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Friends? || Adalynn & Cole 18+

“I don’t want to be your fucking friend,” I scream out at Cole in hurt and anger.

“Then what the fuck do you want to be!?” He yelled back. His jaw clenched as he pulled himself away from my face. He puts his hands above his head and closes his eyes and takes deep breaths to try and call himself down.

“I just want to be yours,” I whisper and look down letting the tears of anger fall knowing that I can’t be his. He walked forward and pulled me to his chest.

“Adalynn, you know I can’t do that,” he whispered back.

“Why can’t you!? Why? All this does is hurt me Cole I can’t do this,” he bit his lip and looked around.

“Because I don’t want to lose you,” he walked away after that. Putting his hands in his pockets before crossing the street to get into his car.

“Cole!” I look before running across the street. He stopped and turned around and leaned against his car. I grabbed his face and kissed him lightly. He then pushed me up against his car. He pulled away after a few seconds and laid his forehead on mine biting his lip with his eyes closed. His hands balled in fists on either side of my head on the door caging me in. His head was hanging down. He moved away from my body, his eyes still closed.

“Get in the car,” he left no room for questions. I got in and he started the car and drove off.

“Where are we going?” I questioned after a while of just silence.

“My house,” he was being short with me.

“Why?” I pushed more because I wanted answers. No, I needed them.

“Because damn it I’m going to show you how much I’ve wanted you since we met Adalynn, you just don’t understand the things you do to me without you knowing you do it. You make me smile more, I feel like I’m a different person with you around, you make me hard with your fucking teasing, and your dancing, don’t get me started on that, the things I would have liked to do. I’m in love with you. I have been for years now. You’re just now realizing you want me too or at least I’d like to think you do. Do you understand why I said we couldn’t be anything more than just friends? Because I don’t want to fucking lose you if this relationship shit doesn’t go well,” by the time he was done talking and explaining the car was in his driveway and turned off. He opened his door and came over and helped me out before locking it.

We entered his house and he turned on the lights so we could see what was going on. I looked around because I haven’t really ever been here, we always go out to hang out or just stay at my apartment.

He came over to me and grabbed my face and placed his lips on mine in a tender loving kiss. I couldn’t tell before but he’s been putting his emotions in the kisses we’ve shared which is now two.

I kiss him back with much more force, wanting him to be rough with me. He managed to find a wall and push me up against it. He grabbed my hands and pinned them up above my head. He used one hand to hold them and the other to push against my hip. He bit my bottom lip pulling away with my lip between his teeth. When he let go he looked me up and down with the look of hunger in his eyes.

He kissed me again, bringing his hands down to the end of my shirt, tugging on it indicating that I should take it off. I leaned forward to help him take it off but all he did was rip it off of me.

“That was my favorite shirt!” He kissed me to shut me up.

“I don’t fucking care, I’ll get you another one,” he shrugged and bites his lip looking me up and down. I noticed him stop on my chest where my boobs were practically spilling out of my bra at this point. He moved his hands up from my hips and caressed my boobs and kissed his way down my neck. Some spots he’d pay more attention to and some he would kiss sloppily before moving on making his way down to the cleavage of my boobs.

He pulled off my bra after leaving love bites on the tops of my breasts. He moved his face down and took my nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around making a sense of warmth flow through my body. I moaned out and placed my hand in his hair. He left love bites down my stomach and a few on my neck. He bit his lip as he pulled back and looked at the art he had made on my body. I closed my eyes and squeezed my breasts imagining that it was Cole playing with me.

He took them in his hands after he pulled mine away and just played with them for a few minutes before he took them into his mouth again. His hands now trailing down my body where he reached my leggings. I had realized that I hadn’t put any panties on because I didn’t want the panty line and I didn’t have any clean thongs to wear. I bit my lip when he pulled them off because he stopped moving and froze. He pulled away from my breast and looked down and closed his eyes before opening them again. He pulled my leggings off and threw them somewhere. I ran my hand through his hair as he laid his forehead on my pelvis. His hands were resting on my thighs. He pushed them apart and he kissed the insides of them making me squirm with want and need. He continued and pushed my legs up further resting them on his shoulders as he looked up at me. He winked and smirked up at me as he lowered his head down towards the place where I had wanted him the most.

I was wet, I could tell you that much, I was wet from the moment I laid my eyes on him three years ago. He’s made me want him for years but he didn’t know that. I didn’t even know that. I wanted him for one night. I wanted to be friends with benefits but he had told me once before that he couldn’t because he didn’t believe in fucking and dumping. He said he would have felt as if he was dirty.

Suddenly I let out a soft moan as his tongue flicked across my cliterous, arching my back pushing up trying to get him to do it again. He used his hand and wrapped it around my leg placing it on my pelvis and pushed my hips back on the bed; waiting what felt like a minute before sticking his tongue in me again.

Working his way up with his hand he reached my breast and started to gently squeeze. He pinched my nipple with two of his fingers and pulled at it causing my hips to push up off the bed and a moan to come out of my mouth. He moved his free hand that he was using to stroke himself around my legs and onto my stomach to push me down and hold me in place as he worked my nipples and clit.

He pulled away from me and stood up. I sat up from laying on my back and watched him unzip his pants. I reached out and helped him pull his boxers off and tried to reach for his cock but he pulled away. He shook his head at me and I pouted.

“No touching, I’m supposed to be showing you what I’ve wanted to do to you, not the other way around,” he growled in my ear and pushed me back onto the bed. He was hovering over me. He leaned down and captured my lips into a rough kiss biting my lip asking for entrance. I denied at first, but all he did was move his hand down in between us and pushed a finger in between my folds making me lose my breath. I opened my mouth to let out a moan but was stopped by his tongue invading my mouth. I reached my hands up and ran them through his hair as he kissed me.

