A Monster's Romance- Through the window

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17- Dream


I Shot up. I rubbed my eyes thoroughly and my bulky eyes met the clock. 9 am. I turned my head to see Matthew had crashed on the floor. Ravenna was curled up in bed beside me. Was that all a dream?
Is there no army? I shaked my head and dragged my soft hands through my hair. It needs a wash. I planted a soft kiss against Ravenna's lips and she slowly began to wake.

"Good morning," she whispered. I beamed at her and cupped her cheek, pulling her in as i begin to snog her lips.

"Wanna join me in the shower?" I asked. She nodded then started to climb out of bed. She grabbed her clothes and we stepped over Matthew. We both entered the bathroom and i hung two towels on the rack. I began to take my shorts off while Ravenna unclipped her lace lingerie.

We stepped in the shower and i began to wet my hair. Ravenna stared at me.

"What are you thinking?" I grinned
She rubbed her body against mine as her hand slowly crawled to my crotch. I uncontrollably threw my head back as she began touching my hard rod. Her touch was impecable. She giggled and started rubbing my tip against her clit. "Atta girl," I moaned. "Cmon baby, i wanna feel my big, juicy cock up your p*ssy."

"F*cking beg for me baby," she moaned and i smirked. I grabbed her ass and leaned my hips back, drawing my cock against her clit.

"Let my hard, big cock enter your wet p*ssy, baby girl," I groaned, breathlessly. Ravenna grabbed my cock and shoved it deep up her p*ssy.

"I want you to rail me so f*cking hard that i cannot speak," she moaned. I rammed my cock inside her so hard that she cried out in agonizing pain. "Faster," she groaned, gripping the bars in the shower. I grabbed her body and thrived my cock so fast that I groaned and squirted up her insides but that didn't make me stop. Suddenly there was a voice.

"COULD YOU GUYS KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!" shouted a voice stopped. It was definitely Matthew's. Me and Ravenna looked at each other then we chuckled.

We got dressed and I opened the bathroom door. Ravenna could barely walk.

"Did you guys have a nice shower?" asked Matthew with a suspicious look at Ravenna.

"Uhm, yeah," I said.

"Well i'd like to take a shower if you guys haven't broke it," said Matthew. Ravenna flushed red and looked at me as she slowly walked over to me.

"Oh wait, be careful with the bar that's on the floor," i warned.

"What?" He asked, his eyes widened. I looked at Ravenna.

"I may have sort of pulled it off," she said.

"Did Jasper f*ck you that hard?" He asked. Ravenna smirked.

"Just gotta tight p*ssy," she grinned.

"Ravenna, and Matt just get in the shower," I groaned. Matthew walked in the bathroom shutting the door behind him.

"Were we that loud?" She asked. I scratched the back of my head with an embarrassing smile. "Ugh i'm so sore," she moaned as she climbed on the bed. I gave her an apologetic look. "Don't be sorry i asked for it," she said. "It felt good though." Matthew grinned.

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