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Grumpy || Axel & Elle

Want to go get pizza? I received that message at one in the afternoon. I was laying in bed ignoring the buzzing of my phone. I was curled in a ball with the blankets surrounded around me. Today was an exceptionally bad day. Im usually happy and up going, but I can tell that this week isnt going to be fun.

I usually dont give in to period pain but its worse this month. I have my bad months but I dont like giving my period the power to control me. I feel as if I should be the same as I always am. I shouldnt change for something I cant control. I woke up in horrible pain because of the cramping that is currently happening. I feel that when I move Im going to be torn in half.

Axel wants to see me. Although he always wants to see me Im the only person he willingly wants to see on his own without people making him socialize. I dont like him seeing me like this because I feel helpless. He wants to do everything for me although I never let him; he demands me to let him take care of me like I take care of him when hes sick.

Elle baby? There was a light knock on my bedroom door and I just sighed. I knew not answering him would raise an alarm.

The door slowly opened and Axel peaked his head around and looked over my current position. My hair was flared over the pillow, my blanket was scrunched up and my leg tossed over it and my stomach was placed gently on top of a pillow giving me some comfort.

Oh Elle, Axel walked in and shut the door. I looked him over. He was wearing a black t-shirt and some grey sweatpants. He took his shoes off and gently moved the blanket and pillow and climbed in bed with me.

It hurts, I mumbled as I placed my head on his chest. He placed a kiss on the back of my head and moved his hand to my stomach. He started to gently rub circles around it to help soothe the pain.

Do you want me to get you a hot water bottle? I shook my head and snuggled deeper into him, throwing my leg over him trying to get comfortable.
I just want to nap with you, I mumbled and kissed his chest. I heard him laugh and rub his hand up and down my back.

Okay baby, we can take a nap He placed a kiss on my head and moved around for a second so that he could get comfortable.

I groan as a sharp pain shoots through my lower stomach causing me to come out of my sleep. I bury my head deeper into Axels chest. He brushed my hair out of my face and ran his hand up and down my back bringing me some comfort.

Can we order that pizza now? I looked up at Axels face to see his reaction to my question, but I only received a small smile. He nodded his head and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

Of course baby, what kind do you want? he whispered as he continued to run his hand down my back.

Plain cheese, he chuckled, causing me to pout. I rolled off of him and turned away ignoring him.

Ill get your plain cheese pizza baby. No need to pout, I rolled my eyes and continued to ignore him. He placed a kiss on my head and got up off the bed. He pulled his shoes on and gave me one last look before he left. I closed my eyes and tried to get comfortable without Axel here to comfort me.

He came back with two boxes of pizza and some water and climbed in bed with me after taking his shoes off again. He handed me one of the waters in his hand along with a small box that contained my cheese pizza. He gave me a small smile and turned to his pizza and started eating.

I love you, I told him while taking a bite of the pizza. He gave me a big smile and nodded his head.

I love you too, even when youre grumpy and dont feel good, I lean into him and lay my head on his shoulder.
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