“Cole,” I moaned as he pulled away and placed kisses down my body. He groaned and pulled away. He walked to the side of his bed to his dressers and pulled out a foil packet. He opened it and slid the condom on his cock. I bit my lip as I watched him. He looked up and smiled at me biting his lip. He licked it and walked over to me.

He pushed me back on the bed and hovered over me. He kissed my lips as I felt his tip at my entrance. He pulled away and sat on his knees. He ran his tip up and down my slit before he grabbed my hip and pushed himself in. I bit my lip and looked over at him. He was holding his breath. His eyes were closed and he was still. I grabbed his arm and squeezed. He looked up at me and bit his lip. He moved in me, causing me to moan and close my eyes, rolling my head to the side. He leaned down and kissed my neck. He pulled out and pushed back in. He did that a few times before he sped up his pace and kept it. He groaned and bit my shoulder. I reached my hand between us and started rubbing my clit causing more pleasure to my body. He leaned back, and kept his pace and watched me touch myself.

“Fuck, Adalynn,” he bit his lip and closed his eyes. I grabbed his hand and replaced it with mine. He used his thumb to rub my clit as I ran my hands up and down his torso. I’ve never had this much pleasure during sex before. By far Cole is my favorite.

I was close to my orgasm when the front door slammed. I looked at Cole and he looked at me and shrugged. He mumbled fuck under his breath and continued to pick up his pace. I moaned and grabbed the sheets in my hands.

“Cole?” I hear Everett’s voice on the other side of the door. I gasped as he picked up his speed. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my hips pulling me impossibly closer to him.

“Fuck, what?” He growled out, I was going to have bruises but I didn’t care. It felt good for me to tell him to stop. I’m just shocked he didn’t quit when Everett came home.

“We need to film a video? What’s going on?” I heard him speak through the door, Cole only groaned and rolled his hips into mine. He moved his right hand and gripped my boob pinching my nipple causing me to fist the sheets harder and bite my lip to keep from moaning.

“Fuck Everett, we can do it later I’m busy,” he leaned down and kissed me. He bit my bottom lip pulling it out from between my teeth and kissed down my neck and to the top of my boobs. He took my nipple into his mouth and sucked on it for a few seconds before letting it go. He pulled out and moved down my body once again. He licked a strip up from my entrance to my clit making me grab his hair and let out deep breaths. I’m trying to hold in my moans but it’s becoming harder and harder to do.

“Fuck, shit,” I whispered and pulled his hair wanting him to do it again. He placed kisses on my thighs and smirked up at me. He kissed my clit and stood up. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and flipped me over. I looked back at him smirking only to have him wink at me and slightly smack my butt. He grabbed himself and pushed in as Everett called through the door once again. I groaned at him getting annoyed. I got another light smack and a kiss on the middle of my back. I guess he heard me.

“Doing what? You’re never busy on filming days?” He seemed confused. Of course he would be. On filming days they were to never be busy unless it was part of the video and this was most definitely not part of the video.

“Just fucking go away,” Cole told him and continued to fuck me. I loved it. I’ve never felt this. I never thought this was going to happen. I love him. I have for a while but never wanted to admit it. The door opened and Cole pulled out, throwing a blanket over my body.

“What the fuck Everett!” Cole walked to him and pushed him out the door.

“I told you I was busy, I’ll be out later, go play your game,” I could see Everett’s face and it had a look of pure shock on it. Of course he would he just witnessed his brother fucking their best friend doggy style when they were supposed to be filming a video.

“Is that Adalynn?!”

“Yes, what does it fucking matter leave,” Cole pushed him out and shut the door locking it. He walked over to me surprisingly, still hard. He pulled the blanket away and got on top of me pushing himself in and groaned.

“If we weren’t interrupted I would have finished a minute ago,” he kissed my temple and groaned.

“But I’m still close,” he looked me in the eyes and kissed my lips pulling away and thrusted in me. I pushed his chest and laid him on the bed and got on top of him.

“I want to ride you,” I whispered and he leaned back putting his hands behind his head and relaxing as I took control. I rolled my hips causing his mouth to fall open and his eyes to close. I could hear a slight moan come from him as I rolled my hips. I placed my hands on his stomach and pushed up. I bounced on him a few times before he grabbed my hips and caused me to still. He pulled out after a few seconds and pulled the condom off. He threw it away and laid me on the bed and placed his mouth on me and pushed two fingers into me. He pumped them a few times and I rode out my orgasm as his tongue still worked me.

“I’m not leaving,” he spoke as he pulled his boxers on.

“Good because I don’t want you to, Cole?” He looked up and walked over to me taking my face into his hands.

“Hm?” He looked at my face and his eyes swept my body, his eyes landing on the bruises from his fingers. He kissed them and gently touched them. I smiled at that.

“I love you too,” he kissed me and pulled away smiling at me.

“Be my girlfriend?” I laughed and nodded, wrapping my arms around his neck. He kissed me again and stood up walking to his dresser and pulled out a black T-shirt. He slipped it over my body. He grabbed my leggings and helped me put them on as well. He slid on some sweats and grabbed my hand. We walked out and to the living room to see Everett sitting on the couch with his phone in his hand. When he noticed us in the room he looked at Cole.

“We’re a thing, I can fuck my girlfriend, just next time bro, leave when I ask,” Everett laughed and nodded. He stood up and they did their bro handshake. Everett hugged me and kissed my temple.

“Treat each other right, now let’s go film. We’re two hours behind,” I rolled my eyes but smiled anyway and let them do their thing. I went to the kitchen and started making dinner knowing damn well that they can’t cook great meals.

I’m just glad that Cole is mine. I can call him mine now.

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