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William never thought he would ever find love or he would be lonely especially after his parents died he moved with his aunt and she took him in his little sister and as their own and he was raised with crazy cousins that he loves dearly but what happens when love comes with consequences, journeys, hardships that’s what happens when he meets Kayla he never thought that he would ever fall for her or that they would ever end up together but somehow someway she breaks through.

Romance / Drama
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William was always a kid who never go into any trouble, he did his schoolwork and homework got good grades, and was very quiet, but I guess that's why he got picked in all the time you see will get picked in for being the “quiet” kid but the truth is he was not always this way until about year 7 when he got into a car crash and both of his parents died he was then left to raise his 3-month-old sister they ended up in foster care for a couple of weeks, then their aunt came down from Connecticut to take them in. He hasn't talked since then well not open if he does talk openly it is a very little and you can hardly hear him.

5 years later he is now in grade 12 still the same person after the accident he still lives with his aunt and uncle and his 6 cousins, you can say the house is packed but he wouldn't change it because he now has people who love him and he knows it's better than being in a home with people you don't know. His sister is now 5 years old and very spoiled but he loves her never less. Now he has a nickname that his family calls him Will he likes it better than William because it is way shorter than William.

A little about Will is that he was born in Gold coast Australia his parents are from the UK and they got married at the age of 21 and they move to Australia at the age of 24 and had William by the age of 25. When he was two years old they moved back to Liverpool UK where his mother was born they stay there for another two years and by the time he was four years old they moved back to Australia to Townsville Australia and when he was finally old enough to go to school he got good grades he was always top of his class and by the time he was eight years old he was already playing on a elite youth football team. When he turned 10 his family moved to boulder Colorado, but when he got to the states he stop playing football because the kid on the team but always bullying him for his accent but he never thought he had an accent until he came t0 the states he also got bullied for being better than everyone else which was kind of weird because it was an elite football team so everyone will be good but that wasn’t the case he was captain and the kids were upset because he was captain and since he was a foreigner they didn’t think you deserve to be captain.

But there was always one person who was there by your side through all those name is Andrew Andrew it is now best friend Andrew was there to stop and defend him from the other kids he was there when his parents died he was there when it was his first day of in American school little do they know they were going to be inseparable ever sense then.

But when Williams parents died his aunt came to get him and his sister from Colorado and move them up to Connecticut with her her husband and his six cousins.

but at the end of Williams middle school years Andrew moved to Connecticut because of his father‘s job and unknowing to them they will be living in the same town and going to the same high school.

now William still lives with his aunt and uncle and his 6 or 4 cousins because his two older cousins were boys and they went to college and now he’s left as the oldest of the house besides his aunt and uncle with cousins between the age of 14 12, eight and 7 and that’s forget his five-year-old sister, even though in the last five years they moved to a bigger house they find away somehow to be cramped even though there are eight of them they live in a two-story home with four bedrooms three bathrooms with two people sharing each room so will share a bathroom with his eight-year-old cousin Matthew.

Even though the mornings are chaotic and everyone is in a rush in the morning to get people to school to get to work they find away to make it all work.

Even though William got his drivers license and he has a car he can’t drive all his cousins to school because he has to be there earlier than them.

but that’s the background of Williams's life.

Kyla Woods, ahhh A very well-known name Kyla is known as the ‘Hoe’ of the school which is far beyond true Kyla is smart, intelligent, beautiful but as soon as she doesn’t let a guy hit automatically she called all the bad names in the book.

but Kyla she’s a real beauty smooth Coco brown skin that when she’s in the sun her melanin glows look at Ebony goddess she has a curvy body, fat ass, full boobs long natural curly hair that goes all the way to her mid-back and thick thighs.

so we see why a lot of guys want to get in between those legs but she’s not that easy she has self controls your self respect for her than others but she does not take any BS she’s a well respected girl she’s kind she’s generous she goes back to the community.

but when someone is disrespectful to her or to anyone she’s disrespectful them she believes treat others the way you want to be treated.

She was born in Olympia Washington she moved to Connecticut when she was five years old and she considers this place her home she’s in grade 12 she’s 17 years old she has two dogs her parents own a marketing company or should I say her adoptive parents her biological mom passed away when she was three years old her mother died because of cancer she developed but she still is close to her father the reason he gave her up for adoption was because at the time after her mother had passed away he was going through a hard time raising a three-year-old so he gave up for adoption he gave her two his brother because at the time he was only 18 years old so yes they were teen parents her mother was 14 years old when she had Kyla and her dad was 15 years old.

she understands why her father gave her up but the good thing is he never forgot about her he always visit her every day after he got off work he always visit her and took her out and still had a fatherly bond with her and her uncle he’s just like an older brother to her even though he did help raise her he’s more of a older brother figure then her dad.

Kyla she is half Jamaican and half Haitian her mom side is Jamaican and her dad side is Haitian both of her grandparents are immigrants from the Caribbean.

(First time publishing a book so here the first chapter,)

(Even if no one reads this it's okay I'm just publishing this)

(Sorry for the grammar I suck I rereading and checking for grammar corrections)

1252 words
Published September 9, 2021

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