Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 52



I’ve lost Violet.

I realized to late what I wanted and now I feared I have lost her for good. I never in my life pictured what ‘my perfect woman’ was until now.

She left for Chicago and fucking flew back to Canada last night. I rubbed my chin and sighed out the fatigue, it was late afternoon in the office. I sat idly at my desk and stared out the window bathed in golden light. The world went by and so did mine. But I didn’t want a world without Violet?

I wanted her quirkiness, her shyness, her oddness. Her brown eyes and chocolate hair, even her purple spectacles and the way she crinkled her nose. Her comforting vanilla scent. I missed vanilla bean. I shook my head at my stupid sentiment. Making me feel weak and awkward as fuck! I squirmed in my seat uncomfortably. But I missed her next to me. By my side. Where she fucking belonged! My chest thumped. It felt empty, a hollowness where my heart was supposed to be. I felt suddenly very lonely.

I couldn’t let her go! There was no fucking way! She was right, I had to do better, try harder. Violet deserved it.

I called Mrs. Kelly to bring in Todd, there was something I had to discuss.

Fifteen minutes later and Mr. Carson whisked inside the office. “You need me?” He asked casually, as he took off his spectacles, wiping it clean with his tie.

I nodded. “Yes, thanks Todd for coming so quickly.” I began. “I’ve decided to take some time off, I’m thinking two weeks.”

Mr. Carson frowned. “When will this happen, like in the next couple of months?” He asked confused.

I shook my head. “No, with immediate effect.”

Mr. Carson’s eyes popped open. “Are you crazy Eric. You can’t leave now! You just started your duties as CEO of Bolt Investments.” He slapped his forehead in panic, flustering red. “How is this going to look? What would the shareholders say?”

I stopped Mr. Carson with a wave of my hand and walked up to him. “Don’t worry so much Todd. You always kept my best interests at heart, and I appreciate all that you have done for me. But I need to do something very necessary that’s more important than the company or being CEO right now.” I placed my hand firmly on his shoulder. “I hope you understand.”

Mr. Carson nodded his head and sighed. “It must be important if you’re putting your title on the line. You never take leave like this, and so out of the blue.” He blew out. “What do I tell the shareholders?”

I nodded and smiled. “If the shareholders are unhappy with my decision, tell them they’re more than welcome to replace me.” I simply said and squeezed lightly on his shoulder as I walked out the office doors.

I always knew what I wanted in life and gone for it fully. My career. My education. Chasing hot women. But for the first time in my life, I was diving into the unknown, a void of not being in control that I avoided and feared all my life. Fucking commitment!

But not anymore.

I had sort out my mind and heart that felt empty. I had to clean up my life... starting with Rebecca.


I entered my house and walked to the open planned living room and tossed my keys and laptop bag on the nearest sofa. Storm bolted towards me, I knelt down and rubbed him affectionately. My black Doberman backed up and gave me some space after I greeted him. I pulled off my tie and slid it off my collar and unbuttoned the top buttons of my shirt. I knew what I had to do. I grabbed my phone wanting to get this all done with, and hovered above Rebecca’s name. I wanted to text her, but thought it would be a coward move and pressed call instead.

She picked up at the second ring.

“Hey Eric.” She purred. “I knew you couldn’t stay away from me too long.”

I grunted. “Hello Rebecca. But it’s not that type of call.”

“Oh,” she said curiously.

I cleared my throat. “I’m calling to say that this will be the last time you’ll hear from me. You a brilliant woman that will find a man that would appreciate you. But that’s not me. You once said life is short. And you were right, it is. And I plan to spend it with the woman I want and possibly love.”

“Is this woman... Your assistant.” Rebecca sniped tightly.

“Yes, and her name is Violet.” I said.

“Fuck you Eric Bolton!” she snapped and hung up.

I sighed, hoping that’s the last time I’ll be hearing that line again. I couldn’t help but smirk. Bolting the final lock to the door of my player life.

The ring from the gate knocked me out of my thoughts. I almost forgot Jesse was coming tonight.

I opened the gate for my brother to pull in the driveway with his car. I moved to the kitchen and got two cold beers out the fridge.

I heard the front door slam closed and Storm getting excited for the arrival of the familiar face. I walked out the kitchen and met my brother in the living room, passing him a beer.

“You forgot about the game tonight, huh?” He teased, taking the beer out of my hand.

“Nah uh,” I chuckled.

Jesse sat on the sofa and reached for the TV remote control. I plopped down next to him feeling suddenly exhausted.

“Rough day at work?” He asked.

I shook my head. “Just a lot on my mind, it’s weighing me down.”

Jesse took a swig of beer, giving a slight burp. “I heard you taking off work for 2 weeks. Some people aren’t happy to hear that.”

“Well, I don’t give a flying fuck.” I grunted throwing my head back on the sofa. “But yeah. I got personal shit to sort out.”

Jesse nodded. “So, what you gonna do? Planning a vacation or something.”

I smirked. “Yeah, something like that, a vacation in Canada.”

Jesse crinkled his eyes and looked at me. “Canada?!” He asked with a laugh. “Why the heck there?”

I sighed and looked at him. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.” He dared, but narrowed his eyes and bit his bottom lip in thought. “From my recollection a certain assistant of yours came from there.”

I breathed in deep, my gaze returning to the TV screen.

Jesse laughed. “Oh Shit!” He hollered. “Are you serious bro? Violet?”

I nodded my head firmly and watched his shocked reaction.

“Wow, this must be serious.” He reiterated.

“It is. I think she’s the one. I never felt like this before, for any woman.” I said, feeling quite embarrassed I’m showing my gushy weak side to my brother.

“I never thought I’ll see this day EVER!” Jesse laughed. “You committing to one woman.”

I raised a brow and downed my beer, allowing my brother his gratification... for now. Five minutes later and he still amused himself and I had enough. I pounced on him, gripping his head under my arm, like I did so many times since we were kids, and roughly rubbed the top of his head.

“Okay... Okay, sorry... sorry.” He chuckled and pulled himself out of my grip. He’s hair disheveled. I smirked in satisfaction.

Jesse sighed and leaned back into the sofa. “I feel lousy now.” He looked at me. “I kinda gave her my opinion with her involvement with you at the gala.”

I gave him a pointed look. Jesse shrugged and lifted his hands in surrender. But I couldn’t blame him. It was a mess of a lifestyle I created.

“But all in all, I’m really happy for you Eric and hope it works out. She looked pretty heartbroken and pissed.” He breathed out. “I hope you’ll win her back.”

“Oh, I intend to.” I stated confidently but feeling shit scared at the same time. Jesse and I clinked our beers and continued to watch the game.

I was out of my comfort zone for what I was about to do. And unsure as hell how to go about doing it. But I was a man that took risks. It paid off in business... I just had to trust my gut now by risking it all.

I’m not the one to give my heart away like that, but for the first time I had to follow it... and my missing heart was in Canada!

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