Assisting His Assistant

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Chapter 8



I twiddled with my charm bracelet decorated with a few charming trinkets that hung loosely on my wrist. I researched for the perfect birthday gift for Mr. Bolton’s mother. I bit my bottom lip scanning page after page.

What on earth did a rich woman need?

Designer perfumes? Handbags? Coats? I’m sure she had them all.

Mr. Bolton called me early this morning startling me out of my sleep and requested I search a gift. He needed it later the afternoon! It was his mother’s birthday he had just remembered, more like forgotten! He had no clue what gift to get her, so it was left all up to me. My brain brimmed from the pressure.

“Anything expensive that she might like.” Was what he said.

That was it! No further information. I didn’t even know his mother, how the hell was I supposed to know what she liked. I bit my left thumb nail and checked the clock hanging against the wall. It was already midday and time was running out!

I was glad it was lunch time. I needed Penny’s advice, urgently.

Mr. Bolton was in meetings all day, so I hoped he didn’t need me right now. I picked up my bag and dashed out the office glass doors. My pleaded skirt flowing behind me. I headed for the elevators. Penny said she’ll meet me outside. I had filled her in of my hunt for the perfect gift and she obliged to help.

The elevator doors opened, and I stumbled at the threshold from my rush. The silver doors were inches from being closed, but a hand swiftly caught it. I moved aside for the person to enter. I gazed at the stranger that stepped inside. He was lean and about my height, he looked slightly older than me, with short chestnut brown hair.

He looked at me with olive green eyes. Eyes I could never grow tired of. His was a shade lighter than Mr. Bolton’s jaded ones.

“Afternoon.” He said as he settled in the elevator.

I said nothing and stepped away.

He looked at me again. “Going down or up?” He asked.

I stood there silent, with my mouth slightly agape. He frowned.

I pointed my finger down.

He nodded and pressed ‘G’, the letter highlighted orange. A ghost of a smile lingered on his handsome face.

The mystery man stood against the sliver doors. His lightly stubbled face mirrored in it. I studied him slowly from behind, taking note of every detail I could possibly inspect, without looking like a complete weirdo.

He had a blue shirt on, with a white t-shirt underneath. His dark blue jeans hung low. My eyes travelling to his firm butt, making my eyes pop at the sight, I quickly averted my sensuous gaze.

Gosh, it’s been so long!

His left hand was tucked in his jeans pocket, his other hand clutched the sling of his backpack. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. I never seen the cute guy before in the office and he didn’t look like your average worker bee here with that casual attire.

I went closer and extended my nose inhaling him in. My eyes closed briefly smelling his sweet aroma, I sighed internally.

The elevator doors opened, breaking the spell this man casted on me. I watched him walk away, leaving me without the sight of him. I stepped hazily out the elevator and leaned against the wall. I had to bring my feet back to the ground because I was simply levitating. My eyes filled with stars. He was so handsome. So cute! It’s been so long since a guy caught my attention like that. And he caught it alright, hook line and sinker.

“Hey, are you okay?” Penny said, popping my infatuation bubble and plummeting me back to earth.

“Oh, hi... yes.” I said. “Who’s that guy?” I asked, pointing in his direction before he left at the main entrance.

“Who?” Penny said, looking in the wrong damn direction. I practically had to force her head. I needed to know this mystery man’s name at least.

“The guy in the blue shirt?” She asked frowning.

I nodded. Stars in my eyes at her acknowledgement of him. “You know him?”

She scoffed, “Yeah, I know him. He’s the IT guy that comes by twice a week or so.”

IT Guy? Comes twice a week? How could I have not seen him before? I’ve been at the company for two months and I haven’t laid eyes on him until today. I frowned, almost sad.

“How come I’ve never seen him before?” I thought out loud.

“Maybe coz he works mainly on the floors below us, he hardly comes up to top management levels.” Penny huffed. “This isn’t the time to get gooey over somebody. We got to get going if you don’t want to get fired.” She said dragging me out towards the entrance.

I almost completely forgot about my small mission today. The IT guy already taking my mind off things.

“You right. I need to stay focused.” I said.

We ventured to the mall, a short distance from Bolt Investment Inc. Penny and I ate a hotdog each on the go, browsing store to store for some inspiration. But nothing struck us as yet.

