A Monster's Romance- Through the window

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Chapter 15 - Who is he?

Ravenna - Me and him dived under the covers. I heard his fliers zip up. The window slid open. A boy about 17 emerged into the room. He had brown wavy hair and brown eyes. He was shirtless, wearing only shorts. Jasper lifted up the covers off him and got out of the bed.

"Matthew, what are you doing here?" he asked. His voice sounded happy.

"Came straight over as soon as my uncle told me," the boy said.

"My dad told you what?" asked Jasper.

"So, where is she?" Matthew questioned. "The alpha."

"You can come out," said Jasper. I heard his voice then stuck my head and arms out of the covers, covering my chest so my naked body couldn't be seen. Matthew's eyes widened and his eyebrows rose. "They chose this girl? She's hot," he said. His voice was seductive and he wiggled hid tongue in his mouth.

"Ei, she's mine," barked Jasper. It was angry but in a kind way. Jasper blocked my veiw from his eyes as he stood infront of him from his left. Matthew tutted.

"Bummer," he said. "Dude, is she naked?" he asked. "You're so lucky." His voice was a tad bit immature. I smirked then looked down.
"Ah, she smirked," he said, a big grin on his face.

"Yes, she's naked, you're making her very uncomfortable," Jasper said.

"She doesn't look uncomfortable, infact she looks quite chill," Matthew said pointing to my face.

"Well, well let's ask what she thinks shall we," Jasper said, his voice was slightly annoyed. They both turned to my face.

"I uh, I'm quite confused," i said. My voice was unsure.

"See even her voice is amazing," said Matthew.

"Sorry sorry, this is my cousin, Matthew," he said, his eyes rolled.

"Oh, well it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Ravenna," i said, smiling sweetly.

"No it's not," Jasper said. There was something in his voice that made me giggle.

"Her giggle is so adorable," Matthew said. He walked towards me and sat on the bed. Jasper ran towards me.

"Don't go too close," he demanded. Matthew chuckled then turned his head to me. "I'm going to wake up dad and ask why the hell he told you to come at this time," Jasper said, getting up of the bed and walking towards the door. He stopped then blew a kiss to my face then left the room. I smiled. He's leaving me with this dude, he must trust me.

"So, Ravenna, what's Jasper got that I do not'" he said. I turned to meet his view, tucking my long, deep red hair behind my ears.

"He doesn't want to be with me just because of how my body looks," i said.

"Are you sure about that?" He asked. I paused

"Yes, I trust him, I'm loyal" i said.

"Prove it," he replied. His head moved closer to mine and he bit his lip. He licked his lips while he stared at mine. I raised an eyebrow.

"Step up you're game," i said, moving my head back.

"Ugh, just know I'll be waiting for you," he said. He moved his head back and slid a peice of paper in my hand from his back pocket. He winked.

"What's this?" I asked folding it open.

"Call me," he said. A long number spread across the paper. I rolled my eyes.

"Get me my phone then, it's on the table," i said.

I added the number to my contacts, locked the screen, then tossed it onto the sofa bed. "Don't get your hopes up, I won't be calling you,". I said diving back under the covers. He awwwed. "Hey, could you do me a favour?" I asked.

"Ugh what now-" he said then was cut off by my words.

"Could you pass me my underwear over there in the drawer?" I asked. He looked at me then grinned.

"Okay," he said. He opened the drawer and pulled out a black, lace lingerie.

"No, not those," i said.

"Yes, these," he threw them on the bed.

"Ugh fine, turn around," i said. He turned around. Just as I was about to get up I noticed his eyes watch me through the mirror. I sighed.

"I can see you staring, cover you eyes," i said. He huffed and dropped his head into his palms. I got up and began to pull up the strings and panties. I put on the bra that almost had my tits falling out. I attached all the strings togethers. I got back into the bed. "Ok I'm done," i called. He turned around and glanced at me. He whistled as he stared at my boobs. "Hey, stop staring," i barked, throwing a pillow at him. He chuckled. "What's taking Jasper so long?" I asked.

"Dunno," he said, sitting on the bed.

"Well I'm going to the toilet," i said. I got up. And walked round the bed towards the bathroom door..

"Now that's a nice, juicy ass," he said. I could feel him smirk behind me.

"Control yourself," i said. I Shut the bathroom door. I went to the toilet then washed my hands. I stared into the mirror. Why is it always the window!

I opened up the door. Then Jasper opened up the door to his room.

"Me and-, woah, hey hot stuff," said Jasper. He walked over to me grabbing my hand and giving me a little twirl. I giggled. It felt warming. "I'm glad you're personality hasn't gone, that's one thing that hasn't changed," he said, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me into his chest. Matthew's Voice cleared. "Oh Matthew sorry, forgot you were here," he said. "You didn't look at her while she was getting changed, did you?" He asked.

"No I did not, now can you tell us what your dad said?" Said Matthew.

"Oh, you'll be staying with us for a while, something about a case and this is the safest place to be," Jasper said.

"The safest?" said Matthew. Jasper pointed to me.

"Duh," he said. Matthew grinned. "You won't be staying in this room with me and Ravenna," Jasper said. Matthew awwed. "Yeah, you can't watch me and Ravenna play Toucher striper," he said, glancing over to me. I smirked.

"What, you guys played that game?" Matthew questioned. I nodded. "I wanna play."

"You seriously wanna play, who you going to play with?" asked Jasper.

"Ravenna," said Matthew. He glanced over to me and bit his lip, looking me up and down. I was puzzled.

"She's not going to play with you," said Jasper.

"Do you wanna play Ravenna?" Asked Matthew.
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