Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 7



“Why don’t you sleep over tonight Eric?” Rebecca whined, hot against my ear.

I pinned her against the wall in her living room as my mouth tasted her delicate skin on the side of her neck. She moaned as I sucked it gently. Hoping she’ll won’t pursue the topic of sleeping over. She knows I never will, so why persist in asking me?

She moved to my lips and kissed me, her tongue playing against mine. I pulled back, not wanting to kiss. I tried to avoid the tongue sucking action as much as I could, none at all if possible.

“I’ve been having filthy thoughts all day.” I groaned against her neck.

She chuckled and lightly squealed.

I grabbed her ass and lifted her thighs up, wanting to stop the conversation all together. I pressed her firmly against the cold wall. Kissing her neck and lowering my mouth to her breasts.

She sighed in satisfaction.

“Take me to the bedroom Eric.” She whimpered. And her wish was my command.

She straddled me as I carried her up to her bedroom, stumbling out of my clothes along the way. I tossed her body on the neatly made bed and climbed over her, helping her unzip out of her pencil skirt and unbuttoning her blue blouse. We were both naked in a matter of seconds.

Her toned figure clung onto to me, both of her shapely legs wrapped around my lower waist. Hot breaths and sweat mangled between our bodies.

“Harder, Harder, HARDER!” Rebecca raved, fueling me on, as I pounded into her.

Fuck. Rebecca was demanding. But it turned me on.

“Moan for me baby.” I said.

Her legs quaked against me as she screamed. I felt my own release. I climbed off her panting on the bed, lying on my back. She too regained her breathing. We laid side by side finding our composure.

“That was amazing. All that’s missing is good wine to cool me off.” Rebecca said and kissed me on the cheek. A few hair strands were stuck to her flushed face, she removed it to the side and crept up next to me.

I half smiled. “I’ll see that my assistant orders a Cabernet Sauvignon just for you.”

“I’m glad you have the personal assistant you have now. At least these no distractions like the others.” She sighed.

I huffed, not wanting to respond.

She cuddled up against my right arm that was extended out. Her finger played with my chest going down my abs. I began to pull stiff under her touch, and not in a comfortable or erotic way. She brought her face close to mine leaving a trial of kisses on my cheek.

Fuck, I knew where this was going, and I didn’t like it. She brought her lips to mine and closed it with another kiss.

I needed to stop this.

The kiss!

It’s too personal, it brought in feelings I would like to avoid, more for her sakes than mine. I just wanted to fuck, and get out.

Why is she doing this?

I knew Rebecca and I have dated and slept together for the past two years. The only women I had dated for so long. I liked her, I really did, but I told her exactly where I stood. I’m not one for serious relationships, and she agreed this is just a beneficial one. So why was she trying to be intimate and lovey dovey now, sending me goo goo eyes my way.

Luckily, she stopped at that one kiss. But made an even worse move. She turned her body around and snuggled her back against my chest in her bed.


Oh hell no!

“Night baby.” She cooed out.

I stared at her strawberry blonde hair that crowded my face. “Rebecca. You know I have work tomorrow. I got to get going.” I said making my move to get up from her bed.

She sighed and pulled the bed linen to her chest and sat up. “Why can’t you stay over just for tonight Eric.”

“Because it’s dangerous. I don’t do sleepovers you know this.” I said, not glancing at her. I pulled on my trousers and grabbed my shirt.


“It’s late you should go to sleep. I’ll see my way out.” I said and kissed her on the forehead.

She gave a sarcastic wave goodbye and slumped back into bed.

I pulled on my shirt and grabbed my keys. Wanting to get the hell out of there.


I entered my large, framed front doors into the open space and took a deep breath out. A loud bark sliced the silence in the air. My loyal black Doberman sat before me licking his lips.

“Hey, Stormy boy.” I said as I rubbed his head. The only living creature I’ll come home to.

I walked through the large hall. My house was huge, the kind in which most people dreamed of. It was private, residing in one of the city’s most exclusive streets. It had balconies, an outdoor entertaining area, a free-standing garage, and a heated pool.

I liked the seclusion. My own personal oasis. I lived alone and I preferred it that way. Honestly, I couldn’t picture myself sharing my space or my life with anybody else. I couldn’t even live with my parents and left when I was legal enough to do it.

My Mercedes Benz keys slid across the kitchen island, as I threw it. It clanked against the black marble. Hanna was a saint that looked after my little paradise. My housekeeper came every weekday and left just before I got home, leaving everything in pristine condition. She was the only long-standing woman in my life, other than my mother. But became a second mother to me, nonetheless.

I poured Storm some Pedigree and then rummaged through the fridge. The light of it illuminating the kitchen, since I didn’t bother to switch on the lights. Everything orderly packed. Nothing out of place. I grabbed a water bottle and made my way towards my bedroom, at the other side of the house.

I moved past the dark study and dining area. The moon reflecting through the large windows, giving a pearly glow to the place. Casting shadows all around me. I liked the night. The silence calmed me down, from the business in my head. I was determined not to think about work and women. Both could be a pain in my ass.

I walked up the stairs and turned left, walked down the hall and entered my dark room. I pulled off my shirt and threw it on my king-sized bed. I checked my phone and saw five missed calls, one from Fernanda and the rest from Jesse. I returned my brother’s call, ignoring how late it was.

“Hello...” Jesse’s voice was groggy. Clearly, I had just woke him up.

“Hey, you called a bunch of times, what’s up?” I asked.

“What the hell man, it’s 1:20am in the morning. Couldn’t it wait till later, at a decent hour.” He mumbled.

“Hey, you the one that called 4 times.” I countered.

“Yeah, where the hell were you?”

“With Rebecca,”

“As usual.” He huffed.

“Hey don’t start. I’m not looking for my one and only like you.” I chuckled. “On the hunt for my personal ball and chain.”

“Whatever Asshole. At least I would lead a fulfilling life unlike a roller-coaster like yours.”

“You wouldn’t say so when I get laid by beautiful woman, while you stuck and miserable with just one.” I mocked. “Why did you call? I don’t need more lectures. And especially about my sex life. You sound like Dad.” I shuddered at the thought.

“Believe me, I want nothing to do with your sex life.”

“Why because yours is lacking?” I asked amused.

Jesse scoffed in the phone. “Whatever man, I called to remind you it’s mom’s birthday tomorrow.”

“Shit. I forgot! I thought it was next week.” I said.

Jesse yawned in the phone. “Well, its tomorrow and don’t be late for her dinner. See ya.”

He ended the call with a click.

Fuck. I didn’t prepare or get my mother anything.

With my phone still clutched in my hand. I decided to dial the assistant’s number. If there’s one thing she proved over these weeks, is that she’s reliable.

After a few rings, she answered.

“Hello... Mr. Bolton.” She said, confused from sleep.

“Sorry to wake you up at this hour, but I need you prepared for tomorrow. There’s something I need you to do.”

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