Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 5



It was late afternoon, and I was antsy to get work done. The meeting already begun, and I marched to get to it. The new assistant stumbled behind, but hot on my heels. Carrying her notepad and diary.

A few stares were sent my way as I trudged to the conference room. People greeted me as I walked by. I gave a firm nod in return. I pulled open the conference doors and stopped, the assistant bumped into me from behind, jerking me slightly forward. Her notepad and diary fell onto the floor. She scrambled down and picked them up clumsily, mumbling sorry and ample apologies, as she fumbled with her spectacles.

I rolled my eyes.

It was her first week at the company, so I had given her a break. Providing her some time to find her feet, since Mrs. Walters wouldn’t be much around. The previous assistants weren’t that great at their job but at least they weren’t a klutz.

So far, she was failing horribly. My coffee was either late or cold, but I couldn’t blame her, I arrived at work a little late each morning.

At least she got her work done on time. I promised Todd, I would give this one a chance and I was a man of my word.

The boardroom was seated by four men and three women that surrounded the long wooden table. A PowerPoint presentation was set up on the screen in front. I greeted everyone and sat at the head of the table.

The assistant looked wildly around for a vacant seat but found none around the table. She looked at me nervously.

I sighed and nodded to one of the chairs stacked up at the back of the room.

“Eric. We were waiting for you to begin.” Mrs. Greer stated, her thin form stood in front ready to do the presentation.

I gave a firm nod. “My apologies for being late. I had an urgent call. Please let’s proceed. I don’t want to keep anybody behind schedule.”

She nodded and turned on the presentation slides with dimmed lights. I leaned back in my seat and listened to the tedious financial reporting.

The loud thud in the background of something crashing, distracted me. I turned around with the rest of my colleagues, and watched the assistant taking a chair from a collapsed tower of stacked chairs, spread out on the floor. Her eyes caught me watching and she pulled her mouth, biting her bottom lip.

What the fuck? I sighed internally and faced the front again, massaging my left temple. It was too late in the day for this crap.

Mrs. Greer nonchalantly carried on with her reporting.

The assistant staggered forward with the chair and sat beside me. A few looks were given by Mrs. Callaway and Mr. Halters, a smirk on his bearded face, a frown from hers. My eyes snapped to the assistant, she got out her notebook and scribbled away.

I glanced at her blue-dotted notebook and then back at her. Her hair was in the tightest bun I’d ever seen on a woman, her glasses were two times too big for her face in my opinion. My eyes travelled to her clothes, her dress sense were, let’s say... uninspiring. Her perfume subtly wafted up my nose, a hint of vanilla. I couldn’t quite place it. I was usually good at identifying women’s perfume, but I couldn’t place hers. It’s probably because it’s cheap. But at least it didn’t damage my nostrils.

She looked up and repositioned her spectacles, as she finally noticed me looking at her. The assistant looked confused. I sighed and pointed where she should be sitting.

Against the wall.

Opposite me and taking the damn notes.

She whirled around and glanced at the wall behind her and nodded when she clicked one and two together. She got up quietly and moved her chair against the white wall. I returned my attention back to the presentation.

Twenty-five minutes in and I got restless, bouncing my left leg, like I usually did at meetings. However, I maintained my demeanor. I was always professional and cutthroat when it came to business. It was how I was taught, and what was expected of me, especially from my father. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat at the thought of him.

Relentless determination. That’s how I approached business I needed, and women I wanted.

I glanced to the left and saw the assistant scribbling ferociously in her notepad. Her eyes looking up at Mrs. Greer, soaking in each word that was being said. She was probably the only one fully paying attention to Mrs. Greer monotonous tone.

I raised my brows.

At least it seems that she’ll be a hard worker who takes her job seriously. Her looks were ordinary and not my usual type of assistant. But it seemed that she would get the job done where the previous assistants lacked. It was refreshing and with zero complications, since my dick stayed out of the equation.

Maybe Todd was on to something after all.

The meeting ended ten minutes later, and I sighed a relief. My aching neck was tight and needed a good rub out. I got up, the last to leave the conference room, the assistant waited for me to fall behind.

I reached my office.

“Do you need anything further Mr. Bolton sir?” The assistant asked, clutching her notepad tight against her chest.

“You know, you can drop the sir, Mr. Bolton is adequate enough.” I shook my head. “You can go, see you tomorrow morning.”

She nodded.

“And don’t forget my coffee!” I shouted when she walked to her desk. “Delivered hot this time.”

She turned and nodded. “I won’t forget sir.”

I grunted as I closed my door.

I moved to my desk and sat on my black leather seat. My hand reached out to a contract I needed to complete and had set up before leaving. But the buzz of my phone stopped me.

I grabbed the vibrating phone on my desk and answered.

“Eric speaking.”

“Eric! Why is it so difficult to get hold of you?” I blew out a hot breath, knowing the familiar bark of his voice.

“Sorry dad, I was in a meeting, it went overtime. I was meant to call.” I said reluctantly.

“Did Mr. Williams agree to the contract?” He asked. “Will he invest with us?”

“I’m working right on it as we speak. But it looks positive.”

“You better seal this deal Eric or else, Mr. Williams is an important client. The future growth of the business depends on it.” He said sternly, his tone cold and tough like stone.

“I’ve got it under control.” I said tight lipped.

He scoffed. “We’ll see.” The call ended with a click.

No, ‘well-done son!’ ‘You’re doing a great job!’ ‘See you soon son’. ‘I love you son’.

I never had the luxury of those words in my life and watched my mother continue to be in a loveless marriage. Solidifying my contempt for relationships. My father and I wasn’t always on the best of terms and business always got in the way.

Always had and always will be.

I tossed my phone across my desk. The uneasiness growing in my chest every time my father called. I closed my eyes. My stiff neck aching again.

My phone rang for the second time. I scolded as I picked it up thinking it was my father.

“Hey Eric baby.” The sultry voice came through.

The tension eased at the sound of her silky voice.

Rebecca. The one woman I could always count on for a good time.

Just what the doctor ordered snapping me out of my tired overworked thoughts.

“You’re waiting for me?” I grinned. “Am I running late baby?”

“Lucky for you, I’m sitting here, all alone in the restaurant with a glass of my second round of wine, waiting anxiously.”

“Mmmm just the way I like it. Give me 15 minutes. Will be there soon.” I said amused.

“You got 5.” She sassed.

I ended the call. Closed my laptop and grabbed the contract, taking work home and flew out the door. Ready to unravel with Rebecca!

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