Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 53



4 days later

My brown leather boots walked up the small driveway to my parents’ brick house. The air was chilly as early Winter sprang its bite. The colorful autumn leaves already fallen to the ground. It crunched beneath my feet. I liked the feeling. A tiny snowflake fell on my face. I crinkled my nose at its ticklish touch.

I grunted taking the two steps up towards the front door. The Holiday gift bags were heavy in both hands. Why my mother did early gift shopping, I still don’t know why and for everyone she encountered. Jeez! My sore fingers protested.

Mom lagged at the car with more shopping bags. I stood in front of the white wooden door and struggled to open. I startled as the door swished open revealing my grinning dad. He wore his puppy oven mittens, with his shirt sleeves rolled up and a green waist apron, over his dark jeans. His brown wavy hair neatly combed back, his warm brown eyes, behind silver framed spectacles, reflected me. His smile was always infectious. Since I rocked up here, you couldn’t get the smile off his face. Happy I was home for the holidays.

“Your pumpkin pie in the oven.” He beamed. “Let me help you with that Violet girl.” He offered affectionately. “I didn’t expect you girls to take this long.”

I huffed. “You know mom and her gifts. We shopped at three different malls.” Mostly for affordable crafts and art beaded jewelry that my mum skillfully made.

Dad sighed and shook his head. I followed behind, entering the warm room. I dropped the bags and pulled off my jacket, hanging it on the coat stand. My parents’ home wasn’t big at all. It was snug and cozy. And filled with all the comfort I needed. It was best during winter, when the snow covered its red roof and grounds. I was honestly happy to be back home. Family and friends were the exact antidote I needed, even though it didn’t heal me fully and the gap in my heart was still void.

“Dad the pie smells divine!” The familiar cinnamon and spices danced in my nose. He turned around and gave me a wink.

“What would the holidays be without it?” He chirped happily. “I needed to leave my baby girl something sweet to eat before your mother and I head out to Aunt Diane’s 50th bash tonight.”

I giggled and nodded my head, unpacking the shopping bags.

“I’m sorry we’re staying a night over at the hotel. It would be too late for us to drive back home, and the bash is far, Violet girl.” My dad pouted.

“Dad, please don’t apologize. You and mom planned this way before I unexpectedly returned home. I want you guys to enjoy yourself.” I explained.

“And I wouldn’t want you to be anywhere else but here at home.” He grinned. I was perfectly happy for my mom and dad to take a night off. I told them that I felt homesick and decided to return home. They didn’t mind, but the questions were endless. I had to recap my relationship status with Jake, I didn’t mention Eric. All they knew was that I was his assistant and he assisted me in dating, which they found expectantly odd.

Mom walked into the kitchen. She got her hair done at the hairdressers this morning and so did I, she placed her long dark hair in a messy bun with bangs, that shaded her forehead. “I got to get ready.” She said in a panic. “How much time do we have left Daniel?”

Dad, poked his head up from the oven and checked his watch. “Exactly 40 minutes left.” He said firmly. “You better get going darling.”

“Oh dear!” My mom gasped as she whizzed past me, her complaining faded in the distance as she disappeared into the passage.

My dad leaned in and whispered to me. “You know how long your mother takes to get ready. We leave in an hour and 30 minutes.” He rolled his eyes. “But don’t tell her that.”

I chuckled. “Your secret is safe with me, dad.” I sealed my lips.

Thirty minutes later, I kicked off my boots and sat down on the living room carpet, sorting out mom’s birthday gift for the 50th bash. My eyes glazed absent minded at the TV screen that played ‘Kissing Booth’ on Netflix. My mind instantly drifted to Eric, like it usually did so many times. What was he doing right now? Was he thinking about me? The way I was thinking about him. Or did he forget me already?

