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To the Park || Evelyn & Archer

Since the day Archer met Evelyn he was hooked by her beauty. With her bright green eyes and her smile that brings out her dimples he simply couldn't look away. He was glad that for fall break he decided to go home with his roommate instead of staying on campus by himself with nothing to do but studying. He had met Noahs family and it was a big shock to him when he found out how many siblings Noah had. When Archer found out that Noah had seven siblings he was a little shocked, but what shocked him the most was that Noah only had one sister. Archer had come from a small family. For the longest time it was just him and his parents until it was just him. He had no one and when he went home with Noah he instantly felt the love that was missing since his parents passed. Archer liked the idea of being here with Noah and his family for fall break because it gave him a sense of home.

Archer woke up in the guest room where the family put him while he was here. He got out of bed and started getting dressed for the day. He chose a plain black t-shirt and a flannel to go over it along with some jeans and boots. After getting dressed he went to the bathroom to fix his hair up a little he brushed his teeth and made his way downstairs. Stepping off the last step he looked up to see Evelyn walking through the front door and she smiled up at him which brought a smile onto his own face.

Where is everyone? Evelyn questioned him which caused Archer to look at her confused.

Noah said they went out to do something, Archer shrugged and looked her over. She was wearing a black crop top with a fuzzy brown jacket with some jeans and white vans along with a white pompom beanie. She looked cute. Her hair was curled and she had light makeup on which she didn't need but she looked beautiful nonetheless.

Oh, she looked around before she looked back at me.

Do you want to go get some coffee or hot chocolate or something, Archer asked her, which caused her to smile again and blush. She nodded her head to which Archer smiled at. She led him to the car and got in the driver's seat seeing as Archer would have no idea where he would be going. She drove them to a little coffee shop that was downtown and parked in the street.

They got out of the car and walked to the front of the coffee shop. Archer opened the door and held it open for Evelyn. She smiled at him and walked in and up to the counter. Shenwaited to order when she knew he was behind her.

Hello, can I please get pumpkin spice latte, and then whatever he wants, Evelyn ordered her drink first after looking up at Archer to see him studying the menu.

Ill just have a hot chocolate please, the barista took down the order before asking for a name.

You can put it under Archer,

Okay, the total for you today is going to be $8.50, Evelyn reached out to pay but Archer grabbed her hand before she could, causing her to look up at him. He gave her a smile before handing the abrista his card.

I asked to take you to get coffee, Im the one that's going to pay, He was handed his card and a receipt which cut off what Evelyn was going to say. They moved so the people in line behind them could order.

Order for Archer, Archer went up and got the coffee and hot chocolate before meeting Evelyn by the door. She opened the door and they both walked out before Archer handed her the drink in his hand.

Thank you, Archer smiled at her and they continued walking down the sidewalk.

Oh! Lets go take a walk through the park. It is beautiful this time of year with all the leaves changing colors and falling! To see her smile the way she just did he would do anything to see it light up her face.

Lead the way, She grabbed his hand and dragged him to the light before they crossed the street. The park was empty during this time of day so it was peaceful when they were walking through. Evelyn was in pure joy and Archer didnt know how he was supposed to not fall for this girl. She has changed something in him and he didnt know if he wanted it to be fixed. Archer was thankful that Noah had introduced him to his sister because this was someone he could see himself falling hard for and he didn't want it to stop.

Thank you for spending the day with me, Archer mumbled after a sip of his drink. Evelyn blushed and nodded her head at him.

Lets do it assign sometime,


This is just the beginning of their relationship! There is more to come!
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