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Colored Tears

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50 years ago, people were born with their emotions on full display in the form of colored tears. It wasn't something they could control, it just happened and many people hated them for it. As the hatred for the color criers grows, Summer ignores it. Or at least to, until she met Kia: the unruly color crier with the ability to mask how he feels. Now, Summer must learn how to quench her feelings of fear and forget everything her discriminating father every taught her about them. At the same time, Kia must learn how to unbury his feelings that he hid deep inside himself and deal with his newfound interest in Summer. As the too grow closer together and face discrimination and conflict along the way, they both begin to realize that maybe, they aren't so different after all.

Romance / Fantasy
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50 years ago, scientists in Cheederwood, Michigan worked on a ground breaking project. A small group of them were creating a serum that would allow animals to better communicate their feelings to humans. The hope was that, once complete, an animals eyes would change colors to match the animals feeling. Unfortunate, all the tests failed and animal enthusiasts were only getting angrier. Finally, after a year of tests, an animal fanatic set fire to the lab, burning everything inside. Disheartened, the scientists abandoned the idea, opposed to rebuilding and starting from scratch.

9 months later, everyone in Cheederwood had all but forgotten about the lab. Until Rosemary-Jane Ellwise gave birth to the most extraordinary baby, Mason-James. MJ was healthy boy, what made him extraordinary was his tears. Right beneath the skin were two ever flowing tear tracks. They started at his tear ducts, ran down his cheeks, meet at the middle of his neck, and then ended at his sternum. If that wasn’t extraordinary enough, the tears changed colors. Like a mood ring, they had the ability to display MJ’s emotions through color. Puzzled, the doctors contacted local scientist looking for an explanation.

Upon arriving, Dr. Malcolm Andrews immediately recognized the boy’s condition. Turns out, that during the fire, the prototype serums turned into a gas that spread over the surrounding areas. The scientists, astonished that there serum worked on humans, were unable to explain why it worked on humans. 3 days into their research, Eleanor Brigade was born with the same condition as MJ. Hours later, Micheal Hale was born the same way. 12 days after MJ’s birth, a total of 22 babies were born with colored tears. The numbers only continued to climb. Still baffled, the scientists got no closer to understanding how this had happened. They did learn that the tears couldn’t be stop, changed often, appeared uncontrollable, and were harmless. Soon, they were scientifically named “Clamator colorum” which is basically Latin for crier of colors. To average people, they became known as color criers.

Over the next few years, the amount of people born with colored tears grew exponentially. Only 5 years after the birth of the MJ, over 15,000 people had been born the same way. A year later, that number was more then doubled. Every year more and more people were being born with the color crier markings. 50 years later, almost 10% of the U.S population, had colored tears.

Most people excepted the color criers for what they were, but not everyone. Many people saw color criers as abominations.

This, is where my story begins.

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