Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 20



I stepped on the gas as my Mercedes Benz accelerated to the beauty salon. Business ended later than usual, and was already ten minutes behind.

I parked my car, hopped out and walked towards the salon doors, not knowing what to expect honestly. I entered the building, my eyes briefly scanned the place.

But was met with... with astonishment. Was that my assistant?

Harper stood in front of a long length mirror. She wasn’t as glamourous as a model or oozed sex appeal like most women I dated or gone for. But she held grace and beauty that exuded from her. She looked happy.

My eyes trailed her new appearance. I’ve never known how long her hair was. Chocolate brown hair flowed across her exposed shoulders and covered her chest with waves. I hadn’t seen so much skin on Harper before.

I raised a brow involuntary.

Her face looked different, without her glasses. A warm and pink shade flooded her smiling face. Her pink plump lips matched her rosy cheeks.

My eyes roamed lower to the purple dress she’d worn, that fitted her slim body well, shaping her assets. I didn’t know even existed until now.

I raised the other brow. My body growing slightly stiff, an unfamiliar heat growing inside I shook away immediately. I swallowed hard forcing a smile. It made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t like it! The feeling was odd and strange and not supposed to be there, for fuck sakes.

Her dark eyes met mine, that I could see in full view. Her long eyelashes above them. She gave a small smile and twirled quickly around. “So... what do you think?” She beamed.

I plastered a small smile and gave a firm nod. “Nice... very nice.” As my eyes trailed her body again. The unfamiliar heat flickering.

I turned to Tracy and Keshia. “Thank you, ladies. Excellent job, as always.” I smirked.

“We’ll be sending the bill.” Tracy said, as both the women waved Harper goodbye.

I walked out the doors, breathing in deep the fresh breeze. I checked my Rolex, and it was already late afternoon. The dark blue of evening edged the sky, and I had to drop Harper at her apartment still. I had to be quick. I had other plans to attend to.

“C’mon Harper. I gotta get going.” I walked briskly to the Mercedes Benz. The silver metallic shimmered with the last light of day. Harper jogged behind me, struggling slightly in her heels.

I smiled softly.

I entered the driver’s side and Harper joined me at the passengers. A subtle hint of vanilla softly wafted passed my nose. She didn’t just eat vanilla, she had to wear it on her too. I started the car and the music blared through the radio again automatically. Harper was bright and chirpy as usual as she chatted non-stop about her time at the salon. I nodded now and then but remained quiet for the most part. I didn’t want to look at her too much. She looked too different and I wasn’t sure if it sat right with me or what to think.

After a while she remained silent too, since I didn’t respond to most of her conversation. I could feel her glance my way every now and then. Guilt crept up that I didn’t give her enough attention that she deserved. Her makeover and appearance caught me off guard. Usually I’m smooth about this, but her presence momentarily unnerved me.

We finally arrived at her place after she’d given me directions. The guilt nagged at me, and I turned to look at her, while she unbuckled her seatbelt gazing up at her apartment floor.

“Harper.” I started.

She turned to me, not smiling. “You look really pretty today.” I said, the corner of my mouth hiked up.

A soft smile glimpsed her warm face.

“C’mon Harper, I’ll walk you up.” I said.

“You don’t have to do that.” She replied.

I waved her off. “I insist.”

I checked my Rolex once again. I was running late for my engagement. But I didn’t care. I felt the urge to make sure Harper was feeling okay instead. A shadow of guilt passed me that I didn’t make her feel good from the start.

I didn’t allow myself to. No flirting or leading her on in any form. Not that I wanted to anyway. It was easier with other women. Damn, I was a pro at it. But I couldn’t bring myself to indulge with her. That damn unfamiliar feeling lingered.

I looked at her apartment building. It was quaint and not that large. It seemed like it was in a nice and safe area, I was satisfied with that. I didn’t have to get involved in uprooting her. We walked up the flight of steps to the second floor. She opened the front door and we walked inside. She seemed hesitant, uncertain to let me in.

It amused me.

I looked around the tiny place. It was small but looked friendly and cozy. It felt like her. Everything in place, neat and clean. Patterned wallpaper lined the living room walls. And a small kitchen, with wooden furnishings in the corner. I couldn’t see down the small hallway, where her bedroom probably was.

Her bedroom? I secretly wondered how it looked like. Probably lined with books and different colored notepads.

