Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 54



My knees went weak. It was an unfamiliar feeling. Violet broke our kiss, and I didn’t want it to stop.

I followed Violet, through her parents’ home. We walked slowly down the hall, painted a pale yellow. Our footsteps were only heard on the shiny wooden floors. Violet would turn and look at me salaciously. Desire and love in them. I bit my bottom lip, pulling my leather jacket off in anticipation. Approving what was about to happen. And in her father’s home.

Naughty girl.

We stopped in front of a room, and we slipped inside. I instantly knew it was her bedroom, the lilac painted walls and purple and pink bedding spoke for itself, and not to mention the stack of different colored notebooks and diaries neatly stacked at her desk in the corner.

I raised a curious brow as she closed the door shut behind us. She stood close to the wall, I eyed her from her flowing chocolate hair to her dotted socks. I wanted her. I wanted to feel how it was to be inside her once more. I stealthily approached her, like a wolf cornering its prey as she backed up with each step I took, biting her bottom lip and scanning my body in return. She fucking wanted me too and I loved it!

“What would your father say?” I asked gruffly. Both arms pinning her against the wall.

Violet’s eyelids fluttered as I brushed my lips against her nose. “I thought you liked breaking the rules.” She said, her voice breathy and soft.

I smiled against her mouth, my arousal poking into her lower belly. “You know it vanilla bean.”

My lips crashed into hers as I pressed my chest against her breasts. I hiked up her one leg, grinding my hard dick against her jeans. Violet grabbed the back of my neck with both arms and my hands hoisted her up, her legs wrapping around me. There were way too many clothes between us, our bodies already steaming up the room. I helped her pull off her jersey, her pink laced bra exposed.

My lips left hers as it trailed down, I licked the hollow of her neck and sucked gently on the sides. My mouth traveling to her breast as I popped one open from its restraints. I sucked her left nipple, it was soft and firm in my mouth.

“Mmmm... Eric,” Violet whimpered. And it spurred me on. Desperate to turn her needy sounds into full blown moans. I squeezed her ass and marched to her double bed. We both fell on top of the soft bedding.

I tried not to smirk at the sight of her against the bright pink comforter. We were in the room she’d grown up in. I felt like a teenager again, with Violet sneaking me up to her bedroom against her fathers wishes, swallowing her moans and whimpers so no one could hear as I fucked her.

I grabbed her legs and unbuttoned her jeans, taking them off. I smirked and left on her socks. Her panties already wet for me. My mouth salivated, suddenly I was very hungry, and not for pumpkin pie. I pinned her on her bed, and she felt like paradise under me and when she looked at me, I felt the air get sucked out of my lungs.

This was what love fucking felt like.

I pulled off my jeans and shirt quickly, I had nothing on but my boxers, my throbbing dick standing at attention. I slid a knee between her thighs, heat radiated from between them. My eyes roamed her beautiful and soft bare body, making my dick twitch, frantic to get in there and feel Violet again.

She blinked up, her cheeks flushed a rosy shade, her hair ruffled, her pupils blown with desire. A low rumble came from within me.

“What’s wrong?” She asked shyly. I could sense her insecurities crawling up as her hands fidgeted to cover herself from me.

“Just admiring the view,” I assured her. “And you fucking perfect.” I pulled her hands away from her breasts, as I trailed kisses on them and down her stomach. She bit her bottom lip hard and rolled her head back when I reached her panties. I hooked my fingers into her panty line and pulled it down her thighs. I thumbed at her clit and Violet writhed under my touch, groaning into her hand.

“Do you like that?” Wanting. Needing to give her more.

She hummed contentedly, spreading wider, giving me carte blanche do to whatever the fuck I wanted. I smirked at her trust in me. My tongue circled and swiped against her core, I kissed and sucked between her thighs. Violet moaned as her legs began to quiver. I licked my lips and travelled up, the weight of my body against her. I slid my dick inside her wet core. She gasped at the friction. She was tight as fuck around me and tasted simply excellent! I relished in the feeling.

Her vanilla sweet intoxication.

She hugged me as her legs circled around my waist, her hands clinging to my biceps. I pushed inside her, our hips against each other as I set a rhythm. I covered her mouth with mine in a passionate kiss, knowing that this woman was more to me than she ever would know. She was my girlfriend, the only woman in my life... I was hard to believe I was fucking my girlfriend, as odd as it sounded.

“Eric,” she breathed. I pumped into her as my fingers rubbed her clit for a second round, until she trembled once more. Two minutes later she fell limp in my arms moaning out. I followed her over the edge, groaning into her shoulder as my fingertips dug into her thighs.

We will still, while I laid in her arms. Both of our chests panting. I lifted my heavy body from her. She reached out and cradled my face, like it was treasured. I felt loved and smiled. Feeling once again sentimental as shit.

“That was fucking terrific!” I grunted, still dazed from the high. She giggled. I looked intently into her flushed face.

“Hundred points to Gryffindor!” She giggled and traced the small golden snitch tattoo inside my upper left arm.

Shit! She discovered it.

I gave a low chuckle at her observation. My hand cupped her left cheek to look at me as I turned serious, “I love you Violet.” I whispered as I wiped a strand of hair stuck to her forehead. Her eyes glistened and she bit a smile.

“I love you too Eric Bolton.” I kissed her. Affection, loyalty and love poured into it. We laid side by side in her bed. Our bodies melting into each other as she snuggled up under my arm.

“So, are you returning with me to Chicago?” I asked against her hair as I inhaled her vanilla scent. “Or we could stay in Canada and start over?” Giving her an option, I didn’t care as long as I was with her... the love of my life.

She bit back a laugh. “What? You’ll stay here... for me?”

I nodded and kissed her forehead. “I’ll do anything for you now Violet. You’re my girlfriend.” I couldn’t help but say it, knowing I’ll repeat it again and again.

She giggled at my words and placed a soft kiss on my chest. “We’ll see what to do and both decide in the morning. Right now, I just want to savor this moment... with my boyfriend.” She smiled, her eyes lighting up with a chuckle. “I thought you were gonna propose earlier.”

“Who knows, you might bring me to my knees again in the near future.” I said as I played with the heart charm trinket on her wrist.

I smirked, finding it slightly strange but exciting at the same time. I could get used to this. I’m not sure if she heard me, her eyes fluttered closed, and she sighed a breath contently.

“Violet?” I called.

But she just gave a light hum. I glanced at her, and she seemed to drift off to sleep. “Wow, am I that good in bed, I exhaust woman out.” I thought out loud, smirking with pride.

A small slap hit my torso. “Smart ass,” she mumbled.

I gripped her body tighter in my arms, my body itching to spoon all night, plus throw in a quick fuck in between, but excited to wake up with her pretty face by my side in the morning.

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