“Do you think Mrs. Bolton would like a pearl necklace?” I asked Penny.

She shrugged. “She probably has loads of them already. I saw her at the company wearing one once.”

I bit my bottom lip. We only had fifteen minutes left before we had to return to the office. And the boss would expect something. The birthday dinner was going to be early.

I sighed.

I leaned against a glass window display of a jewelry store. The mall was empty, with just a few people walking, some with trolleys and strollers cruising by.

I stood with my arms folded, deep in thought.

“Hey, what about if we personalize the gift?” I asked.

Penny creased her eyebrows. “With her name?”

I nodded. “But not just her name, with a small special message and her birthday age.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” Penny nodded. “We don’t have a lot of time. That’s the best we can do right now,”

We entered the jewelry store, and I made an order. To my relief they could do the job, but to my horror, it would only be available by 4:30pm today. I grabbed my forehead, feeling the pressure now.

This was the perfect gift, but it would be a close cut. I agreed to it, my fingers slid Mr. Bolton’s shiny black credit card for payment across the smooth surface. I just have to deliver the gift personally to him at the restaurant, before the birthday dinner began. Penny and I swapped nervous looks.

After twenty minutes we arrived at the office. I looked behind to the elevator as we stepped out and the thought struck me.

“Hey Penny!” I called out to her before she walked to her desk.

She gave a nod up. “What’s that IT guy’s name, do you know?” I asked secretly.

She sighed and raised an eyebrow. “I think its Jake or something.”

I nodded and smiled.


Once I was seated at my desk, I immediately wrote his name in my notebook. But it didn’t matter, his name was already written in my mind.



I scrunched my nose as I looked up at the clock. I finished organizing my weekly files and I still had to collect the gift from the jewelers. Mr. Bolton wasn’t too pleased with the arrangement and instructed to drop it off at the restaurant at 5pm sharp!

I gulped.

He had given me the address and I intended to use a cab to get there. My nervous driving wouldn’t do.

I saved and shut down my computer. Grabbed my bag and raced out the office door. Determined to collect it on time.

I don’t know how I got to the mall so quick, but my panting dry mouth was evidence enough. I felt like a sweaty mess as I collected the gift. It was a beautiful, personalized handwritten cuff bracelet. I read the engravement.

‘Nothing but happiness on your 54th birthday dear mom’

I smiled warmly. Hoping Mr. Bolton’s mother would love it.


I ran out the mall and got a cab. Once in the vehicle I placed the cuff bracelet box in a gift bag with lilac tissue paper.

The cab finally stopped in front of a middle eastern restaurant.


Sugar! was I late.

I hopped out the cab and looked for Mr. Bolton, biting my bottom lip. I didn’t want to go inside, afraid his family and Jesse might be here already. I couldn’t risk them seeing me bring his mother’s gift. This was supposed to be done discretely anyway. I stood at the side of the entrance straining my head to see inside.

I turned left to the side of the restaurant and finally spotted him, speaking with somebody. I straightened my shirt and fixed my bun, tucking away the hair strays behind my ears. I walked briskly up with the gift clutched in my hand.

Muffled voices became clearer and louder as I approached. The raised angry voice came from a man in a dapper suit opposite Mr. Bolton. He was middle aged with dark hair, lined with grey. I recognized as the CEO of Bolt Investment, Richard Bolton.

His father.

“...This is unacceptable Eric! Your inadequacy could have cost the company... almost costing me a lot of money!” The CEO barked. “Your mother would be so disappointed in you.”

I looked at Mr. Bolton, his left jaw twitched at the man’s harsh words.

This was a personal conversation, and I shouldn’t have listened to any of it. I stepped back clumsily and knocked into the bar stool from a high table behind me, almost dropping the gift.

Both men’s eyes snapped to where I stood. The CEO raised an eyebrow, but Mr. Bolton’s eyes drilled into me. Anger behind them, as he blinked once, his lips pressed together. I stood motionless knowing that’s a conversation I shouldn’t have walked into.

“I-I-I’m sorry Mr. Bolton sir.” I looked at him and shrunk under his stare. “Your mothers gift.” I placed the lilac gift bag on the table in front of him. Turned and walked away, well power walked away. Once out of view I could breathe again, not realizing I was holding it in the entire time.

I grabbed a cab and went home. I had enough of this day!

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