Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 6



7 weeks later

I stared at the computer screen, strumming my fingers against the surface of my small wooden desk, Mr. Bolton’s incoming emails streamed through. I have been sorting out and corresponding to what seemed like hundreds of messages all morning and only have sent the most urgent ones to him.

I organized his emails into categories, the same as all my workload. Folders for ‘Stocks’, ‘Client investments’, ‘Bonds’ and ‘Bank Products’ were created. At times, the odd ‘sexy’ email would come through for him. I placed them under the special category named ‘sexmail’.

My eyes screened his incoming messages. I bit my bottom lip, one of Mr. Bolton’s sexmail just came through from one of the many women he was dating.

I wanted to respect the man’s privacy, but I decided I had a right to view them. I opened the message.

New Message

From: Tatiana ‘bootilicious’ Brookes


Hey Eric,

Work sucks... especially when I’m getting distracted thinking about this hot CIO I know and his amazing rock hard body.😉

I can’t get last night’s date out of my mind, can’t wait for our next one.

Call me soon okay!

P.S. I’m sucking on a blow pop right now and wishing it was you...

All my kisses


I looked at the message again with raised eyebrows, I couldn’t believe these women actually sent these messages to his work email address, didn’t Mr. Bolton have a private one. I rolled my eyes and decided to send it through to him. It sounded urgent, I thought with a giggle.

Mr. Bolton was a committed and direct boss, that took his work seriously. The exact opposite to his dating life. He was a complete womanizer, that pulled women in.

It amazed me.

It’s been a couple of weeks working at Bolt Investment Inc. and I had gotten used to the company, with the help of Penny. I settled in, adhering to my duties and requests to the boss. I even became a pro at his daily demands, that he immediately gave me more work to do.

I was so efficient at my job; Mrs. Walters now hardly came up to help me and the second desk in the office was removed. I was solo now and was proud I could keep up with this busy man and his extracurricular activities.

I’ve lost count on how many women I’ve seen pass through these glass doors, roughly two per week. The various women mainly met Eric for lunch or after work, and they never bumped into each other. And it was true. Penny was spot on. They all looked like models, just with different colored hair, skin tone and height.

At least Mr. Bolton had the decency to entertain these women during non-working hours. It hardly effected his ability to work.

When you sit here all day and have very observant eyes like mine you notice things.

It seemed he had a main ‘model’ that visited and called frequently. I even knew her name. Rebecca. Her strawberry blonde hair tossed around her shoulders every time she strutted. It looked like she was in corporate too, always wearing stylish work clothes. She had bright green eyes and was a very striking looking woman. I couldn’t help but stare.

Did she know that Mr. Bolton met and dated all these other women?

I wasn’t sure if he was going steady with any of them or just a one big cheater. I shook my head, trying not to be judgmental of my boss and kept my nose in my work, away from Mr. Bolton’s sultry and questionable affairs.

I had no idea why the women would drool over him, including the women at the office, a.k.a Penny.

Penny’s aggressive words stained in my mind.

“Eric practically can get any woman he wants, seducing them till they lie on their backs.”

Yes, he was tall. Yes, he was beyond good looking. Yes, he was in charge and earned a lot of money. But the guy had no moral sense. He was cold and uncaring in my opinion and a guy that dates multiple women like that was a cry for help!

I wrote the thought down in my trusty notebook. My fingers easily scribbled.

Mr. Bolton needs psychological help!

I closed my notebook and set it neatly aside.

It was nearly lunch time and my tummy grumbled lightly. But I was determined to finish my report on time. Mr. Bolton was still in his office and was going out to lunch.

Engrossed in typing, I hadn’t noticed the ‘model’ that just strutted in, her long golden brown hair whipped by as she cat walked to Mr. Bolton’s office door. I looked up and practically jumped up from my seat.

“Can I help you?” I asked her. She snapped to me and frowned.

“I’m here for Eric.” She said in a thick Brazilian accent. “We have lunch.”

I placed my finger up. “One moment. I’ll let Mr. Bolton know you here. Your name please?”

She stood in her extremely short minidress and crossed her arms. “Fernanda.” She said with an annoyed sigh.

I shook my head indiscreetly and picked up the phone, calling Mr. Bolton. Unbelievable. How the hell does he understand her? What decent conversation could they possibly have?

“Fernanda to see you sir.” In a matter of two minutes, the black doors opened, and Eric came waltzing out with a dazzling smile, his black Armani suit fitted his toned body well.

“Baby girl.” He cooed out.

The Brazilian ran up and kissed him on the cheek. His arm snaked around her slim waist, as he nuzzled his lips against her ear whispering something. Must have been something good, the Brazilian cackled a shrill laugh. My observant eyes watched the good-looking pair as they paraded out the glass doors.

I shook my head.

“Ugh.” I sounded, as I continued my work.

“Wow. He usually doesn’t get that sounds coming from women.” A male voice said.

I looked up and saw a tall and slender man standing in front of me. His hair was wavy dark brown that matched his dark eyes. His hands were casually in his tanned trouser pockets, a light blue shirt tucked in. He looked at me and smiled warmly. I smiled in return.

“Usually Eric gets ‘Aaahs’ and ‘Ooohs’ from women. Your response is quite refreshing.” He smirked and winked.

Heat warmed my cheeks at being caught out saying something inappropriate towards my boss. “I just don’t understand him sometimes.” I shrugged, trying to justify myself.

“You and me both.” The man said, still watching me intently. “I’m Jesse, you must be Eric’s new assistant?” He outstretched his hand to me.

I took Jesse’s hand and shook it firmly. A handshake should always be firm, like my father always used to say, you could tell a lot by it. And his was strong in return.

“Yes, Violet Harper.” I stated.

He was warm and his dark brown eyes were friendly.

“Good for him.” Jesse mumbled.

I frowned by the strange comment but ignored it. “Are you here to see Mr. Bolton? Because you just missed him.”

Jesse rolled his eyes. “Let me guess, he was with a hot date going somewhere?” He replied sarcastically.

I nodded and stiffed a fake laugh.

Jesse looked to Mr. Bolton’s black door. “Typical.” He thought out loud.

He returned his attention to me. “Will you tell my brother I came to see him, when he graces us with his magnificent presence?”

My mouth dropped slightly. He had a brother?

“You’re his brother?” I said.

“Yes, the other Bolton.” He said seriously. “Are you surprised? Since we don’t look that much alike. And I’m not as dashing and suave as he is.”

I instantly regretted my words. “Oh no, I meant-”

But Jesse laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m just just pulling your leg.” He teased.

I breathed out a sigh of relief.

“I gotta go.” He said and smiled. “It was nice to meet you Violet Harper.”

“You too Jesse Bolton.” I replied.

I couldn’t help but feel slightly sorry for Mr. Bolton’s younger brother, he seemed to be in his mid-twenties. I couldn’t imagine living in his big brother’s shadow. I made a mental note to ask Penny what he did in the company.

My cellphone rang jerking me out of my thoughts. It was Mr. Bolton. I took a deep breath. Answering his seventh call for the day.

“Hello Mr. Bolton.” I heard the shrill laughter in the background that sounded like the Brazilian. My mind tried not to wonder what they could be up to.

“Yeah. I won’t be returning to the office for the rest of the day, I’ll do my work from home. I sent you a few client bond reports to type up. See you tomorrow.”

He hung up.

“More reports.” I stifled a fake cry.

I sighed and checked my emails. Five reports flashed waiting for me to complete. I grabbed my phone and downloaded a ringtone specially for Mr. Bolton alerting me whenever he would call. I nodded in approval at my selection.

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

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