Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 21



I bit my lips as I entered the office building. The hot latte in one hand and a brown bag with breakfast for Eric in the other.

My nerves slowly grew as I walked through the building. My hair bounced behind me, I placed a few hairpins at the back gripping the extra strands from falling in my face. My makeup a rosy natural look, with a light pink lip. The black pencil skirt matched the white striped top I was wearing. I still kept my pumps. Running errands for Eric all day did not require heels.

I couldn’t change that drastically.

I was proud I didn’t wear my spectacles right now, determined to wear it only when reading. It was safe tucked in my bag.

Compliments from co-workers, glances with raised brows and small talk came my way regarding my new look as I stepped on the fifth floor.

“Looking good Violet.”

“Oh my gosh! When did this happen?”

“You look so different; I almost didn’t recognize you without your bun and glasses.” The Human Resource manager said.

“You look way better.” I frowned at that one.

Comments were said left and right as I skirted by. Either way, it was mostly positive, and my cheeks blushed all the way towards Eric’s office. I couldn’t wait to see if Jake would notice me too. The thought warmed and excited me.

I met Penny on the way and her eyes popped. I giggled and briefly covered my face with my hand. Pleased with her happy reaction.

“Who you and what happened to Violet?” She asked playfully.

“Well, she’s all here, just improved.” I chuckled.

“When did this happen?” She gasped.

I took her aside and whispered. “It’s rule no. 2, I’ll let you know during lunch.” As I dashed away.

“You better!” She called back.

I entered the office room and placed my bag brimmed with files neatly on my desk in the corner and walked into Eric’s empty office. Over the months, I got to know Eric’s timing well, and knowing him, he’ll be here in the next fifteen minutes.

I quickly arranged his morning stats report on his table. Next to it, I placed the hot latte and his breakfast. I appreciated his time to help me, and I wanted to show it. I packed out the freshly baked bagel with salmon and cream cheese. The yummy cheesy smell wafted up my nose, and I regretted not grabbing myself one too.

“Harper.” A deep voice startled me.

I whipped around meeting his jade green eyes. I held my breath. Beneath his black sleeked hair, Eric’s dark brows were knitted together. His grey designer suit pristine against his muscular fitted body. His frown softened as he looked at me, taking in my appearance again, a second too long. Making me lower my eyes.

“Morning Eric. Sorry. I just wanted to pop in and drop your morning papers.” I showed him his finance article and latte. “And a little extra something.” I said smiling, pressing my hands together.

Eric came closer. “Hmmm, how did you know I’m starving?” He asked. His face breaking into a smile.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I’m glad he didn’t eat breakfast yet.

“Did you call Regent Corp yet and make an appointment?” He asked as he unwrapped his fresh bagel.

“Right on it.” I chirped and walked towards the door.

“Wait, Harper! Before you leave. I’d set up something you might like.” He said, that wicked smirk edging up.

I scrunched my nose, knowing this has to do with dating again, and folded my arms. “Okay, I’m listening?”

He casually walked over to his chair, took off his grey suit jacket and placed it neatly over it. He came around and leaned causally against his mahogany desk, with folded arms.

“I’d set up a blind date.” He casually said.

My eyes grew and I stammered a moment for the proper words.

“What!?” Is all I could manage.

I started waving him off. There was no way I wanted to go on a blind date right now! Hitting him with much needed questions.

“What’s his name?”

“Who’s the guy?”

“How does he look like?”

“Does he have a good personality?”

“Will he even like me?”

Eric moved from the desk and came forward, holding the bridge of his nose. “Whoa! What the fuck Harper. What’s with the 21 questions.”

“Sorry, I blabber when I get anxious or nervous or the unknown or-”

Eric placed both of his large hands on my shoulders. “Harper! Relax! Fuck!”

I blinked. The smell of his aftershave sizzled up my nose. His chiseled clean-shaven face was so close to mine as my eyes looked up at him. My face towards his broad chest. His hands firm on my shoulders stopped me dead from talking. His green eyes holding my brown ones steady, as if he were studying them.

It brought me back... sitting in his Mercedes, the way he acted... it was weird and strange and unlike him. And felt slightly awkward. It was happening again. Maybe he didn’t like my makeover? Maybe he didn’t like the way I acted? Was he happy with my work?

I frowned.

Eric must’ve caught what he was doing. He immediately let go of my shoulders and backed away.

He cleared his throat. “To answer some of your questions, your blind date if you choose to go, is a good buddy of mine, Tom Billings .” He informed.

“He’s an architect, down to earth kinda guy. I think you’ll like him.” He smirked.

I nodded. “Does he know about me? Or how I look?”

Eric tilted his head. “Why does it matter?”

I shook my head.

“Was it after or before the makeover.” I asked softly.

“I just gave him your name.” He replied.

I nodded and fidgeted with my charm bracelet again. Eric noticed my action.

“Listen if you’re still uncomfortable putting yourself out there. It’s okay. But just know you won’t find anybody if you don’t allow yourself to. You shouldn’t be scared Harper. You a pretty woman that’s witty and charming and the right man will notice that.”

I looked at him. Did he just say that... about me? My heart skipped a beat. Eric immediately averted his eyes to his desk. “Okay I trust you. I’ll go.” I said confidently. And I somehow did trust him. He didn’t steer me wrong yet.

He smiled weakly. “Good, just take it as good practice.”

I turned and started to walk out, but I forgot to ask an important question.

“Wait Eric! When is the blind date?”

Eric was standing in front of his desk and smirked.

“Sooner than you think Harper. This Friday.” He said.

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