Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 26



Two weeks had gone by, and it was business as usual at the office. I had just returned from the supermarket to get Storm’s weekly pedigree and had packed it in the trunk of Eric’s Mercedes, adding some beefy doggy treats for the friendly Doberman.

I kind of felt sorry for my boss. He seemed more swamped with work and was pushing himself more than usual. If he’s not in meetings, he’s stuck in the office the whole day and most nights. I couldn’t help but think it was because of the CEO of Bolt Investment’s, his father. It wasn’t pleasant walking in and overhearing the harsh argument in his office some time ago.

I returned briskly to the office. My feet getting used to wearing heels day by day. Who knew, practice it just takes practice. Even though my poor feet protested by the end of the day. I was getting better in applying my makeup too, with my loosened hair pinned back neatly.

The office room was a perfect coolness, once I asked Eric to adjust the air conditioner, it wasn’t as cold as when I started out at the company. I quickly checked if Eric was in, but his office was empty. I sighed, liking his presence here. I took a seat at my desk and got on with business.

“Hey.” A squeaky voice chirped.

I looked up and saw a beaming Penny. Her short hair curled up and her red polka dot dress swished after her. Looking trendy as always.

“Hey, you got the reports?” I asked.

“Yip.” She held the pile in her hands and dropped it on my desk. “We still on for lunch today?”

I frowned and bit my lip. “Not sure. Eric’s been swamped with work and he’s needing me more to do admin.”

“No worries, it’s cool. How’s the gala planning coming along?”

“It’s actually almost done. Just need to send out the invites to clients and book entertainment and hand it over to Marketing to finalize it.” I said. I felt relieved the huge task was almost complete. It was giving me restless nights.

“Oh, and the IT guy just arrived.” She said cheekily, my eyes snapped to hers. “And he’s heading over hereeee.” She sang out.

Her long lashes gave me a wink before strolling out the office.

I looked through the glass doors. Jake was approaching. He was held up my Mr. Carson discussing something.


I suddenly became very nervous, my palms slightly sweaty.

I fumbled for my small vanity mirror from my bag and snapped it open while I applied a shade of rose-tinted lipstick. I smacked my lips together and scanned my hair for any faults. I rubbed my cheeks, creating more natural blush and got up straightening my tanned pencil skirt, that tucked in my lilac-colored shirt. I tossed my spectacles from my face in a hurry.

I debated to pop open the top button of my shirt. I bit my bottom lip and did it for good measure.

The glass doors swung open, startling me.

“Afternoon. I’m here to do security scans.” Jake informed.

“Oh... Hi.” I stammered.

He looked at me and frowned. “Wow, you look different. Violet Harper, right? Mr. Bolton’s assistant.”

I nodded enthusiastically. Sugar! He remembered my name. But I quickly reined it in, not showing to much excitement.

“Yip. I just had a mini makeover. Nothing special.” I said, brushing it off.

“Not bad, I almost didn’t recognize you for a moment.” Jake said, nodding his head with a smile that warmed my heart.

He noticed me! He noticed me! I sang jovially in my head.

“Can I start with your computer first till Mr. Bolton returns?” He asked.

I nodded my head. “Sure.”

I stepped away from my seat. “You don’t need to get up. It’ll take quick.” He added.

“Oh okay.” And returned to my place.

He came and crouched next to me and turned my computer screen and keyboard towards him. I could see him in detail now. His chestnut brown hair was thick that tossed around his ears and forehead. His brown hair suited his bright green eyes. He had his causal jeans and shirt on. And smelled herbal, like he bathed in a forest. Absolutely delicious. Making my stomach do somersaults and in a very pleasant way. My lips slightly parted, as I tried to pull myself together being in such close proximity with him.

It’s been so long Violet. Five long damn years!

We sat in silence as he typed away on my keyboard, his bright eyes focused on the screen, oblivious to my ogling.

Sugar! I had to put myself out there, right? Dammit, I looked the part and I’m trusting my damn gut. Be bold Violet, be bold!

It’s been five years after all!

“So, you’re going to attend the Bolt Investment annual gala happening soon?” I asked, trying to make small conversation.

“Sure. If I get an invite.” He smiled.

“Oh, luckily I’m helping with that, so I’ll be sure to add your name on the guest list.” I replied.

He smiled and nodded. “Then I’ll be happy to attend. Are you done with the gala plans then?”

“Almost. Just need to book entertainment.”

“Oh, what you’re looking for?”

“Eric said hiring a band will be appropriate. So, I’m still researching for one.”

“I know a perfect band, if you’ll be interested.”

My attention perked up. “Oh.”

“They can perform at corporate functions and bars. They an upcoming band. I love their music. It could work out for the gala.”

I nodded earnestly, “You should send me their link. I can check it out.”

Jake studied me for a second and I swallowed hard.

“Look, I got a better idea. There playing at Neon Lounge this Thursday. It’s a casual bar. Why don’t I take you to see them? You can hear them and decide for yourself?”

My eyes lit up. Is he asking me out on a date?

“Sure!” I said slightly too eager. I cleared my throat. “Just us two?” I asked nonchalant.

He chuckled. “Yeah, just out two.” He finished up the securities on the computer and stood up. “I would very much like to get to know you more Violet Harper. You seem like a cool girl.”

I bit lips trying to conceal my smile. His words like music to my ears I wanted to replay over and over and over again.

We exchanged numbers and said he’ll let me know the details soon. We chatted for a while, before Eric stormed in, not noticing either of us.

“Eric.” I called after him before he entered through his black doors. “This is Jake, he’s here to sort out your computer.”

Eric sighed and held the bridge of his nose. “Make it quick.” He instructed.

“Yes sir. Just take a moment.” Jake whisked into Eric’s office. Eric sauntered over to me. His black sleek hair slightly ruffled, his usually clean-shaven jaw grown a few days of stubble. The poor man looked like he had restless nights, who knows what over. Work or women?

“You look stressed Eric.” I said.

“I am stressed. This deal better pull through.” He said tightly.

Eric gave a firm nod in the direction of his office. “Is he the guy?” Eric said, his eyebrows knitted together.

I nodded and I couldn’t help but burst out grinning. “I’ve got good news to report.” I said in a whisper.

I waved Eric closer, he rolled his eyes and obeyed, inching closer to me. My mouth opened to speak but Jake came out abruptly out of Eric’s office. Eric pulled instantly away.

“All done sir.” Jake said. “You shouldn’t have a problem with the server now. If you do, I’ll fix it remotely.”

“Excellent.” Eric said, scanning Jake from his brown hair to his casual sneakers.

Jake nodded and smiled at me as he walked out, Eric caught his action.

Eric turned to me, his face unreadable. “What news do you have to report?” He asked impatiently.

My eyes lit up and a wide smile stretched on my face, as I rose up slowly from my seat.

“I have a date! I have a date with the IT guy!” I gushed, clapping my hands together and bounced up and down.

Eric smiled weakly and gave a thumb’s up.

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