Hel-lo.” I said and instantly stood up from my seat, fixing my lopsided spectacles. My hands started to sweat again, I grabbed my charm bracelet, tugging it lightly.

He smiled the sweetest smile I had ever seen. His warm green eyes brightened his face and brightened my day in the process. He was casual again, with just a jeans and pale yellow shirt. A breeze of calmness surrounded him.

I smiled, a cold frozen one. As my body stiffened in place. A complete opposite to his reaction. I immediately felt awkward.

“Uh, is Mr. Bolton here? There’s a problem with the server, he wanted me to sort out?” He said smoothly. His voice dripping like butter.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but he won’t be in today. He’s the whole day in meetings I’m afraid.” I replied nervously.

“It’s okay. I’ll come back again later this week.” He said coolly. “If you can let him know I’ll come around?”

“Yes of course.” I eagerly replied.

He smiled and began to walk away.

I stuttered searching for the proper words. I couldn’t stand by and watch him leave. This was my opportunity, dammit! THROW YOURSELF OUT THERE!!!!

“Get ’em tiger” I heard Eric’s voice echoing in mind. I shook the silly thought away.

I jerked forward clumsily. “Hey, what’s your name... so I could let Mr. Bolton know?” I foolishly asked. Knowing full aware his name.

He stopped and turned around at the door. “It’s Jake,” he chuckled. “Jake Walker.”

Such a handsome name, I warmly thought. My ears tickled at the sound of it.

“I’m Violet Harper.”

“I know.” He said, and my heart gushed. He knows my name! He knows my freaking name! “You Mr. Bolton’s assistant.”

I nodded a little to enthusiastically.

He smiled again, making my heart pop and making me smile like an idiot in return. “See you around.” He said and disappeared out the glass doors.

See you around. He said see you around! My heart fluttered at the thought.

I returned to my chair and heard footsteps walk into the office. My head snapped to the door thinking it was Jake returning.

A floral dress swished inside. “Hey.” Penny beamed, her red lips curled into a smile. “C’mon I’m ready.”

I checked the clock once more, it was 1pm. I completely forgot to meet Penny downstairs for lunch. My mind to absorbed by Mr. Jake Walker.


We sat on a bench opposite the office building overlooking the park across. It was peaceful, away from the scurry of the office. I looked up at the dark branches of the tree Penny and I sat under, casting the perfect shade under the hot sun. Its green leaves on the verge of turning dark orange, yellow and bronze, a sneak peek that Autumn was upon us.

I was falling behind in the gala planning that was to take place in a few months and wanted to decide on a gala theme. I was excited to ask Penny to suggest ideas. But first I wanted her thoughts on Eric’s dating rules I had yet to inform her about.

Her mouth almost burst open with her chicken and mayo sandwich. “Are you serious? Eric is helping you find a date?!” She gasped, gulping her lunch down hard.

“Yip. He suggested I lack in that department and decided he could assist me.” I answered looking at her dumbfounded dark eyes. She fell silent staring at me, failing to finish her sandwich.

“I won’t lie, I’m completely shocked. He’s never done anything like that before. He usually screws women, not help them to screw other people.” She said bluntly.

I blinked at her words, ignoring the slight envy in them. “He’s feeling probably sorry for me in some way and thinks I’m some sort of a lonely desperate women with seven cats living at home.” I said waving it off. “It’s not really a big deal, I think it’s more amusing for him than anything.”

And in turn I could learn a few pointers. Why not?!

Penny took a bite of her sandwich and softly sighed in the air. “You’re so lucky Violet, to have his attention like that.” She said dreamily, smiling weakly at me. “Usually, you can’t get very personal with him. He’s not friendly that way.”

“Have his attention?” I asked surprised. “A girl like me could never command the attention of the likes of Eric Bolton.” I said. “You said so yourself.”

She shrugged. I wanted to changed gears of this awkward conversation to something that was more fun.

“Hey, you know I have to plan the annual gala, right?” I reminded.

Penny perked up, “oh yeah, how’s it going?”

“Well, I got the Venue and DJ booked, but I was thinking of a few ideas for the theme.”

“Shoot.” She urged.

“Okay, how about Vegas theme?”

Penny shook her head. “Nah, that was done two years ago.”

“Winter wonderland?” I asked.

“What are we, in high school?” She countered.

“Black tie?” I said slowly.

She pulled her mouth into a frown. “It’s boring, and too overdone.”

“Okay what do you suggest?” I asked defeated.

We both thought for a moment.

Penny spoke up. “Why don’t you take it a step further and make it into a masquerade?” She said beaming. “Bolt Investments had nothing like that before!”

My smile broadened. “Yes! That might just work.” I agreed. “Masquerade it is then!”

Add glamour and a pinch of mystery and you got yourself a party!


I was happy the day had come to an end and walking through my front door into my small apartment felt like bliss. I kicked off my pumps and slumped on the sofa, undoing my top buttons of my shirt. I could breathe again. I took off my spectacles and threw them on the table, and popped on the TV, looking at the menu for some Chinese to be delivered.

I ordered the food by telephone. All I wanted to do was just relax watching Game of Thrones, with a crab spring roll stuffed in my mouth.

Three knocks on the door startled me as I switched on the TV.

“Jeez! The restaurant is quick.” I murmured.

I dragged myself up from the soft sofa reluctantly, but the hunger motivated me more. I opened the front door expecting the delivery guy, instead stood a young girl a foot shorter than me, with two short ponytails, the tips dyed purple, wearing a pair of washed-out jeans and an off shoulder bright top. A backpack loosely hung over her left shoulder and a small suitcase dragged behind her.

“Stacey!” I cried out. I didn’t expect to see my cousin appearing at my door step. Without letting me know first.

“Hey cuz!” She screamed and jumped into my arms, making me stumble back. “I’m sorry I didn’t call, but I wanted to surprise you.”

And indeed, I was surprised. “I didn’t expect you so soon.” I said laughing nervously, but happy to see her all the same time.

“Well, I’m here. Hope it’s okay I crash for a few days.” She said happily. I helped her with her luggage as she scanned the place.

“Sweet spot you got here cuz, you’re moving up. I’m proud of you.” She said as she hopped on the sofa.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying that sofa, coz that’s where you’ll be sleeping.” I said playfully.

She nodded. “Sofas are the best spot in the house, are you kidding me.” She laughed.

Stacey, brought a new energy to the apartment, that’s for sure.

Two hours went by and we were still catching up. We discussed her college and my new assisting job to the alluring Mr. Eric Bolton. I even mentioned the three dating rules, as we sat on the sofa eating Chow Mein.

“Throwing yourself out there?” She said chuckling. “That’s really original.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Hey, it’s not that easy at it seems.” I scowled.

“And you talked about the damn sun to that dude?” Stacey laughed holding her tummy, the noodles almost bursting from her mouth.

I clicked my tongue.

‘Blurred Lines’ blared from the table. I picked it up.

“Hello Eric.” I answered.

“How was today alone in the office?” He asked.

I told him about the reports I had completed. He briefed me about his meetings. After the business talk, I told him about the masquerade theme.

“Good, that’ll be fine.” He said. “Have you been putting rule no. 1 in good use?” He asked, a smirk in his voice.

“Sure, a little, it’ll take time though.” I said.

“Excellent. Because you going to like rule no. 2!”

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