Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 35





I bit my lip, almost making it bleed, glancing every few seconds at my wristwatch.

Jake will not be happy.

He asked to meet me at Neon Lounge at 7pm to watch a show, and I couldn’t get hold of him. My damn phone died on me. Drained of all life. Now at all times. On his freaking birthday! He was being so sweet and romantic wanting to spend his birthday at the first place we had our date.

I waited impatiently for the documents Eric needed badly. I sat here, stuck across town instead, at Regent Corp for the past forty-five minutes, tediously waiting for the confidential papers requested from the executive secretary.

I swapped my crossed right leg with the other, and bounced my left foot. Tapping my pen aggressively against my notebook.

I glanced vehemently at the tall skinny secretary at her desk still completing the damn documents requested. Cursing that she was taking her time and time away from Jake... On his birthday!!!

I cringed at the terrible thought. It was eating me up alive. I held on tight, Jake’s gift between my fingers. A card with two tickets to his favorite rock band. Vibrations of guilt settled in me. but I hoped I could still salvage the night.

“Here you go.” The secretary approached and handed me the enclosed A4 brown envelope. “Please let Mr. Bolton look over it and sign as requested.”

“Yes. Thank you!” I grabbed the thick envelope and dashed out the office doors. I probably came off rude. But I didn’t care. Jake was waiting for me! And I had already disappointed him so many times.

I made sure to take a cab to work today. Knowing my Ford wouldn’t get me to the place quick enough.

I dashed out the building, grateful the ordered taxi arrived just on time. I jumped in the back seat. The taxi driver’s eyes snapped to me through his review mirror. Probably surprised by my misplaced enthusiasm.

The taxi couldn’t move fast enough.

Was it just me? Or was the cab driver taking his time too to get to Jake!

I was desperate to charge my phone. I cleared my throat. “Hey, do you perhaps have a charger I could use for about 15 minutes?” I asked the bald headed driver, biting my bottom lip.

“Yeah. Sure.” He said and handed me the charge cable.

I plugged it to my phone immediately. The black screen slowly lighting up.

I checked my watch once more. It was 8:15pm!


I finally arrived at the bustling Neon Lounge. The cold blast of wind unsettled me, rustling through my hair and against my dress as I skittled out the cab in urgency. I jogged towards the bar’s open doors, darting my head left and right. But stopped dead. Jake stood at the edge of the sidewalk, opposite the busy street. His phone between his hands, the screen lighting up his worried face.

My heart dipped! Was he trying to call me?

“Jake!” I called out running towards him.

Jake turned his head and pulled his mouth into a frown as I approached.

I swallowed hard. Damn! I had a lot of explaining to do.

He placed both hands in his jean’s pockets and silently watched me jog up to him.

No hug.

No kiss.

No greeting.

“I know you don’t want to hear it. But I’m so sorry for being this late.” I started. “It’s work. I wanted to tell you, but my phone died.”

Jake looked to the street as he breathed out loud. “It’s always work.” He mumbled as he scratched the top of his chestnut brown hair. “You missed out on the comedy show. It was really good.”

I held a breath. “I know. I’m so sorry, but I can’t help if Eric need’s me to do something.” I explained. “I am his assistant Jake.”

“If Eric needs you?” Jake said coldly. “You at his beck and call, always ready to obey his orders and demands. You’re more there for him than you are for me.”

I sighed. “That’s not fair.” My fingers tightly gripped his gift card in my right hand. “But I’m here now Jake, and it’s still your birthday.”

Blurred Lines broke the silence between us. The phone lighting up and vibrating in my other hand.

Jakes raised an eyebrow. “Is this for real?” He said sarcastically. “I thought your phone was dead!”

“It was, I-I-I charged it in the cab, I didn’t plan for this-”

Blurred Lines kept ringing breaking our short argument. Jake got annoyed, huffing and rolling his eyes.

“If you pick up that phone that’s the person you in a relationship with.” He threatened, giving me an ultimatum. But he didn’t understand, or I didn’t understand? I wasn’t sure anymore.

I looked at Jake in desperation. But the ringtone demanded my attention, biting at me. I felt the urge to take it. To pick it up, like I did so many times before.

“I’m sorry Jake, I have to take this.” I whispered guilty, waving my arms in the air.

Jake nodded tight lipped, his gaze piercing the ground. “I hope the two of you are happy together.” He shook his head and turned to leave.

“Jake!” I called feebly out but accepted defeat.

I looked at the lit-up screen of my phone and answered meekly.

“Hello... Eric?”

Eric’s deep husky voice came through the other end.

“Harper, I need you...”

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