I sighed and carried on cutting the red and white patterned gift wrap with scissors. Dad came striding into the living room, dressed in a fresh shirt and black trousers. Looking quite spiffy. I got up from the floor since the time was soon for my parents to enjoy the bash. Mom lagged in the room as usual. I walked to the kitchen and got the hot pumpkin pie out the oven to cool on a wire rack, ready to taste its custard filling. I licked my lips in expectancy.

The knock on the front door, turned my attention to its direction.

“There’s some cash on top of the fridge, if you wanna order takeout later!” Dad shouted from the living room.

I shook my head and huffed out. “I’m not a teenager dad, I got cash of my own. Jeez!” I rolled my eyes.

The knocks at the door got firmer. I crinkled my nose. Did my parents expect any visitors this evening?

I walked towards the front door in my socks. “Dad, are you expecting anyone?” I called behind but there was no response.

My hand reached for the handle, but suddenly I felt very nervous, and my heart skipped a beat. I opened the door with gust and my heart stopped completely. My eyes simply deceiving me. I swallowed hard as my heart thumped again and began to race. I stood shocked and couldn’t believe Eric was standing before me.

He wore casual jeans, a black shirt and his black leather jacket, his hands tight in his pockets. His jet-black hair slightly ruffled from the breeze. His strong jawline slightly stubbled making him look handsome in a rugged way, as he gritted his teeth against the cold. His green eyes that I thought I’ll never see again wasn’t hard or cocky, it was soft and warm as he looked at me.

“Hello there, Miss Harper.” Eric smirked a dazzling smile. He gazed me from my freshly blown out hair, to my jersey, down my jeans to my purple dotted socks. Making my stomach flutter. Damn! He still had it on me. “It’s been a while since I’d seen your pretty face.”

I swallowed hard, I didn’t want to give into his charms. “What are you doing here Eric?” I asked stunned. “In Canada?”

Did he come all this way out for me? and so close to the holidays.

“Well... I came to visit a girlfriend of mine?” He cheekily winked. My eyes popped open, but I couldn’t stop my heart from smiling. I shouldn’t be beaming though; I wasn’t even hundred percent sure if he was referring to me.

“Oh,” I said coolly. “You said you would never commit to a relationship? So, I’m surprised you have a girlfriend.”

He smirked wickedly. “Well, it only takes one woman to change everything, didn’t you know.”

I swallowed hard and shrugged.

Eric bounced his feet side to side and gritted his teeth. “Are you going to leave me outside here? It’s cold as fuck.” He looked towards the darkening sky.

I shook my head. “Oh yeah, sure... sorry, come inside.” I beckoned him in.

Eric walked inside the warmness. I could see his tense shoulders ease. And I couldn’t believe he was inside my parents’ home. I blinked hard taking all this in.

“How did you know where my parents lived?” I asked, watching him scan my family home.

He smiled. “HR department still had your file; you wrote a Canadian address.” He casually answered.

I nodded and folded my arms against my chest, my guard still up. “But why are you here at my house? Why did you come to see me?”

Eric looked at me and his charm and confidence waivered as his left eye twitched.

“I came here to-”

“And who do we have here Violet girl?” Dad chirped waltzing towards Eric and I with my mom on his arm. They looked like newlyweds, my mom dressed in a black long-sleeved dress, stockings and heels that fitted her body just right. Mom’s eyes lit up as she noticed Eric. Dad’s eyes appeared to be glued to him too.

“Dad, Mom... this is... er...” Eric gave a side smile as he looked at me and returned his gaze to my parents.

He extended his hand and introduced himself. “I’m Eric Bolton, Violet’s former employer.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Oh my! So you the infamous Eric giving my daughter dating tips.” Mom gushed and shook his hand. “I’m Michelle, Violet’s mom.”

“I can see where Violet gets all her good looks from.” I’ve never seen mum blush or giggle this much.

Eric shook my dad’s hand and they started light conversation. Mom hopped over to me. “Oh my goodness Violet, you didn’t tell me your boss was so handsome and charming.” She smiled. “Why did he come all this way to see you?” She asked her eyes filled with hearts. “Is he interested in being more than your boss?”

