Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 46



The murmur of chatter and music cascaded the air. I stood at the entrance of the Auction House, overlooking the stunning décor of the masquerade. It was further intrigued with the arrival of guests, bringing the gala to life, making my adrenaline pump.

Everybody looked amazing as I graced down the steps to the main floor, in their stylish evening dresses and polished outfits. The hours went by quick to help set up the gala, but it took some time to get myself dressed up and return here in a rush. I asked the salon girls, Keshia and Tracy from Auburn Studio to do a second round on me. Their expertise made me feel beautiful tonight. The sweetheart neckline evening dress that shaded magenta flowed out with each step. I felt the breeze up my thigh as my beige strappy heels glided on the marbled floors. I needed to dress to impress! And I think I did.

I quickly placed on my gold laced mask and clutched my clipboard under my arm, outlining the schedule for tonight. I was on duty this evening, but I didn’t allow that to hinder me on my mission. To let Eric know my feelings for him!

I melted into the large crowd that moved slowly towards the dinner tables. Everyone wearing a mask of all shapes, textures, and colors. I moved swiftly through the throng of people, not seeing Eric yet. I’m sure I would’ve recognized him, but duty called me first. I whisked to the side, where Mr. Carson stood chatting to a man from the marketing team. The manager’s shiny bald head was an instant give away.

He saw me approach and grinned, his eyes smiling beneath his plain black mask. “My my my, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” He folded his arms and shook his head. “You look absolutely stunning my dear.”

I smiled shyly and gave a tiny curtsey. “Thank you Mr. Carson, you look quite refined tonight.” I replied.

He chuckled and looked around the great hall. “Great job Miss Harper! The team with your assistance did an amazing job.”

I smiled at the approval and glanced at my clipboard, biting the edge of my pen. According to the schedule, everyone had to be seated soon so that the silent auction could begin. I glanced around and witnessed waiters ushering guests to their tables.

Mr. Carson tapped my shoulder lightly and looked ahead of him, nodding.

“C’mon Miss Harper, I’m sure the CEO would like to praise you himself.” I snapped my eyes to Mr. Carson as he nudged me forward.

“The CEO?” I asked, my heart beating faster every step we took.

Mr. Carson nodded. “Yes, there he is, he called us over.” He said and walked on. “Follow me Miss Harper.”

I nodded quickly and looked ahead. Eric’s athletic silhouette stood tall at the center of a few people gathered around him. He dressed all in black that matched his sleek hair. A single silver chain hung from his waistcoat. He looked hot and irresistible, almost tempting me. His black mask shrouded his face, that almost looked like the phantom of the opera. Eric’s thirsty eyes drank me in as I approached him, from my heels, up my dress slit all the way to my loosened locks.

My heart palpitated, sending my pulse into a frenzy. His presence and his penetrating gaze affected my body heavily. Maybe because my heart knew what I wanted to reveal to him. We stopped in front of Eric and his group. Mr. Carson started a conversation with the others, but Eric’s jaded eyes were fixed on me. My eyes met his briefly, but I looked away nervously and brushed a hair behind my ear.

This was no time to be bashful Violet, I scolded myself. But this was Eric we’re talking about; he was sizzling me from the inside out. And I had sneaky suspicion he knew it, from my burning cheeks.

“Whoa Violet. You look lovely tonight.” Jesse grasped my hand and twirled me once around.

My cheeks warmed from embarrassment, once again, not used to such compliments. “Thank you.”

I shot Eric a glance, he grimaced at his brother, his face in a soft scowl. I turned to Rebecca masked in laser cut gold, she looked stunning as usual in her gold sequined evening gown that fitted her toned body, it looked like molten liquid on her skin, her hair in a tight up ponytail. A snarl on her red lips.

“You must be Eric’s assistant?” A warm voice asked.

I looked at a dark-haired matured woman, her hair up in a stylish bun. A purple mask matched her lilac evening gown. I returned her friendly smile.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Don’t lie to Mrs. Bolton. You meant his ex-assistant?” Rebecca snarked.

Mrs. Bolton? This must be Eric’s mother.

I cleared my throat. “I apologize, his previous assistant.” I corrected and swiped Rebecca a dirty look.

“Well, that’s a shame. All I know is that you were Eric’s best assistant. He lost a good one.” Mrs. Bolton said. I laughed nervously as I fidgeted with my charms. Eric’s gaze still drilling into me.

“We better get seated everyone.” Jesse grinned and led the way.

Mrs. Bolton nodded and turned to me with a wink. “Thanks for my birthday gift.” She whispered. “I knew Eric couldn’t come up with that on his own.”

She followed Jesse to their table and Mr. Carson disappeared with them. Eric and Rebecca still stood in front of me, I huffed internally, wishing Rebecca could just get lost, but she didn’t.

“Don’t you have work to do, like fetch something?” She snarled.

I glowered at her. “Don’t you have something to do? Like take a selfie!”

Eric snickered and licked his bottom lip as Rebecca narrowed her eyes at him. “Now now Rebecca. There’s no need to be rude.” It was the first time I heard Eric speak for the evening. It was good to hear his voice. “The gala looks stunning. Good job Harper.”

I smiled weakly, desperate to burst out to him if we could talk later, when most of my duties were done, but I couldn’t, not with miss diva hanging around.

“Miss Harper.” A voice called from the distance, I turned my head and noticed it was Patricia from marketing. I bit my lip.

The floor was almost empty, and I had to get back to work. “I have to go, the silent auction is about to begin.” I glanced at Eric, and he nodded. Rebecca gave a sarcastic wave.

I walked away from him. I just had to speak to him later.


The silent auction had begun while the guests ate their appetizers. I stood against the wall and watched the hospital directors talk about the children’s hospital. I scanned the tables, most of the guests took off their masks. The candlelight illuminating their faces in dimmed light.

I glanced at Eric’s table every now and again, I watched him eat and chat around him. I watched how Rebecca would touch his arm and flip her ponytail too. I rolled my eyes and huffed out, scratching hard on the clipboard a completed item off the schedule.

But sometimes, I would find Eric watching me, his eyes prickled my skin. My face and body shivering under his gaze. The evening finally settled, I walked to my assigned seat and sat down, I hadn’t seen Penny yet and she looked amazing. Dressed in her emerald green and peacock feathered mask. She did look like royalty.

“I love your dress.” I whispered to her.

She beamed and returned the compliment. We chatted for minutes as Penny caught me up on all the trendy people here tonight. My stomach growled and I tucked in one of the four course meals, I missed out on the butternut squash ravioli and gorgonzola salad. But was lucky to tuck into the main course. The Balsamic glazed lamb chop tasted delicious in my mouth, but my distracted mind prevented me from fully enjoying it.

I turned around and faced Eric’s table, his eyes drifted to me, like we were magnets, attracting each other. I swiftly faced forward again and guzzled down my champagne flute, feeling suddenly brave. I stood up once more, the items on the gala schedule were almost complete and then the dancing could be begin.

The time to place my heart on the line was soon approaching.

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