Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 28



“What!?” I stammered.

I was taken by surprise at his suggestion.

Eric nodded. “Practice a kiss on me. You’re probably rusty as hell.” He said and studied my face, noticing my shock.

He turned around and moved to his desk slowly. “Or... you could just practice on your hand?”

“Oh c’mon! I’m not 13 years old!” I said and stomped my left foot.

His shoulders shrugged. His firm back towards me as he glanced over some papers in his hands.

Was that it? Was I supposed to leave his office now?

I swallowed hard, getting slightly hot under the collar for even considering this.

“I thought you don’t like kissing?” I accused him.

He didn’t move from his documents. “I don’t, but this would be different, it’s not romantic in any form.” He answered smoothly.

I gulped. “Okay.” I blurted. “Let’s do this shit! Let’s get kissing!”

Eric turned from his desk and smirked, finding my flustering amusing. I scowled internally, but wanted to look cool about this.

It’s no big deal Violet. You’ve kissed many guys before, even though I could count them on my hand. They haven’t been as good looking and dapper as your boss. But it’s all the same right? I gave a prompt pep talk to myself.

Eric approached me. “Relax Harper, I can tell if you good and give you some pointers.”

“HA! Coming from the guy that hates ‘the act’?” I mocked.

He gave me a pointed a stare. “I’m providing you fucking service here.”

I huffed. “Let’s just get on with it.”

“Right.” Eric agreed. “First you should check your dates face to see if the invitation is open. If he wants to kiss you. Since it usually comes from the guy.”

I nodded and gulped. “Sure.”

“And some advice... the key is to leave him wanting more. Pull away before your lingering kiss turns into a full out make-out session.”

I nodded quickly, suddenly feeling very anxious.

Eric inched close, I felt stiff as my skin tingled with heat.

“Hold your date’s gaze.” He continued.

Eric’s jade green eyes held onto my brown ones as he inched even closer. My tingling growing stronger inside me. It practically prickled my skin.

“Shoot a glance at your date’s lips.”

My mouth became dry. I could feel Eric’s hot breath on my face. I breathed in his minty aftershave, searing my senses. His eyes lingered on my lips. I wasn’t just feeling the heat, this damn office was steaming like an oven! And I found myself completely parched.

I parted my lips involuntary, feeling briefly paralyzed. Eric smirked as he licked his bottom lip. Why would he lick his bottom lip!? I was freaking out, this was so confusing.

Eric leaned in and positioned his head by tilting it to the right. My breathing came in shallows. He moved in. His lips touched mine. The kiss was slow and deliberate. His eyes closed. He pressed his lips against mine, our mouths slightly open. His skilled tongue licking my own, and the edges of my lips, as I tried to match him. I felt his firm hands touching my waist slightly and moved lower settling on my hips, gripping firmly.

My head swirled, I closed my eyes and saw stars. I felt lost. Slightly dizzy from the kiss I missed out on for five fucking long years. My long-awaited thirst finally quenched!

A small whimper escaped my mouth, and it seemed to prompt Eric’s lips harder.

“What the hell is going on here!?” A male voice demanded.

Someone had just walked into Eric’s office. Eric broke the kiss abruptly. My face still lingered from it. His firm warm hands still held my waist, but he let it go. I stumbled forward as my body was still dazed. I sucked in a much-needed breath, as I fanned my flushed face with my hand.

“Todd!” Eric’s eyes snapped to a shocked Mr. Carson. Both of his arms fell to the sides, almost dropping his file. His mouth twisted slightly open. A frustrated frown on his face.

“What the hell Eric?” Mr. Carson asked with arms raised up. “I thought you weren’t going to get involved with this assistant.”

Eric huffed and returned to his leather seat. “It’s not what you think Todd! Don’t worry about it.” He grumbled. Eric looked angry. He took the pile of documents and threw it to the side of his desk. The two men completely forgot I was still in the office.

Mr. Carson turned to me, waving a finger my way. “I knew it. I knew it.” He chimed.

“Knew the fuck what?” Eric answered for me.

“This new found makeover. I knew something was up.”

“Oh, please. It’s got nothing to do with you or the business.” Eric said rolling his eyes.

I wanted to say something, but I was choked.

Mr. Carson shook his head and sighed. “I didn’t expect this from you Miss Harper.”

I swallowed hard. My euphoria slamming hard against the ground, bringing me back to reality. He looked disappointed.

Eric looked at the exchange between us. “Oh for fuck sakes Todd! It was just a harmless kiss, I’m not fucking her! You don’t know what the hell is going on.”

His words made me flinch. “Maybe I should go.” I mumbled.

Eric glowered at Todd. “No Harper, I need you here.”

I glanced at Eric, and he was still glaring at Mr. Carson.

“Okay, fine.” Mr. Carson said in defeat. “You’re the boss... just know you can’t afford to lose this one.”

He high-tailed out of the black doors before Eric could dig into him.

I let go of a breath I didn’t know I held in. That felt too intense, I didn’t know the kiss was going to go left so quickly. It seemed like a good and reasonable idea at the time?

I turned to find Eric looking at me. “I need you to get Mr. Collins on the line and prepare a meeting for Monday.” He instructed.

I stood still for a moment. Our eyes not breaking away from each other. I broke the contact and nodded quickly, making my way out his office.

“Harper,” I hurled around.

“Yes Eric?”

“Forget about what happened in the last twenty minutes.” He said and returned to his desk.

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