Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 39



Eric said my name again.

Sugar! This might be serious.

My heart started palpitating. My stomach fluttered wildly the moment he placed his large hand on my belly. But I didn’t move or force it hard enough off me. I fell backwards, my back reaching the soft cotton sheets, as my loosened hair fell across Eric’s bed.

But wasn’t this wrong? Why was Eric doing this?

“Eric. I think you mistaking me for someone else. You just disoriented right now. Do you want me to call Rebecca for you?” I gulped.

He didn’t say anything for a moment.

“No. I only need you.” He said in a low growl. His voice vibrating from his chest, deep and masculine.

My eyes widened and my breath hitched as his hand trailed from my stomach up my chest, eventually grabbing my right breast. I jerked at the grope. My breaths came in shallows. It became harder to breathe.

I didn’t believe Eric wanted me like this. Especially now, at this time. I bit my bottom lip and he gazed at my action. His face hovered close, his aftershave fondling me. I opened my mouth to speak but his lips crashed into mine, in a colliding kiss. I was seeing the same stars again, like the time in his office. The taste of whisky and mint on his tongue. His teeth nipped and bit my bottom lip.

Needy little sounds escaped into his mouth unwillingly. I couldn’t help it. He held me tighter, and I could feel his desperation. I suddenly wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands moved down my back and gripped my ass. Giving it a squeeze. He grabbed hold of my dress seams and pulled it up till it reached my waist. His left hand slid above my panties. My breath caught in my throat the moment his fingers touched me.

I had to stop this. Ending this now would be the right thing to do. Eric was clearly not in his right mind!

But desire and heat filled me up as my body reluctantly or willingly reacted. My clit began to throb as my panties lined with my own wetness. Eric went in for another bruising kiss as he slid his fingers inside against my core. Making me tremble. His tongue dominated my own, a lick of pain and anguish in it.

“Fuck Violet. You’re so wet.” He moaned. “A fucking tsunami breaking through the dessert.”

I stifled a laugh and unexpectedly slapped his face. This was no time to joke!

He smirked and continued pleasuring me.

The feeling was crushing and shattered my questioning thoughts and inhibitions.

My fingertips ran through his thick hair, tugging it hard, as the fervor shivered through me. But he stopped. I watched him hazily as his hands unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off effortlessly, revealing his broad toned chest and defined abs. My shaky hands automatically grazing it down.

He unzipped his trousers and jumped off the bed, his trousers dropped to the ground as he stepped out of them. He looked amazing in nothing but his briefs. He sauntered to his drawer and grabbed a box of Trojan condoms. His eyes returned to me, scanning my half naked body, I felt dizzy and paralyzed on his bed. I couldn’t move, even if I wanted to. Eric gazed hungrily at my body from my bare feet up until my partially exposed breasts.

Eric looked at me, and I held a breath. He came towards the bed and tossed the condoms on the bed. He hovered on top me. His jaded eyes turning dark as it found mine. He was studying me, like he wanted to say something, but his mouth met mine in a soft kiss.

The heat of him that made women melt. There I was, under him... melting away. A complete puddle. The thoughts of boundaries and the breakup with Jake vanished from my mind. His kiss and touch dissolving it.

“Do you want this?” He whispered.

I nodded slowly and deliberate. His large hands grabbed my thighs and pulled my panties off and tossed it to the ground. He lifted my hips and lifted my dress above my head. I was fully exposed under him, my thighs against his waist.

He licked his lips, his eyes ravishing me. I arched my hips upward, finding him hard and ready.

“Say you want me Violet,” he said against my ear, holding my thigh with one hand to keep me spread for him. A crinkle of a torn packet was heard behind, as Eric handled the condom on his dick.

My eyes shot to the formidable specimen. I gasped at the sight. Not sure if my lack of experience could handle its enormity. I breathed out heavily, as I sucked in air in strides.

“I-I-I w-want you Eric...” my words turned into a whelp as Eric thrusted into me without warning. He stayed in there as my body adjusted to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked huskily, as if trying to control himself from going full steam.

I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down. He smirked and continued to thrust, each one becoming more urgent, more desperate, I could almost feel the heartache in it. But my starving body welcomed it greedily.

Thrust after thrust, it started to happen, the not so familiar pleasure. I clamped down on him as my hips shuddered against him. Stars burst behind my eyes, as my mind and body drifted into pure bliss. A moment later, I heard Eric moan, his body going rigid as he released into me. I held him tight against me. Close to me. Feeling his firm body beneath my fingertips. Nobody had ever made me feel this way, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t take it.

I started to cry. To sob like a crying child.

He laid panting against me. My body was sticky with sweat.

Eric came up, “Why you’re crying?” He breathed, his eyes concerned.

I shook my head and covered my face, feeling quite embarrassed. I’m sure Eric hasn’t experienced anything like this before, but neither did I. “It’s just been so long you know.” I said through sobs.

Hands broke my hands apart from my face. Eric smiled softly trailing light sweet kisses on my forehead to the top of my head. He wrapped his muscular arms around my shoulders holding me tight. “I know.” He said.

“And the best you’ll ever have.” He said cheekily.

I giggled and sighed contently into his toned chest. My five-year celibacy... shattered.

I didn’t think it was with him, with Eric.

But I didn’t see Eric like that. Tonight, I saw a man, in need. A man broken and needed comfort. A man that needed me.

Both our chests slowed, with our breathing. Falling into a deep sweet and tender sleep.


The sun rays glazed the bedroom. The golden light fluttered my eyes open.


It was morning already.

I didn’t know when the time had gone. Had I been in such a deep sleep. A solid arm lay heavily across my body, locking me to the bed. I felt disorientated, last night trickling back to me. I turned to find Eric’s face smothered in my hair.

My heart gave an unsteady beat. The realization hit me like a brick of what I just did, what we did.

I had sex with my boss!

I took advantage of a grieving and vulnerable man!


I bit my bottom lip. Grateful Eric was still asleep. I slid from under Eric’s heavy arm but noticed something. A small tattoo was etched inside his upper arm. I could see the tattoo in full view. The only tattoo on his body. It was a black shaded small ball, with open wings on its sides. I blinked three times and instantly recognized it. A tiny gasp escaped my lips. It was a golden snitch, a Quidditch game piece from Harry Potter. I read the caption beneath, ‘I open at the close’.

My heart stunned. I shook my head hard, not quite believing what I had just seen. I had to escape before I lost it totally. I was completely naked beneath Eric’s white sheets, goosebumps erupted from my skin at contact from the cool air. The cold made me miss his bed and his warm body against me.

I stood gently up, making sure not to wake him. I glanced at Eric, he shifted but was still a sleep. I sighed in relief. I had to get out of here before he wakes up. I couldn’t look him in the face. I quickly grabbed my clothes and bag and left the bedroom, tip toeing down the stairs. I quickly slipped on my dress and panties. And quickly did my hair in a bun. Storm was panting in front of me, watching me dress and wagged his tail, waiting for his breakfast.

“Don’t worry boy. Your daddy will sort you out.” I whispered and gave a quick pat. The poor Doberman yelped in disappointment.

I rushed through the vast space and opened the front door. I caught myself in the mirror hanging next to it. I stopped and gazed at myself. Sugar! I felt like I was doing the walk of shame. This was probably what it felt like. My hair was shabby, and out of place. My face flushed, and my skin blotched in places. And frankly, I felt slightly bruised down under. But in a good way. To my surprise, I looked kind of bright and fresh!

I smiled weakly and walked out Eric’s huge house, unsure what to feel.

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