A Monster's Romance- Through the window

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Chapter 8 - The unexpected

Ravenna - My eyes fluttered open. What was that noise? I turned my head to see Jacob resting. Behind him was a shadow at the window. I got out the bed and walked over to the window. I ran over to my desk and grabbed a pen and some paper.

"Well hello," said a voice. I spun around.

"Jasper, what are you doing here?" I gasped.

"Nice undies," he said. I looked down at myself and grabbed the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around me.

"Jac," i said but was stopped with Jasper's hand that covered my mouth. His green eyes met mine. His blonde, straight hair waved to the side. He grabbed my waist and dragged me to the window. I yelled out but my voice was muffled by his hand.
Black... I had passed out. All that was heard was the faint sound of Jasper's breath. I opened my eyes. My hands were tied back. My hair covered my body. My eyes focused and there was Jasper. He was sat on a chair backwards.

"Jasper where am I?" I yelled. He smirked and edged closer to me.

"For me to know and you to find out, I need to talk to you Ravenna," he said. His voice was serious. I was quite intrigued in what he had to say.

"Jacob, he's using you, for his strength," he said. My eyes widened.

"What?" I asked. "liar," i said. I shuffled in my seat with my hands tied back. He placed his hand on my bare leg. I was still in my underwear.

"Think about it, the next day you meet him he asked you out," he said. He was lying I knew he was. But what he said made me actually think. He layed out three photos on the table Infront of me. They were all of Jacob, with, with other girls. "Three girls, you're the fourth," he said. The fourth. What did that mean. I looked closer at the photos. They were all similar. Then it clicked.

"The window," i said pointing at the photos. They were all the same and it looked like mine. He nodded. Then sat closer and looked at me.

"Do you remember the first day when I tried to talk to you, Jacob stopped me remember?" He asked. I nodded then bit my lip. "I wanted to warn you," he said. I could feel my hear in my mouth. I loved Jacob but I couldn't help but believe what Jasper was saying. "What happened, he ended up having sex with you the same night," he said again.

"How do you know that?" I asked in shock.

"I need to protect you, these three girls had all moved house because of him," he said. He showed more photos. These being my house a few months ago. My eyes began to tear up but I held them back.

"Are you telling the truth?" I asked softly feeling my voice break mid sentence. He looked me dead in the eyes.

"Trust me, yes" he said. His face didn't look like a liars.

"What do I do?" I asked. I didn't know what to do or what to think. Jacob. He was using me.

"I suggest you stay here with me for a while, I already talked to your dad," he said.

"You already talked to my dad, what about my clothes," i asked. He pulled out a suitcase and wheeled it across to me. He untied my hands. His gentle hands tugged on the rope. His head touch my neck.

"Get ready," he said. I thought about Jacob. What about him? How long was it going to be until I see him.

"What if I run back to Jacob?" I asked.

"Big mistake," he said. I thought long and hard.

I got dressed in my gold skirt and crop top that was packed in my suitcase. The room was quite big even with the walls painted black.

"Where will I sleep?" I asked.

"On the floor, or with me," he said. I looked at him and I couldn't help but notice how handsome his face was. I kinda blushed. And he grinned.

"So do you know about me?" I asked. He paused and turned around.

"Werewolf?" He said. He walked over to me and sat on the chair. "Yeah, we've got that in common," he said. My eyes sparkled and so did his. A wolves connection. It had to be.

"You?" I asked. He flashed his sharp canines.

"Yep," he said. I couldn't believe my ears.

"Does Jacob know?" I asked.

"No, but he knows about you, you're even more vunerable than the other," he said.

"Thanks, for this," i said. I wasn't quite sure what to say. "why though may I ask?" I questioned.

"Wolf code," he said. I nodded.

"Ohh," i said. I understood what that meant.

"Want something to eat?" he asked.

"Sure thanks," i said.

"Jacob's going to come for you and it won't be pretty," he said.

"Does he know where you live?" I asked.

"No, turn your location off on your phone," he said. I pulled out my phone and he snatched it from my hands. "He's messaged you," he said showing me the phone.


11 miss calls

Ravenna where are you? 9:57 am

Seriously your dad isn't in the house. 10:00 am

There's a pen and paper, where you going to tell me something? 10:03 am

RAVENNA answer me! 10:16 am

"What do I say?" I asked him.

"Don't message him anything at any time," he said, he took my phone and placed it in his drawer.

I decided to take a nap in his bed. I needed to clear my head with a good rest.

After about an hour I woke up to the voice of Jasper.

"Morning sunshine, order up," he said as he placed a tray of delicious chicken wings at the bedside table. I opened my eyes and slowly sat up.

"Wow, these are tasty," i said. I tucked in as Jasper watched with a cheeky grin on his face. Just then I noticed he had my phone. I wiped my mouth with the napkin, placed the plate at the bedside table and looked straight at him. "What's so interesting on my phone Jasper that is making you smile?" I asked him. He looked up and cleared his throat. He turned the phone revealing one of my Instagram posts. I was leaning over the counter in my black lace bra and panties with my long hair touching my hips.

"Hey, thats private," i said. My voice was slightly annoyed. He smirked and continued to scroll. He came across a photo of me and Jacob. He turned the phone off and put it back in the drawer. I noticed a slight jealousy look on his face. He drived his hands through his light silky hair back. He got up of the sofa bed and came to sit next to me on his bed.

"Wanna go out?" He asked looking towards me.

"I thought I wasn't aloud to," i said.

"We can, but not like this," he said. I smirked.

I'd never been out with another wolf before except for my dad. But with a boy, it was different. We thrived through the endless trees howling to eachother. His white, soft fur looked as fluffy as a cushion. He hid and so did he. Until we clashed into eachother. Our human forms returned. I could feel his soft body against mine on the floor. Déjà vu. Except it wasnt Jacob. It was him. He smirked at me. His hand trailed up my leg. I felt something different to what I felt with Jacob. This was, calm and relaxing. His head got closer to mine. His aqua green eyes sparkled in the sunlight. His lips were different but I craved them against mine. I softly layed my hand around his neck. His lips slowly touched my neck. Such a small move yet it was incredible. Then he got up off me and helped me to my feet. Returning to wolf form we returned to his house. It was at the other side of the woods in the middle of nowhere.

Was this my life now?

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