Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 4



It was 9:20am and Mr. Bolton’s office space was quiet and cold.

The silence made the small office seem gloomy as I sat alone. The glass doors didn’t give much view to the office floor, only muffled telephone rings and chatter was heard from a distance. The small window above the wall didn’t provide enough natural light to the place. But if I leaned way back in the chair and cranked my neck hard enough, you could see the blue sky.

I came two hours early this morning, 6am to be precise. Ensuring that I would be here before Mr. Bolton entered his office, as requested on my notes. I wanted to impress him with my punctuality. I ticked it off for the day. But the boss was late, and his hot latte was already cold. I scowled and drank it myself. It didn’t taste too bad.

Nonetheless, I carried on with my work, according to my duties list. I had already completed typing the reports and was prepared to file the stack of contracts that sat on the file cabinet.

I had organized my small desk that sat in the corner of the office. My notepad at the ready, next to my laptop. The phone sat to my left and a homemade decorated container held my stationery, brimmed with pencils, pens and highlighters.

But what held my surprise, was Mr. Bolton’s emails. There were some messages that were not work related. From woman. Discussing some quite personal things. I’d decided to skim over those messages, respecting Mr. Bolton’s privacy. What concerned me though was that the messages weren’t from one woman, but from five what I could manage to see.

I decided to ignore it and obey the call of nature instead.

I hugged myself, warming me up from the chilled office. I was glad I had worn my jersey, with a light yellow shirt buttoned till the top as usual. It was only my legs that felt the draft more, since I had a pleated skirt on. But my toes were feeling most of the cold bite. The pumps weren’t doing it justice.

“I should’ve worn my stockings too.” I whined.

I walked outside Mr. Bolton’s office and felt instantly warmer. The space in the main foyer was more pleasant. The office was alive with morning activity.

I strolled by the cubicles nervously, with my hands behind my back. Not knowing anybody besides Mr. Carson and Mrs. Walters that I haven’t seen since yesterday. The others didn’t seem too hospitable. But somehow, I didn’t mind. I liked to keep to myself anyway.

The one thing Mrs. Walters failed to inform me, was where the bathrooms were located. My bladder was about to burst, and I had no time looking for the bathrooms myself. I asked a short curly-haired woman engrossed in a document for assistance.

“Hello... sorry.” I said.

She looked up instantly from her document and smiled to my relief. Her smile was warm and friendly, making me smile in return.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

I nodded quickly. “Do you mind telling me where’s the bathroom.” My legs pinching, wanting to do a little dance.

She chuckled, her red lips smiling, and got up. “C’mon girl I’ll show you. before you burst on us.”

“Thanks!” I chirped.

“You Mr. Bolton’s new assistant huh?” She asked as we walked, her blue summer dress swishing against me. “I saw you coming out his office. And I won’t lie I was slightly confused.”

“Yes, I started yesterday.” I frowned by her confusion. “Why? Is there a problem.”

She shook her head playfully and led the way.


I stepped out of the toilet’s cubical, feeling very relieved. I walked to the sink, squirted out pink soap that had a pleasant floral aroma, and began to wash my hands. The woman was shorter than me, and seemed to be around my age. Her dark brown eyes watched me through the reflection of the mirror, her arms folded.

“Thank you for waiting for me.” I said, drying my hands under the air dryer.

“Sure thing. I’m Penny by the way.” She smiled.

“I’m Violet.” She reached out and we shook a friendly hand.

Penny seemed to be burning with questions. Her body inching closer to me.

“So, what do you think about Eric Bolton?” She asked sheepishly.

I frowned. “Mr. Bolton? I haven’t met him yet.”

“Do you know anything about the man you’re working for?” She said, in a quieter tone.

I shook my head. “Not really, other than he’s one of the people in charge of this company and I happened to be his executive assistant.”

“There’s rumors going around the office as to what happened to the last one.” She whispered.

“What happened?” My interest perked up, followed by fear.

“She quit, because she was sleeping with him.”

My eyes popped open. “Really?”

Penny nodded earnestly. “Yip, Mr. Bolton was involved with his assistant before her, and the one before that.”

My eyes popped wider. “Really?”

“Does he sleep with all his assistance then?” I shuddered at the distasteful thought. I didn’t want to be sexually harassed. I wasn’t that type of girl to go for her boss either.

