Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 32




I was reeling.

Disappointment, failure, anger swept over me. I clicked my phone, ending the call that setback Bolt Investments by half a million dollars. I fucking lost the William’s deal. I held the phone tight between my white-knuckled fingers. My mind thinking of how to rectify this fucked up situation. How could I allow the competition to sweep a rug right under us? I was so confident he was happy investing with us.

I blew out a hard breath and placed my head in my hands. My father. His gonna be pissed as fuck!

Harper opened the doors and swooped into my office; her bag tucked under her arm. “Hey, I’m leaving the office to check out a wedding gift for Mr. Carson.” She smiled. “See you later?”

I hadn’t paid attention to what she’d said. My mind still muddled from the news.

“Eric? Are you okay?” She asked gently.

I looked up and hadn’t heard she’d approached closer. She stood in front of where I was seated. A concerned frown on her face.

I shook my head. “I lost Mr. Williams as a client.” I said tightly.

“Oh gosh. I thought he was a sure bet.” She said.

“Yeah well. Shit happens.” I replied, feeling disappointed as fuck in myself.

My phone vibrated on my desk. I dreaded to look. I checked my phone and my fear came to life.


It was my fucking father. He probably got the news and wanted to lecture me what a pathetic failure I was. I wasn’t in the fucking mood. Not now! Later, I can get a fucking lecture about what a disappointment I am later.

I ignored the call. I needed to distract my mind.

“Where you’re going?” I asked Harper quickly again.

“To the home and garden store. To pick out a gift for Mr. Carson?” She frowned.

“Perfect! I’ll come with you.”

Harper blinked. “Oh, okay...” She said slightly surprised.


We arrived at the home décor store. Harper and I got out the Mercedes Benz and walked through the large doors. The place was huge with a high ceiling. Various chandeliers and lighting fixtures hung. You could shop anything for a home here. From bedroom furniture to cooking appliances.

Harper and I strolled past the curtains and rugs. My mind not really focused on searching for a gift. Unlike Harper, she looked like she was in her element.

“Look at this,” Harper pointed happily to a multi-colored braided rug. “Jake would love this! He could even use it for yoga.”

Her eyes popped open, and she moved swiftly towards the scatter cushions and gasped. She grabbed hold of the ‘ocean friends’ one and hugged it. “He’ll love this too. It’s so ocean-y!”

What the fuck was going on here? My eyes trailed her as she went from bedding to kitchenware.

“Oh my gosh! Jake will love this plant pot. He can grow his ferns in.” She sang.

Everything she picked out was all recycled and eco-friendly shit. I was getting annoyed.

I grabbed a re-usable bottle that stood on a shelf next to me and dramatically presented it to Harper. “And this is where Jake will slurp all his green juice shit in.” I mocked sarcastically as I slapped my heart for a dramatic effect.

Her smile faded and she narrowed her eyes at me. “Just because you don’t want to build a home with someone. You don’t have to be cynical about it. That’s your problem pal, not mine.” She sassed.

“Pal? Now it’s pal?” I smirked. “I thought we’re looking for a wedding gift for Todd’s second marriage.”

She stopped and turned to me. “What made you hate commitment and marriage? Your father cheated on your mother or something?”

I sat down on a single velvet armrest that was on sale. Her words hitting home, that I momentarily clenched my jaw. I folded my arms. “For somebody that believes in one true love so much, you sure hit the nail right on the head.” I said evenly.

She stopped tapping her foot and her pissed off face softened. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

I shook my head and waved her off. “It doesn’t matter, it’s just another fact of the day.”

Harper came up close and placed a hand on my shoulder. What the fuck was this now? I froze for a second.

I cleared my throat, not liking the misplaced feeling again.

“You want to get some ice-cream or buy Mr. Carson an ugly gift?” Harper pouted apologetically.

I barked out a laugh, never knowing what to expect from my assistant’s mouth. “As much as it’s tempting to get Todd a stripper pole, I’ll opt for the ice-cream.” I winked.

She smiled, excited about my answer and surprised myself, I wasn’t a person that gave a fuck about ice-cream.

We walked out fifteen minutes later with a set of stemless wine glasses, etched with the happy couple’s initials, suggested by Harper.


“Jake wants to go camping the weekend after his birthday.” Harper shrugged. She slurped her peanut butter vanilla milkshake and sighed.

I gave her a pointed look. “Why are you doing outdoor, extreme sports disguised as dates? You can’t even ride a bike.”

I still couldn’t believe I was walking on the sidewalk, alongside my assistant, eating a fucking ice-cream. It’s been a while since I tasted chocolate though. I fucking enjoyed it!

“I told him I like extreme stuff like that too.” She said as she crinkled her nose. “Maybe next time I’ll let him know what I want to do next.”

I nodded. “That’s good, you should. And what would that be?” I asked and listened, wanting to know what she’s into.

She thought for a while. “My ideal date would be exploring cities and food,” she started. “Going to places neither of us has ever been or something calm and relaxing, that brings out romantic feelings. Like learning to paint?” She beamed and took another slurp of her thick shake. Her light plump lips sucking the long straw.

I raised a brow.

“Well, I prefer painting each other with body chocolate. That would bring more than romantic feelings out.” I smirked as I licked the chocolate off my lips.

Harper gasped and slapped me on my shoulder, watching my lip action. She blinked and looked away. “Jeez! Is your mind always on sex?” She asked.

“Of course, if I’m attracted to a woman. What do you think?”

She shook her head. “I’m sorry for even asking.”

Harper’s notebook flashed in my mind. Her bikini wax in the forefront.

I swallowed in a breath. “So, did you do it yet? Break your desert spell of 5 years.”

She turned and looked at me her eyebrows raised. “Like I would ever tell you! Why are you so interested anyway?”

I shrugged. “What were all these dating rules for anyway. I’ll still suggest waiting the 90 days if you ask me.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “If you must know we hadn’t done it yet. But we had a few close calls so far. And I’m ready, if it happens it happens. I won’t be able to wait for 3 months. Are you crazy.”

I blew out a breath and gave a nod. I ate the last of my chocolate cone and threw the napkin in the trash, it suddenly didn’t taste as sweet as before.

“Well, I’m happy for you.” I said evenly, a bitterness left in my mouth. “Let’s get back to the office.”

Harper stopped and studied me. “You unhappy with what I said?” She asked confused. “You sleep with beautiful looking models all the time. And you want me to refrain?”

I shrugged, unsure on how to answer.

“Why do you just go for the model type of women?” Harper asked intently, her deep brown eyes not peeling away from mine. Making me suddenly uncomfortable.

I cleared my throat. “Because they’re my type. Beautiful women.” I answered weakly, somehow knowing that’s a feeble and bogus answer.

She downcast her eyes to the ground, dissatisfied with my useless response. “I guess it’s one of the simple laws of attraction. Good looking people go for good looking people.” She sighed.

I placed my hands in my trouser pockets. We were standing on the sidewalk, side by side. I turned towards her. Harper played with her straw, swirling it in her milkshake.

“I guess so... but laws and rules are meant to be broken right?” I said in a low tone.

She snapped her eyes at me. “Don’t give me that, when you’d been giving me rules all this time.” She huffed and gulped down the rest of her shake.

I nodded softly focusing on her. “You right.” I simply said.

The pleasant afternoon suddenly turned disagreeable. I lived my life by certain rules and never broke them, and so did she.

We strolled back to my Mercedes Benz and returned to the office in silence.

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