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Tour love

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I’m a coming singer and taking my lover with me

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I wake up and I feel well rested but the room is a bit unfamiliar like every new week because I forget where I am. Back in my home town of Melbourne in a city view room at the Langham. I roll over to Asha who seems to have woken up from me being awake. I reach out to her to clarify if she’s awake or not. She rolls over and smiles with her eyes still slightly shut. I pull myself closer against her and borrow my head under hers. As she wraps her arms around me I feel warm and comfy and wanting to lay there forever. A few minutes later after convincing her and myself that we need to get up, I kiss her cheek in the hope to wake her up more. She opens her eyes more and smiles again looking down at me kissing me on the forehead. She rolls back over and gets up and throws some clothes from the night before and gestures for me to do the same.

We take the elevator down to the ground floor and walk across to the eatery at Southbank and get a boost juice for breakfast. I start to realise how tired I am from last nights show. Asha looks like she could go back to the hotel room, we get up and walk back to the room. She sits down on the little couch we have, sipping from her drink. I sit on top of her drinking the rest of mine, her eyes are wide from surprise but a smile of familiarity. After awhile I melt over her shoulder and she pushes me to the side as I have got to heavy. She gets up and pulls me up to go back to bed. I cuddle up behind her and wrap my arm around her chest and fall asleep. She reaches out to her phone and sets an alarm for 11am so we can get ready for tonight’s show.

I wake up rested like it was a power nap. Getting up to get ready for tonight’s show which is with my cousin. Not that he is a singer of any kind but we have the image of a stereotypical bad boy , good girl relationship. Along with Ive imagined us doing a duet for years and now that my career is kicking off what better time. As I’m doing my make up I feel her arms wrap around me and tilting my head back for forehead kisses. Looking forward to the reflection of us in the mirror I smile. As I realise that she is my rock and idk how I would of been if she didn’t tour with me. We walk down to the lobby to go have lunch out and look around the city before the show. In the distance I do a double look and see my aunt and uncle idk what to do and freeze. Like clockwork asha stands in front and hugs me close looking around and asking what’s wrong. I lift my head still holding on and explaining who I saw. We take the elevator and on our way out when I hear “ANGEL” it’s coming from my aunt that has made her way up some of the stairs but has spotted me trying to get away. I stop and start walking over to her. She tells her kids to “go say hello to your cousin” . This is why I froze, this is why I tried to avoid them this is why I said “ Angel is fine” why does she not care about me but force her kids to hug me that’s wrong in so many ways. She asks if Lachlan (which is my real cousin that I’m performing with tonight) is performing with me. I agree nodding my head. I tell her I have to go and get some lunch. She lets me leave thank god but follows us out as she only came to talk to me.

We have lunch at a local cafe and head straight to marvel stadium to get ready. Our dressing room is nice and decorated with flowers and welcome messages. Lachlan comes shortly after and go though the song list. The before band is starting up and marks half an hour to showtime. We walk out and backstage like we own the world and nothing to fear, yes we walk like this at the best of times but together it’s a sight. I walk on stage and the crowd goes wild and I introduce Lachlan shortly after. Our first song is The monster which goes really well like the rest of the night. Say thank you to the crowd and crew and bring Asha up on stage and once a again the crowd screams, we all wave goodbye and go backstage. Group hugs in the dressing room before going to do meet n greets with fans. Some even asked for Lachlan and Asha’s autograph. We all head off early cause of the big night we had last night and Lachlan wasn’t gonna stay in the room with nothing.

We also have a flight to Perth tomorrow and don’t want to be jet lagged. As I’m getting undressed I feel arms that pull me backwards on to the bed that catch me off guard. I turn over laying on top of her , look her in the eyes and smile. I sit up on her and guide her up as well. She hugs my naked back, her jumper feels like a furry bra. She slides her hands down the back of my pants. Pulling my head back and leaning in again for a kiss, she moves one hand behind my head. She rolls me to the side , stands up while pulling my pants off. Climbing back on the bed and laying on the pillows with her arms for me to come over. I sit in front of her and she pushes her arms under mine. Tilting my head back for a neck kiss while rubbing my body over with the other. She moves hand slowly up to my left breast and the other down my stomach. She moves her hand further down and begins to rub in small movements. My head rolls back with pleasure and she slides her fingers inside and starts fingering me. When’s she’s done she’s gives me another kiss and waits for me to get up. We go to the bathroom and clean ourselves before going back to bed and cuddling naked next to each other.

The next morning I wake up and asha is gone, I call her and she doesn’t pick up. What is going on , I get worried quickly and start crying but I text her friends and only one is online but took 10 mins to get back to me. I wipe some tears and try to look as presentable possible before going to the lobby to ask if anyone saw her. They say they saw her leave at about 5:30am and I vaguely remember some noise at about that time but I just assumed she went toilet ect. Apparently not , all the messages from her friends said she left me and has run away. So what was a upcoming performer the modern age meant to do. Spiral into substance abuse and let the show go on with consequences. No, even though it was an option I got therapy cause the price of drugs was gonna be cheaper in the long run. But hey if I become a mental health advocate in the mean time I won’t be mad. It wasn’t as easy as I say though, it took effort and a good support team. So here I lay this love story.

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