Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 41



Pins and needles.

That’s what it felt like going up to the office today. It pricked and crawled up my skin. Eric was running through my mind non-stop for two days. I couldn’t stop thinking about my boss. Wondering what he was feeling? How he was doing? What was he thinking? Endless questions ceased me.

I hadn’t heard from him, zero contact. He didn’t call. I didn’t call. It was like neither of us wanted to pull the trigger first. He was taking a much-needed week off from the office, and all communication about work came from Mrs. Walters. My heart slumped. I wanted to see Eric, to see him smoothly waltz through that door like he did each morning, looking pristine and handsome as always. Taking him in like a breath of fresh air. Now the office just seemed stale and dull.

I sat at my desk in the empty office. I was so busy once before, but now the work trickled in. without Eric there wasn’t further workload.

My fingers leisurely flipped open the file and punched in paper after paper. My eyes lifted to the clock against the wall and watched it tick tock idly by. I sighed, my hands continuing to work.

I recollected Eric’s large hand pressed against my belly pushing me down onto his bed. His seasoned fingers touching my naked skin. The memory engraved in my mind. Ripples of goosebumps fleshed out across my body at the seductive thought. I swallowed hard, remembering his lips against mine. His tongue skillfully ravaging me.

I touched my chest and lightly grazed the side of my shirt, feeling my bra underneath, reminiscing Eric’s mouth sucking my peaked nipple. My breath hitched and glad I was alone in the office. His firm and muscular body burned into my memory; I could still feel his hardness pressing against my –

the file slid off the table and dropped the papers that sprawled out across the floor. It instantly snapped me out of my passionate fantasy about my unforgettable night with Eric. I knelt down and picked up the papers in a hurry off the carpet and placed them flimsy at the corner of my desk, feeling quite shy about the accident. I’m supposed to be professional dammit!

I gulped hard. I knew it had been five years, but the fantasy was still going strong. I shouldn’t be thinking about my boss this way, even if we did have sex and it was the best sex I had in my life, and he was one sexy man that was very capable of pleasing a woman just right, and-

The splatter of papers tumbling from the edge of the desk fell to the floor once again, waking me up from the trance.

I groaned.

Sugar! I needed to get myself together and snap the hell out of it.

I had to get out of the office room and cool down. I walked onto the office floor and disappeared into the kitchen. Nobody was present, thankfully. I didn’t want anybody to witness my flushed rosy face.

I grabbed an empty tall glass and filled it up with water. I drunk it greedily, the cool liquid quenching my thirst.

“Hey Violet. Why you’re looking all sweaty?” a squeaky voice sang.

I chocked on my water and spun around, catching Penny raising a brow at me.

“Whoa. Take it easy there, what’s gotten into you?” She asked and moved passed me to the fridge.

“Oh nothing.” I said quickly. “Just thirsty.”

“Looks like you’re hosing yourself down there girl.” She chuckled. “Does it have to do with Eric?”

I cleared my throat. The burn in my cheeks slightly affected me. “No. of course not.” I lied.

“She got a tub of salad from the fridge and leaned against the counter studying me. “Uh huh,” she said. “Like I believe you.”

I sighed. “Okay okay, He just lost his dad, I’m worried about him and wonder how’s he doing and if he’s okay. That’s all.” There was no way I was going to let her know Eric and I had a night of passion.

“Yeah. It’s gonna be a difficult time for him. Since he’s going to be CEO and all.” She nodded and opened her lunch tin and munched it’s leafy contents.

“CEO!” I blinked.

“Yip, Mr. Bolton succeeded Bolt Investment Inc to Eric.” She mumbled, her mouth full of salad.

I slapped my hand against my chest. “So, what does that mean?” I stuttered. “Where does that leave me as his assistant?”

Penny pulled up her shoulders. “I don’t know Violet, his father had his own executive assistant too.”

I swallowed thickly and gave a nod.

“Hey, you didn’t come back to work Wednesday afternoon, after you dropped Eric’s package?” She frowned. “Mr. Carson asked where you were. But don’t worry, I covered for you. I said you were doing some extra work for Eric.”

I chuckled nervously with a frozen smile. “Yip. Spot on.” Well, it wasn’t all a lie, right?

Penny titled her head and narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “I hope that was all Violet.” She said softly. “Don’t forget Eric has a reputation with women. I don’t want you to get your heartbroken or fall for the guy or something.”

I blinked; my eyes diverted to the floor.

Penny came closer and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Remember Violet, Eric isn’t Jake. The man changes women like he changes his underwear. He isn’t to be trusted. If he shows affection in some way, it’s just because he’s in mourning. The guy uses women more than anything else.”

five minutes later, I found myself strolling back to the office. I hadn’t realized I had drifted from the kitchen after Penny left. Penny’s advice lingered in my head.

But a nagging timid thought crept into my brain.

Did I take advantage of a grieving man? Eric was vulnerable and probably didn’t know what he was doing. But I did, I should’ve known better. I should’ve known better to be vulnerable with him too.

And now I feared I might have fallen.

I didn’t know what to think. The worst part is I didn’t know what my heart was thinking too. It felt totally disconnected from my brain, which echoed that Eric is a womanizer, a charmer, a player. He doesn’t take relationships seriously. He was grieving when he touched me and that was it. He’ll drop you like the rest of them.

But another thought pierced through bold and strong that might distinct me from the rest. Eric’s rules! Rule number 1, never spoon. We’ll he did, all night holding me tight! Rule number 2, no sleep overs. Guess what, I stayed the night! And well number 3, that was a far stretch. The only rule that held me back from him. He didn’t want to commit to anyone.

I shook my head, shaking the silly hopeful findings away. I continued to walk and stopped dead as my gaze found Jake. It’s been some time I had seen him. He was at some distance talking to a co-worker. He looked good. His brown hair the same as always, he wore his causal clothes. His backpack slung over his shoulder. I looked at him for a moment, while approaching my office slowly. He caught my eyes but instantly looked away and turned his back fully to me.

I closed my eyes and hugged myself, walking briskly past him. I was shocked at myself how quickly Jake disappeared out of my mind in the last few days. I couldn’t help but feel bad. Why couldn’t I just be with Jake?! Life would be easier right now.

Anger sparked in me suddenly. Eric was the reason I was feeling like shit again. So many unanswered questions swirled around me, I felt like I was drowning in its depths. I entered the office room and ran to my seat, feeling lightheaded. Eric was the CEO now too, that means a new CIO will come in his place. I’ll be his new assistant unless Eric says otherwise.

Anxiousness grew at the thought of seeing Eric again. I decided right there to make the first move. My hand poked in my bag and grasped the phone. My fingers typed slowly on the phone sending a text to Eric. I’ll pulled the trigger first; I’ll wait to see if Eric will hit or dodge it. My phone beeped with the message sent. I read it again and blew out a hot breath.

Hi Eric, I know it’s not the best time right now. But can we please talk?

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