“Let’s just say, Mr. Eric Bolton is a huge player. A Charmer. And has women falling for him left, right and center. He might be very ambitious, but he can get the ladies going.”

“For crying out loud, is it just for his money?” I said, disgust present in my voice. I couldn’t say old, he was the son of the CEO. “How old is he?”

Penny scoffed. “He’s turning 30 and believe me, women don’t fall for him just over his money, I can promise you that. The man is a complete hunk. Hotness from top to bottom.”

I frowned further, scrunching my nose. “A hunk? What does that even mean?” I mumbled to myself, feeling quite disturbed by the idea.

“Would he try and sleep with me?!” I asked alarmed.

Penny shook her head and looked at me up and down and pulled her mouth. “I think you safe from his advances Violet. The other three previous assistance were like models. They were really attractive looking.”

I blinked. “Oh... that’s a good thing, right?” I asked her.

“Yeah, if you think that,” she agreed. “Most women wouldn’t mind being taken advantage by the likes of him.” She raised her hand guiltily. “I mean the man is rich, powerful and hot. But he only has eyes for ‘models’.”

Penny seemed to sigh in defeat.

Footsteps and faint talking approached, disrupting our little enlightening gossip. Two women walked in. Penny and I looked at each other and smiled. We strolled out of the bathroom, promising to catch-up.

I walked back to Mr. Bolton’s office. I don’t know how long I had been gone. The bathroom took longer than expected. But it was nice to connect with someone in the office. Penny invited me to have lunch with her, and I eagerly agreed.

I walked to the glass doors that were opened. My heart skipped a beat. Was somebody inside, without me? I quickened my pace to a slight jog.

I bumped into Mr. Carson exiting the office.

He straightened his glasses and looked at me. “Miss. Harper, where have you been? Mr. Bolton’s inside his office and not happy he didn’t see his assistant at her desk.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Carson, I was-”

But Mr. Carson waved me off and ushered me inside.

“Explain to him.” He explained and walked away.

Sugar! I done it now.

I walked in slowly, scared, and nervous, as butterflies pooled in my stomach. I straightened my posture and spectacles on my face and walked up to the black door in the center of the office room.

I gulped and knocked timidly.

“Come in.” A deep masculine voice came from inside.

I opened and entered the spacious office. It was immaculate and triple the office space I was in. A dark walnut bookcase lined the entire left wall, filled with books and a memorabilia mantle of autographed baseball balls. There was a leather sofa with a fur rug beneath it and a sizeable picture of a Harley-Davidson hung on the wall beside the desk.

Sunlight flooded the office from two large windows behind the mahogany desk. It was warm and bright. But I felt nothing but coldness.

A tall well-built man stood overlooking the scenery through his window. His back faced to me. His hair was jet black and styled in a sleek look. Both his hands in the pockets of his smart designer navy blue trousers. A clean white shirt tucked in. He looked at least 6 foot something, even behind he looked fit and toned. I saw his reflection slightly against the window and his chiseled features looked pissed.

Mr. Eric Bolton.

He looked powerful.

He looked formidable.

I gulped as I fiddled with my charm bracelet on my wrist.

I cleared my throat. “Good morning, Mr. Bolton... Sir.” I fumbled, trying to sound confident.

He turned around at my voice. And I blinked. Penny was right. Mr. Bolton was an extremely handsome man. He’s clean-shaven face had a stern expression, emphasizing his strong jawline. His sharp jade green eyes fixed on me.

I burned with embarrassment and felt incredibly small. He looked at me from top to toe. His face still hard and expressionless.

“You my new assistant?” He said, his mouth pulled into a frown.

“Yes Mr. Bolton sir.” I breathed out.

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You already slacking. Where the hell were you?”

“Sorry sir. I was in the bathroom.” I started pleading my case. But he waved me off.

“Please I’m not really interested in your roundabouts.” He said with disinterest. “All I need is for you to be here whenever I need you. Got that!?” He griped sternly.

“Yes sir.” I felt guilty, already making a bad first impression.

Mr. Bolton looked at me, and I looked at him. He narrowed his eyes. “Isn’t there somewhere you have to be?” He asked annoyed.

“Yes, my desk sorry sir.” I said.

“No... Like going to the kitchen and getting my coffee” He barked, making me jump slightly.

“Yes, of course right away Mr. Bolton sir.”

I ran out of that office in a flash, on a mission to get the man hydrated.

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