A Monster's Romance- Through the window

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Chapter 16 - The Talk

Ravenna - what. He wanted to play with me.

"Its literally 4am i-" i said. But then Matthew cut in.

"Great, lets play," Matthew said. Jasper rolled his eyes.

"What. If you lay a hand on her i'll-," warned Jasper, pointing at Matthew.

"That's the game cous," he said. I looked at them both. I sighed.

"Babe, you might wanna put some clothes on if we are playing then," said Jasper. I nodded.

I slipped on some jeans and a t-shirt over my black, lace lingerie.

"Darn," said Matthew. I sat down next to Jasper and In front of Matthew.

"My turn first, Matthew, what's my zodiac sign," i said. Matthew's eyebrows rose.

Matthew - She was hot and fierce. She was demanding but was kind. She gave me scorpio vibes.

"You give me scorpio vibes," i said. She raised an eyebrow.

"That's correct," she said. Jasper scowled and looked at me.

"You gotta kiss me now," i said. I smirked. Jasper gave me a glare. I looked towards Ravenna. She pulled her lips towards my head. She then planted a soft peck on my cheek. I felt my cheeks flush red. Her gentle lips against my skin felt incredible.

Ravenna - His cheek felt soft and they blushed bright red. Jasper looked towards me. I placed a hand on his knee and smiled.

"I'm quite tired, I'm going to get some rest," i said, yawning. Matthew looked at me, his face was disappointed. "I'm sorry Matthew, maybe I'll play tomorrow," i said. I took my jeans and t-shirt of and climbed into the other side of the bed opposite to where the boys were sat.

"Sweet dreams princess," jasper said. I smiled then put my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. I felt eyes watch me sleep but it didn't bother me.

Jasper - She was so adorable. I ran my fingers through her deep red hair and stroked her cheek. Her lips smiled a tad.

"Look bro, i know you love her, i won't bother her anymore if you don't want me to," said Matthew, looking at Ravenna.

"Thanks, it means alot, i know you like Ravenna, but you're right. I love her," I said. Just then Ravenna slowly mumbled.

"I love you Jasper," she murmered. My lips smiled. I kissed her lips softly.

"Jasper, there's something i need to talk to you about," said Matthew. His voice was serious. I turned my head and looked at him.

"What's up?" I asked. I sat up straight and looked at him in the eye. Matthew held a hand towards Ravenna's face and closed his eyes for 5 seconds.

"Yep, she's asleep, Ok," he said. Then he began talking. "Its about Jacob," he said. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

"What is it?" I asked. My voice was tense.

"Dominic has witnessed Jacob's parents and the bloodsuckers discuss about creating an army against the wolves," Matthew said. I couldn't believe my ears. "Meaning, Ravenna will lead our army," he said again.

"OUR army?" I gasped. Matthew pulled out a long piece of paper.

"These are all the addresses of wolves living in not only our town, but in the whole of California," he said. "Jacob may have an army of vampires in town," he said. Then he paused. "But we've got all the wolves across California that have agreed to join the pack, for Ravenna, our Alpha."

"But how did you know Ravenna would be chosen to be alpha?" I asked. It was confusing. She only turned yesterday. This whole thing was new to her. She couldn't lead.

"My dear cousin, Dominic can tell the future remember, just like you can see through other people's eyes," he said.

"Shh, only you and dad know that," i shushed.

"Bro you're going to have to tell Ravenna you know," he whispered. I looked down then back at Ravenna's face.

"I will," i said. "Does dad know about their plans?" I asked.

"Yes, he said i should tell you, after all Dominic Is my brother," he said. I nodded.

Just then, there was a ping. Matthew pulled out his phone.
"Jasper, its 4:30 am, your dad is going to gather all the wolves in Sanchos fields at 6, he wants us to be there," he said. I grabbed his phone and read through the message again.

"We better get ready," i said. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my best gear. "It's a good thing we are the same size," i chuckled, throwing an edgy grunge suit at him. He laughed.

"Yo, can i pick an outfit out for Ravenna?" He asked.

"Sure why not," i said. "But if that's just an excuse to look through her underwear then no," i warned. He chortled.

"No bro, i've actually never picked out something to wear for a girl before," he said. I raised an eyebrow but i let him proceed. He placed her tights that looked like fish nets with black edgy grunge mini skirt and a black plus solid crop tube top. Then he picked out a black, wolf grunge jacket and put her underwear on top. "This girl has great taste in clothes," he said.

"Yeah, her taste is what i crave," i said with a smirk.

"There's only a few wolf girls in California, there's never been a female alpha," he said. I looked at him.