I glimpsed at the small table near the kitchen. Filled with reports, documents and gala planning. A pang of guilt slithered up me, that she constantly brought the office to her home. I shook the feeling away. I wasn’t used to feeling all this damn guilt in practically an hour! I compensated her well for her assisting duties, in my opinion.

“Well, this is my mi casa.” Harper said waving her arms around as she dropped the bags in the living room.

I nodded, with my hands casually in my pockets. “It’s small and neat.” I said, fingering the surface of the table for dust.

She scowled at my comment and action. That pleased me.

An excited voice came running up from the room. I snapped my head to its direction. A short piggy tailed woman came trotting by. She had a dungaree shorts on with a tank top. She came to a halt when she noticed me. Her eagerness faded but was quickly replaced with a wide curious smile.

“Hey Violet.” She said not taking her eyes off me. “Who’s your friend?” The girl crossed her arms and drank me in. I was used to women throwing themselves at me, but this one was bold, I’ll give her that much.

Harper cleared her throat. “Stacey, this is my boss... Mr. Bolton.” She said tight lipped.

She mouthed, “Oh” with a grin.

Stacey’s eyes widened at the sight of Harper, finally noticing her new found makeover. “Violet! Oh my gosh! You look awesome!!!” She shrieked as she bounced up to Harper and fiddled with her long hair and new clothes.

Harper calmed down her excitement and turned to me. “Eric this is my cousin, Stacey.”

“Well, hello Stacey.” I greeted causally.

Stacey smiled wide.

“Hi.” She said shyly.

“I’m leaving now.” I turned to Harper. She nodded.

“Thank you Eric... for today.” She said sincerely.

“See you tomorrow morning.” I said, giving a brief smile and walked towards the door. Not before taking in one final look at Harper as I left.


“Your late!” Rebecca said annoyed.

“Sorry babe, traffic got me.” I lied.

She rolled her eyes. “I’m sure.”

I kissed her on the head and took the seat opposite her, at the fully booked steak and wine restaurant.

“Your drink is probably warm by now.” I looked at the brown liquor in the glass on the white linen table. “I took the liberty of ordering one.” She said, looking at anyone but me.

I took a much-needed sip of the whisky. The smooth smoky taste going down my throat with a slight burn. “Perfect.” I said.

“Come now Becky baby, let’s not spoil the evening. I made it didn’t I?” I teased, putting on my best charm.

She eased and a smile worked her way up her face. Relieving me that I didn’t have to do much groveling.

She bit her bottom lip. “You better make it up to me in about an hour.” She instructed suggestively.

A wicked smirk passed my lips. “You know I always do... and it involves my mouth on your sexy body.”

She chuckled salaciously.

The rest of the dinner was filled with innuendos and flirting. Conversations I was an expert in, I was used to. Not unfamiliar and guilty feelings I didn’t know what to do with. Rebecca spoke about her day at work as she tucked into her ginger glazed salmon. My fork played idly with my medium rare steak, as my mind wondered.

Her brown hair was long and glowed against the fading sunset, purple really suited her, just like her name. The afternoons thoughts crossed my mind. Not to mention it was the first time I noticed her breasts that was shaped snugly under her dress.


I shook the damn image away. What the fuck!


I heard my name from Rebecca’s lips, snapping me out of my disturbing thoughts.

“Sorry babe, you were saying?” I took a gulp of my whisky neat.

Fortunately, Rebecca continued with whatever the fuck she was saying. I forced myself to focus on Rebecca. But my damn mind wondered again.

What’s the point of Harper looking this good, if she’s not going to put it in good use? A thought molded into my mind as I thought rapidly.

I know the perfect guy! Hopefully, Harper will be fully on board.

After dinner, Rebecca and I strolled to my Mercedes. I turned towards her but was met with demanding lips. She pressed her lips against mine in an unexpected kiss. She moved her toned body against me and grinded her hips against my groin. I grabbed her tight fitted short dress that clung to her thighs and grabbed her round ass. She tugged and nipped my bottom lip.

But the kiss was carrying on too long.

I broke it. Pulling away.

“Let’s go.” I said forcing a smile. I ushered Rebecca inside the car. She pulled her mouth, slightly confused.

I didn’t know what was with me today, but the unfamiliar feeling grew. And it wasn’t because of the kiss with Rebecca! A feeling I couldn’t quite place, or didn’t want to.

I walked to the driver’s side and opened the car door, blowing a hot breath.

All I knew is that I wasn’t satisfied.

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