I shook my head. “Mom please, he’s no longer my boss and I’m not sure yet why he’s here, you guys are kinda cramping his style.” I said through gritted teeth.

My mom pulled her mouth. “Oh, right.” She smiled knowingly and walked to my father.

“Sweetie we got to go.” Mom pulled my dad away from Eric, what the hell the two men were talking about I had no clue. “Let’s leave these two to discuss what they need to discuss.” Mom chuckled.

I bit a smile.

“You will be in town till we return tomorrow, right?” Dad asked Eric.

Eric nodded. “Yes of course Mr. Harper.”

“Good. And please call me Daniel,” He moved to the front door with my mom. Dad grabbed the overnight bag and turned to Eric again. “Oh, and one more thing. I hope you have your own hotel room tonight mister. I’m sorry but there’s no hanky panky here. That’s the rule.”

Eric bit back a smile and nodded.

And my cheeks turned to fire. “Okay dad, thanks... enjoy your evening guys.” I literally pushed Mom and Dad out the door.

I turned around slowly, meeting an amused Eric. “I can see why you didn’t get any in five years.” He teased. “Nobody could Slytherin to your Ravenclaw easily.”

I huffed and rolled my eyes at his silly joke. “And you here... because...” I asked with folded arms.

He nodded and sighed out. He pulled out a small black box from his jacket pocket. My brows furrowed.

“I’m not sure how to do this.” He admitted nervously, his strong jaw clenching. I gulped. He bended on one knee and my heart pumped ten times faster. Sugar! What was happening right now! Was Eric going to propose!? We didn’t even date!

My mouth dropped open as he looked at me slowly opening the small mysterious box. It revealed a rose gold tiny heart trinket. My nose crinkled in confusion.

“It’s mine.” Eric said breaking the silence. I shook my head still puzzled. “I want you to have it.” He grasp my wrist gently and clipped the heart trinket that I recognized matched my charms as it dangled on my left wrist.

“I followed it out here and found you.” He said as he searched my eyes. I looked at the heart trinket, it looked beautiful with the rest of my charms like it belonged there.

“It’s really pretty.” I whispered.

He got up from one knee. “Rule number three...” He said in a serious tone as his eyes penetrated mine.

“...Trust your gut?” I breathed out completing his sentence.

He gave a nod. “Do you accept it?” He asked tenderly.

I frowned faintly. “Accept what?”

He drew closer, the smell of his expensive cologne heating me. “My heart.”

I glanced at the tiny trinket, and it clicked in my brain. He was giving me his heart. It was a symbolic gesture, I melted at that moment, and I blinked back the tears at the realization.

He continued to talk, “I want you Violet. I need you. You belong in Chicago. You belong at my side. Not as my assistant, but as my girlfriend. My woman. My one and only. Not where you should be, but where you meant to be.”

My heart thumping at his words. I wanted Eric to say he wanted me, but this was more than I could imagine.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m ready for it. I’m ready for it all. I want you near me, I love you near me, I love you close to me. You bring me a sense of stability and comfort.” His thumb brushed my cheek and landed on my lips, sweeping the bottom lip.

“You the only woman that can bring me to my knees Violet Harper.” He smirked.

I was speechless as I gazed into his green eyes. I could see his sincerity. I could feel it. I drew closer to him and breathed him in. My mind still gripping the reality of what’s happening.

“I accept it Eric,” I whispered. “I accept it whole heartedly.

He smiled and his lips met mine in a soft sweet kiss. His tongue tasting like mint. I gave a soft sigh, and his hands clutched my waist moving down to my ass as his lips became more dominant. I broke the kiss hazily and placed my hands on his heaving chest, as a wanting need gripped me.

I backed away from him and slowly walked towards the passage, commanding a frowning Eric with my finger to follow me... to the bedroom.

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