"Why do you think they chose her?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders.

Then there was a slight moan. We both turned our heads. Ravenna turned around, revealing her deep red locks.

"You know, Ravenna had jet black hair before," i said.

"Woah really? Why did they change her hair color?" He asked. I too shrugged my shoulders.

"Her eyes were also light blue, now they are darker," i said. "Doesn't bother me though, she's still extremely gorgeous," i added.

Ravenna slowly began to open her eyes. The sun had started to rise.

"Good morning my sweet early bird," i said. She smiled.

"Morning hot stuff, oh and Matthew," she said. Her voice was tired and i smiled sweetly.

"Matthew picked an outfit out for you," i said.

"Ooh, i do like when other people choose my clothes," she said as she stepped out the bed. She was wearing her hot lingerie. I bit my lip. Then she slipped on her silky, short robe. She grabbed her clothes Matthew picked out, then she headed over to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her

"She loves her morning showers," i said to Matthew.

We both styled our hair, Matthew shaking his short wavy brown hair, and i dragging my short, straight blonde hair to a Quiff. Ravenna exited the bathroom. Her body was curvy in her tight, short skirt. Her tube crop top made her boobs look fantastic. Her fishnet tights made her stand out. Her deep red hair was Styled to the side with a braid going across the other side. My jaw dropped and i could see Matthew's did too.

"Nice choice," she said, putting on the black grunge jacket. "Woah, your hairstyles are both rockin right now." I blushed. But then i remembered. I cleared my throat and shook my head.

"Ravenna there is something we need to talk to you about," i said.

Ravenna - Jasper and Matthew wanted to talk to me. I hope it isn't to serious.

"I'm just going to tell you straight, Jacob and his family are gathering and army ready to attack us wolves," he said. I squinched my eyes, raised and eyebrow and cocked one side of my mouth up.

"What?" I asked.

"Yes, you heard me correctly, my dad is gathering every wolf across California in Sanchos fields at 6 am," he said. Every wolf in California. My dad told me that me and him were the only ones. Probably to protect me. "Your dad is going to be there," he said. I smiled forgetting what Jasper just told me. Only remembering the fact i missed my dad dearly. "We are going too."

"What, do we have to go?" I asked. Jasper bit his lip.

"Ravenna listen to me," he said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "You are the chosen one to lead us all through this, you have to be there, for us, for me," he said. I looked down.

"What if I'm not cut out for being a leader," i said. I was quite tearful. I couldn't let Jasper down or my dad or even the rest of our wolves.

"Ravenna, you are, listen you are stronger than you think, you haven't tested out your speed, strength or capabilities yet," he said. His words resurred me a bit. He pulled me into a hug and i wrapped an arm around his back and the other round his head.

"Lets all go get something to eat," said Matthew. Me and Jasper pulled apart.

-We sat at the kitchen table. We all looked at Jaspers dad as he was complaining on the phone.

"What do you mean you won't look after lily? You have baby sitted her months. What do you mean you don't want to anymore. Look I'll pay you double just please look after her and if you don't look after her well enough, there will be consequences i can assure you that is a fact." Groaned Jasper's dad in a angry tone. There was a pause. "Ok, then its settled then, pick her up before 6 am today," he moaned then slammed the phone down. "Anyway right, lily I've packed your bag for a few days, dont worry, Joanna will take good care of you, i made sure of that," he said handing her a cute, little minni mouse luggage.

"Daddy, make sure nothing happens to angel," said lily. Jasper's dad turned towards me.

"Oh don't worry, nothing will happen to her," he said.

"Hey, i wanna call Ravenna angel now," said Matthew. I giggled.

"Don't steal Lily's word, you can make your own," i chuckled.

-A car pulled up outside and lily left, waving goodbye through the window.

"Right lets get moving, its 5:45, get in the car," said Jasper's dad.

Jasper - we all huddled in the back of the car.

"Dad why can't we just run as wolves?" I asked.

"Son, we don't know when Jacob's army will attack and it could be any time, that's why we needed to gather us all today," he said.

"Ohh," i said, realizing what he meant.

About 10 minutes later we pulled up out the gates of Sanchos field, it was huge.

"Let's transform here," dad said.

Dad being the grey wolf
Matthew being the brown wolf
I being the white wolf
And Ravenna being the biggest, black wolf. Apparently it was said that Ravenna was the only black wolf. We jumped over the gates and we turned around the corner. There were hundreds of wolves all packed together. All different colors and sizes.
Ravenna howled and all the wolves turned to meet her view. We walked over to the other wolves as they all formed some sort of line across the vast field.

This was it.
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