Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 55



6 weeks later

The smell of wet paint stung my nose. I stood three steps up the ladder, my one hand clutched tightly on the wood, while the other held a brush, applying a wet coat of paint on the living room wall. I was determined the fern green color will create a freshness to Eric’s house that I was trying to make a home. To Eric’s dismay of course, but agreed with me, nonetheless.

Or else we couldn’t have sex.

It was pretty easy to learn how to manipulate him like that. But it just seemed to turn him more on, tempting him with the chase.

I hated heights, as I climbed carefully down the ladder steps. I wore a washed-out pink t-shirt and faded jeans with pumps. Some green paint splattered across my clothes, including my face. I needed to take a shower before Eric got home, he had to get back to the office to complete some work. For two weeks, he has been stuck in meetings with the CEO ever since he turned down the position to return as CIO of the company. He thought it would be best to give the job to a more experienced shareholder and become CEO once he was fully ready. I was proud of him; he didn’t let his pride get in the way. His family didn’t complain and neither did I, it just meant he arrived home on time.

I personally chose his assistant. A friendly matured lady with great typing skills. I showed her exactly what Eric needed. She was perfect for the job. I was happy too, Bolt Investments hired me as part of their marketing team, they were impressed with my gala event organizing skills and I got the position of event coordinator. I loved it. Placing my best professional skills to use. I loved working side by side with Eric, even it was in different departments, and I was a floor below him.

I made sure my presence was known in the office, especially among the ladies trickling with jealously. I didn’t mind if they admired him as long it was me, he came to home every night. Which he did without fail so far.

I stood back with my hands on my hips and looked at my handy work. The fern green gave a forest natural effect and refreshed the space, I nodded in approval. Storm weaved excitedly between my legs, and then dashed away down the hall.

‘Blurred Lines’ blared out. I bit back a smile and jogged up to my phone placed on the kitchen counter, happy to hear from Eric and wishing he could come home so I didn’t have to spend the Saturday afternoon further alone.

“Hi!” I chirped, once I answered the call.

“Hey woman of mine.” Eric said, that smirk in his voice. I blushed every time he said that, feeling quite chuffed. “I’m thinking about you right now?”

My arms leaned against the counter. “Oh, you better be.” I giggled. “I just finished the wall, the color looks great!” I said perked up. “I’m thinking about you too?”

“Mmmm, are thinking about my body rubbing against yours?” He growled.

“Oh gosh Eric, you supposed to be focusing on your work you sex-crazed man.” I gushed. Ever since we returned from Canada after the holidays, Eric couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Not that I was complaining though. My five-year dry spell quickly compensated. “When are you coming home?” I whined.

“Sorry... bad news, something unexpectedly came up.” Eric replied.

I crinkled my nose, disappointed with his ambiguous answer. “Oh okay. That sucks.” I mumbled; my shoulders slumped in defeat.

Eric continued in a low voice, “Are you missing me?”

“Of course, I am.” I pouted.

“I’m happy to hear that, something just rose to the occasion and it’s happy to see you.”

I tilted my head in confusion.

“What-” But I was stunned!

Something hard poked me from behind, touching my ass. Firm large hands encircled my waist. Expensive cologne surrounded me. I dropped the phone and laughed out loud from the tickles.

I felt Eric’s chin rest on my shoulder as he placed down his phone with one hand and dropped a paper bag with his right on the counter. “Hmmm, you smell good.” He placed his nose against my hair bun breathing me in. “Despite the paint.” He grunted.

I tilted my head and our lips met in a brief kiss.

“Oh Eric! You big bully.” I squealed.

“I couldn’t resist staying longer away from you. ‘Mister’ down below objected.” Eric hinted at his long erection in his pants.

I bit my bottom lip. “Well that ‘mister’ needs to stay behind your zipper for now.” I teased. And bolted for the brown bag instead. I looked inside and pulled out a bottle of red wine and vanilla with chocolate chip ice-cream tub.

“It’s like you read my mind.” I beamed and hopped over to Eric, planting a fat kiss on his nose. He grabbed me instead and trailed light kisses down the side of my neck sending shivers down my spine. I pulled away from his lips reluctantly. “C’mon, I want to show you the living room.” I pulled his hand and he dragged his feet in my direction, he rolled his eyes as he unbuttoned his shirt.

I stood in front of the freshly painted wall and extended my arms up in excitement. “So, what do you think?”

Eric raised a brow. “Wow... that’s bright.” He said tightly. “But I want to get some. So, it’s fucking awesome!” He joked.

I folded my arms and glared at him. He gave me a playful wink and sighed. “It’s perfect Violet. It really doesn’t look that bad. I want you to feel at home.” He fell on the sofa, rubbing a hand through his hair and nodded his head enticing me to sit on his lap.

I ran to the kitchen and brought the ice-cream tub with two spoons and returned to the sofa and snuggled next to Eric, my legs stretched out on his lap.

“Vanilla for me, and chocolate for you. A match made in heaven.” I smiled and fed him a spoon lavished with the sweet treat.

“New rules...” Eric murmured licking his lips smudged with chocolate.

I narrowed my eyes, “More rules?”

He nodded and gripped me tighter against him. “Rule No. 1... we generous with sex.” I rolled my eyes and he nipped at my earlobe.

“Yes-yes.” I giggled with a firm nod.

“Rule No. 2, We forgive each other’s imperfections.” He looked at me sternly. I nodded in agreement, but gave a light frown.

“Okay, but I thought rules were meant to be broken?” I questioned, with a tilt of my head.

“That’s why Rule No. 3 is more of a vowel, it’s unbreakable,” he breathed and inched closer to my face rubbing his nose against mine in affection. “I’ll vowel to love you, Violet Harper.”

I leaned back and studied him, brushing my fingers through his thick hair and gazed into his eyes that looked lovingly back at me. I couldn’t believe he was all mine and I was all his. In this moment, I was excited for the future and what it would bring.

“I prefer vowels instead of rules,” I smiled softly. “And I’ll vowel to keep loving you too, Eric.”

And who knows... maybe they’ll be more vowels to be taken in the future.

~The End~

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