Assisting His Assistant

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Author's Note!

Hello lovely readers,

Thank you all so much for reading Assisting His Assistant!

I finally completed my second book and I’m so so happy!!! Thank you for all the reviews, reads, likes and lovely comments. Please forgive me if I don’t respond to all of them. Just know that I read them all and they are very much appreciated.

I really had fun writing these two characters, and hope you all enjoyed their story and it made you smile at some points. It was more humor and light heartedness, with a few Harry Potter references throughout. (It was my own personal touch coz I’m a complete Potter fan!)

But the moment has arrived to say goodbye to Eric and Violet. Thank you for taking this journey of crazy rules and office romance!

I’m already planning a new story with a much darker tone, with the male lead the darkest character I’ve written. Chat soon and until next time!

Follow me on my Inkitt and Wattpad profiles, and Instagram for more details and updates!

With much luv,

Libby J💜

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